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If you were smart enough to record the events of 911 please

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 01:12 AM
look and see if you can find this interview that I think can bring one more item to the table so to speak and maybe answer a question.

That day just before WTC 7 came down about 5:20 pm there was a female reporter (I think it was Paula Zahn but not sure) who was interviewing people in the streets near where the towers had stood. She was interviewing a mother with an infant and then suddeenly said she had just gotten word WTC 7 was coming down. She then continued the interview and then a few minutes later got in front of the mother and was yelling at the mother to cover the baby's head, she was worried (rightly so of course) that the baby could be injured from the flying debris.

I remember thinking what a brave reporter and then I was wondering how the devil she knew it was coming down, who told her? Even while watching it all play out in front of me something did not seem right and like everyone else I was in shock and not thinking conspiracy theories just trying to figure out how she knew ahead of time.

I think this is an important piece of evidence, that she knew several minutes before it came down, and that she got word from someone, it was all right there on camera, but I can't find it anywheres online, not a transcript of it anywheres, or anything. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places but I have googled and searched and even read the transcripts but can't find it.

Anyway if you recall this interview please post or if you recorded it and can find it please post. At this point in time I am 95% sure she had several minutes notice but some verification would be great. TIA

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 10:49 PM
It's funny you mentioned this.

I remember watching the events unfold on 9/11 and vividly remembering the same thing, except on a different station with a different anchor. I forget network I was watching at the time, but I remember the anchor said that WTC7 was going to collapse and that they were going to cut to the shot of WTC7.

Just then, the shot cut to WTC7, which cooperated and collapsed right on cue.

I just assumed when I saw it live that somebody was able to take down WTC7 with a controlled demolition that they somehow rigged up during the course of the day. I thought the way it was presented that the firefighters or somebody blew the building up for safety reasons. I didn't realize how big WTC7 was at the time, and how it would have been impossible to take down this building with an impromptu demolition.

Then when I realized that the building collapsed on it's own, I immediately wondered how the television networks knew to have their cameras focused on WTC7 when it collapsed.

Then I remember reading some article shortly thereafter in some magazine or newspaper that talked about how the collapse of WTC7 was a mystery. This might have been in the NY Times, but I'm not sure.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 10:56 PM
So the only way to guesstimate when a building that is burning and damaged is going to collapse is if you are yourself blowing it up????

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan
So the only way to guesstimate when a building that is burning and damaged is going to collapse is if you are yourself blowing it up????

I think you missed the point...

What I remember is that the anchor interrupted what he was talking about to cut live to a video of WTC7, which he said was about to collapse. The shot cut to a live view of WTC7, which then collapsed probably about 5 seconds after the network cut to the shot of the building.

"Guesstimating" the collapse of WTC7 to within 5 seconds seems odd to me. It also seemed odd that the camera was focused on WTC7 at all. In other words, it wasn't like WTC7 collapsed and then the focus shifted to WTC7. The focus was on WTC7 before it collapsed.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 11:34 PM
I did it, I did it all.

Common - this long after the event it's a waste of time doing this sort of stuff.

Look at archives, get proof. Don't keep all this guessing alive, it get no one anywhere.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 11:44 PM
That's interesting and would be too good to be true. I heard some universities record all major channels' news each day... with some luck you might get a copy of the 9/11 live coverage. I'll try it at the Wuppertal university; are there other archives that can be checked? I'm not sure if they're recording abroad channels.

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 02:30 AM

Originally posted by Akareyon
That's interesting and would be too good to be true. I heard some universities record all major channels' news each day... with some luck you might get a copy of the 9/11 live coverage. I'll try it at the Wuppertal university; are there other archives that can be checked? I'm not sure if they're recording abroad channels.

Yes please do check, I am sure a lot of people recorded it. I think the time to search for would be approx. 5:15-5:25pm est.

Nick7261 Thank you I am so glad to know I am not the only one that remembers it. I'm not really sure what network I was watching at the time I was flipping through the channels several times during the day watching different networks.

On the channel I was watching they did not go to the WTC7, they focused on the reporter and mother and baby and you could see the dust cloud from the buildings collapse behind them. I'm not sure how far away they were from the WTC7 but the reporter was aware the building was coming down I'm thinking about five minutes ahead of time and announced it on the air and then continued the interview and later was shielding the baby from the debris.

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 06:27 AM
The first link is the MSNBC video with the mother and baby. The 2nd one is from another side of the building and shows more evidence of advanced knowledge that WTC7 was coming down.

