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Global Monster

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 02:04 PM
Many countries of the world are standing in the shadow of the Global Monster, this creature is made up of the few rich and powerful people on this planet. Its goal is to enslave all the worlds populations, to control what they do, what they will eat, what medical/education they will or wont get who they will fight and who they will be sacrificed for.

The axis of evil, no its not what you think, its not about WMD's its something far worse than that. These are countries outside of the monsters shadow, they are virgin land with an untapped customer base, like a massive oil reserve. So the monster gets its slaves to fight for it, its not goverments or the will of the people that fight these wars its the monster and those who control it. Politicians/goverments are in the pay of these people and their thirst for more power control and greed is insatiable.

More fuel has been fed into the fire, eastern block countries that have now joined the EU, new territory to be exploited, new populations to enslave and plunder more profit to be made. Anyone steps out of line or wont play ball well then we send the death squads in just like Iraq and Afganistan. Need a country and its people to fight, do a 9/11 or 7/7, those delluded fools will believe anything, the monster controls their minds and bodies.

Lets fill their bodies with drugs and food additives, lets fill their heads with fear and junk, the great magicians trick to stop us from realising whats really happening to us. They have the power to build an economy or destroy it, they can cause feast or famine. For every person killed in conflift, for every person who starves they make money, obscene amounts of money. But the monster has no heart its just like a big leech sucking the life force from all of us.

We have a choice we can fight it or we can let it enslave us all, the choice is ours.


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