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Possible abduction of computer scientist ??

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 10:40 PM
Maybe he was testing the new Microsoft™ Montauk XP™ software? And as soon as he plugged the boat in to his USB port - POOF!

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 02:13 AM

Originally posted by jtma508
I started this thread about this story earlier. It is most definitely a mystery but how can you say it has anything to do with Aliens or abduction? To the best of my knowledge there isn't a stitch of evidence suggesting anything of the sort. Have I missed something?

[edit on 1-2-2007 by jtma508]

No offense here... you're not the only one saying this...

When you guys can all step back... outside the box... when you have finally all sat down and read the Bible... The Book of Job specifically... When you begin to see how lights in the sky, ghosts of loved ones, missing time, vivid dreams, sleepwalking, the self chastisement in the moment when you KNOW you did something against your moral judgement... When you see that the convenient truth of the Moon always facing us... When you see WHY areas of Antarctica are ALWAYS blacked out on imagery...

When 50,000 missing people in the USA alone every year begin to tie in with "abduction"... when you come to understand "Junk DNA"...

Once you can tie all these things together...

THEN you will stop asking "why do you tie this to alien abduction?"


I implore ALL of you... GO GET THIS BOOK AND READ IT:

Alienhunter: The Evidence in Light

Then open dialogue with Derrel Sims. Goto contact him.

There are more than 20 million americans alone who claim to have been abducted. That mentions NOT the tens of millions that have NO IDEA it is going on.

Getting caught up in the conspiracy crap is where they want ALL of you. Getting to the "nuts" of the case is what WE are after.

Truth be known... we are considering this a possible abduction. Jim Gray knew how to sail. Jim Gray wasn't going out drunk... he was going out to disperse his mother's ashes.... on a CLEAR and CALM day.

So, yes, abduction HAS to be considered as one of the immediate causes for his disappearance. I think it is wise to "prove it wrong". But when it's past "sketchy" and into "more than plausible"... you have to stop and open your mind.

This deception that is going on is immense. When DoD has flight data of ETVs and could verify abduction events having happened... you know something's up. when you also noted the massive advances in technology we have experienced since 1947, and then add in the deception of Satan... and take the Bible QUITE LITERALLY... no sense in dressing it up... just read it as it IS and you will see...

This is no bible beating. This is scientific in nature. This is really going on. We really sit here from thousands of miles away and argue about it instead of organizing and rushing NASA and DC.

When technology advances to the point that one man controls the destiny of humaniy... National Security is NO LONGER A REASONABLE EXPLANATION FOR CONCEALMENT. Period. This idiocy needs to end so that good people like you in here on ATS can stand up together and MARVEL at the TRUTH!!!

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