I'd really like to find CNN and FOX News footage from the morning of 9/11 from about 8:45AM until 9:05. My wife directed my attention to CNN that morning just as the story broke, but it didn't seem important enough to record at the time. During these earliest stages of the 9/11 tragedy, I witnessed what I would describe as the most sinister and deceptive example of deliberate misreporting in the history of live television.

#1 - The regular CNN/FOX anchors were not on the air the morning of 9/11. I remember one lady on CNN didn't seem to have ANY experience on live TV. She kept struggling with her headset, cupping her hand over one ear as she was obviously being told exactly what to say between long pauses. I think the regular anchors/reporters were being briefed by CIA types and partaking in the selling frenzy on the NYSE, which promptly closed at 9:25AM. Everyone 'in the know' likely made a killing while the rest of America lost their retirement funds as countless holdings became worthless. As an example, when the stock exchange finally opened some days later, my father-in-law had lost about $100,000 in mutual funds.

#2 - The CNN/FOX news anchors did not convey any sense of urgency to their viewing audience. The cameras showed a distant WTC north tower and only a minimal of smoke was visible. The pictures fit the description that was given. They were reporting that apparently a small cessna type plane had impacted the WTC. Details and witnesses were not immediately forthcoming. *How bizarre is it that an alleged jumbo jet can explode into the WTC during rush hour and go unnoticed?* .....Anyway, CNN went to commercial and I flipped over to FOX only to see the same images with the same exact sketchy story.

#3 - Both CNN and FOX were either showing what I believe to be a looped fake video of the north tower, or their cameras were badly out of focus. The reason I say that is because videos shot from different angles by civilians during that same time period showed drastically heavier smoke billowing from the WTC in stark contrast to what I saw on live TV.

#4 - CNN and FOX's cameras did not pan down to the WTC at street level where many humans lay dead and mangled. Instead of portraying the scene as the warzone it was, the news anchors were actually giving the 'all clear' and saying that the fires were confined to a small area and didn't pose a hazard! If that weren't bad enough, they were actually summonsing certain brokerage employees (specifically naming companies like Merrill Lynch, Cantor Fitzgerald, etc.) with offices in the burning WTC to report to work or they would be missing out on some hefty commissions. They said something like, "You'd better get here in the next ten minutes for the opening bell because it's business as usual and from what we hear it's going to be a busy day and you don't want to be late." CNN had called one company (their broker?) and the guy said he was the only one in his office so far.

#5 - The news anchors were visibly startled by at least two large explosions before the first tower collapsed. These blasts were confirmed by reporters closer to ground zero with panic in their voices. After the alleged jumbo jet struck the south tower shortly after 9AM, the earlier newsgathering blunders were overshadowed by the traumatic images of the WTC for most viewers I guess. Not for me...I smelled a big old rat and immediately realized that CNN, FOX, and others had just sacrificed their credibility and sold us out.

If anyone can find the footage from that morning I'll be greatly indebted to you. I've scoured the internet for it many times with no success yet.

[edit on 2/2/2007 by HaveSeen4Myself]

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 12:00 PM
Ok, I'm sure I hear explosions in the begining of this video, and on top of that, the fact that everyone, not just one person is saying that the building is about to "blow up" instead of "collapsing" is honestly strange and somewhat disturbing.

In the following video there are some firefighters near a pay phone talking to loved ones when they are startled by the sound a huge explosion, not sure at what point during the day this was taped though so hard to draw conclusions on what it might be.

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posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 06:14 PM
Thanks Haveseen4myself , not sure if that is the same video though the mother looks the same, but this does not show, how the reporter was so protective of the child (actually shielding her with her body and hands) and of course the five minutes psychic knowledge of the collapse of WTC 7.

This seems to have been edited down a lot by whomever posted it on you tube. The video says it shows the before hand knowledge of the collapse but it does not actually show the reporter talking about the expected collapse several minutes before the WTC7 collapses. Though this looks like the reporter had just started speaking to the mother she had actually been interviewing her a for several minutes and was just recapping what she had said earlier at the start of this video.

Also I distinctly recall the reporter wearing a womans button down the front pastel shirt and also a skirt that was tight and tailored like one that comes with the standard business suit for women, because I kept wondering what she had done with the jacket, it seemed odd she did not have it on. I know it is crazy that I would wonder about such a thing during a time like that but I guess I was trying to find something normal and was expecting her to dress as expected.

Maybe she put on this hooded jacket at some point, (I think she put the hooded jacket on to show the dust from the earlier explosions), but she started the reporting out in the outfit I described above. I wish we could find the ten minutes leading up to this report. Thanks everyone keep looking for the earlier ten minutes leading up to the explosion or collapse, I am sure the reporter actually announces the coming collapse several minutes before it happens.

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