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Taxes Make Man Give Up 'Free' Space Flight

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 10:15 AM
LOS ANGELES -- Brian Emmett's childhood fantasy came true when he won a free trip to outer space. He was crushed when he had to cancel his reservation because of Uncle Sam.

Emmett won his ticket to the heavens in a 2005 sweepstakes by Oracle Corp., in which he answered a series of online questions on Java computer code. He became an instant celebrity, giving media interviews and appearing on stage at Oracle's trade show.

For the self-described space buff who has attended space camp and watched shuttle launches from Kennedy Space Center, it seemed like a chance to become an astronaut on a dime

Then reality struck. After some number-crunching, Emmett realized he would have to report the $138,000 galactic joy ride as income and owe $25,000 in taxes. Unwilling to sink into debt, the 31-year-old software consultant from the San Francisco Bay area gave up his seat.

The rest of the article:

You really have to love the IRS. They charge you when your alive, when you die, what you leave behind. I heard that they were asking the people who just new homes in Extreme Makeover the House one to pay taxes around 50-100 grand. Until the show found out and started giving away checks at the end of the show to pay that off. Do you know that the IRS taxes the checks that the show gives them before they pay taxes to pay the taxes.

Since the IRS was started by a Presidental decree, maybe its time the President decreed something else.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 08:49 PM
Wars have been started over less.

If the people in this country had any spine....

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 10:26 PM
When I get my paycheck, Uncle Sam rapes my employer and myself. The state gets their cut, too. They really love me when I work overtime.

When I buy gas, I pay only for the fumes and 90%? is taxes.

My $1 pack of cigarettes are taxed with a smoking $2.50+ (to discourage minors from buying them).

At the hardware store I get nailed with 7% sales tax.

On my grocery store receipt, I eat a 2% food tax, 6.75% non-food tax (of which 4.25% goes to the state and 2.50% goes to the county).

Vacations are more comforting, since I can count on a hefty hotel tax which will be billed per night and varies from state to state.

Although I'm still paying on a modest home, I proudly own an an ever increasing property tax bill of about $500/year to the city/county each year for "protection".

Then there's a vehicle tax bill for about $40/year per car and $28/year per license tag renewal. The city/county cops write me a reminder if I forget.

Funny thing happened when I took my dogs to the doc for their shots. The city tax office fetched the vet's records and billed me for $10 per dog!

All I can say is that I sure am glad I don't get all the government I pay for!!

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 11:41 PM
Unless posted in most contests you are always liable for the taxes. Most game-shows usually say that you are liable for anything you win. Remember when Oprah gave her entire audience new cars? She ended up paying the taxes later but it was causing quite a few of those women some problems. I hope the guy was at least able to transfer the ticket to someone else for some cash at least. That would really suck to have to give up such a prize and not get anything out of it in the end.

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