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Will they Silverstein the Stennis?

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 11:02 PM
Stennis to arrive in Persian Gulf mid Feb.:

Both US and Iranian officials cite danger of "incident":


My question is this: As a pretext for a vigorous balls to the wall

bitch slapping of Iran will a committee of neocon werewolves emerge

from the bowels of the White House with a plan for a false flag

operation against the Stennis or other Persian Gulf deployed ships. How

much of an outrage would have to be perpetrated to cause the sort of

intervention that the US undertook in Serbia during the war in Kosovo?

Will the Israelis do it? Anybody remember the USS Liberty? Am I being

overly edgy?

To make a Tarplean observation, it seems to me that we are getting very

close to a "window for war" (new moon, i.e. NO moon, is in about two

weeks) close to the time that the Stennis carrier battle group arrives

in the Gulf. The flapdoodle between Iran and the US is also revving

up. Pordgie's term of office is getting to a critical point. Ahmadinejad's

regime is showing signs of fissures. These two lunatics

want to "party" and it's beginning to look as if time is not on their

side. Will they do it now?

This is going to sound very strange (like all of the above didn't?) but

I think that it's possible that Ahmadinejad (and that doesn't mean all

of the Iranian government or it's real leaders among the ranking

mullahs) would like to be attacked by the US. It's hard to explain his

trash talking and threatening pronouncements in any other way.

Maybe he's hoping to use any outbreak in the neighborhood as an

opportunity to sucker nuclear punch Israel or perhaps he realizes that

it will take an attack on Iran to bring the Russians and Chinese into

tough confrontation with the US. Of course in this neighborhood of

rats and double dealers it's hard to believe anybody even bothers with

pretexts anymore.

Bottom line, rest easy America, the werewolves are not going to bomb

the Super Bowl game and blame it on the rag heads. I think the next

escalation of military activity in the mid-east will be the result of

an incident that occurs "in theatre".

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 09:31 PM
Been wondering since the" Ike "left refit a month early for gulf sstation...this fall.
Been watching the stones pile up.Isreal wwith a 100mil order for JDAMs
A news watch i read says the irealis flying to Gibralter and back for practice...
I am thinking that they will make full use of standoff weaponry as well as the aircraft assets they are accumulating....
When the B2s and 117s go easterly its a for sure...
The Iranis could have bought a bomb or two off the blackmarket...perhaps amadinejad not so crazy...
Both leaders subscribe to the apocalypse if bush a real solid church man.
This will be like watching an inevitable train wreck in slow motion...
The russians and the chinese are in for some of the ride and will respond in some real way to anypercieved threats.
Remember the chinese sub surfacing well within torpedo or missle range of the carrier group off hawaii laTELY?\
Where you think that sub is now????
Or Irans subs?2 i think.....
Surely the action awaits the spark, and wheather iran or we start its already on the skids if nyou ask me.
The actual cause of the action will be unimportant after the bombs and missles are on the way.....

posted on Feb, 2 2007 @ 11:58 AM
Who long as we win ! It is time for us neocons to start a neocrusade and there is nothing you neohippies can do about it.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 01:26 PM

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran threatened on Tuesday to take action if the U.S. Navy moves an aircraft carrier into the Gulf, Tehran's most aggressive statement yet after weeks of saber-rattling as new U.S. and EU financial sanctions take a toll on its economy.
. . .

"Iran will not repeat its warning...the enemy's carrier has been moved to the Sea of Oman because of our drill. I recommend and emphasize to the American carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf," he said.

"I advise, recommend and warn them over the return of this carrier to the Persian Gulf because we are not in the habit of warning more than once."

The U.S. military brushed off the threat: "The deployment of U.S. military assets in the Persian Gulf region will continue as it has for decades," said spokesman Commander Bill Speaks.
. . .

The aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis leads a U.S. Navy task force in the region. It is now outside the Gulf in the Arabian Sea, providing air support for the war in Afghanistan, said Lieutenant Rebecca Rebarich, spokeswoman for the 5th Fleet.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that just when the rhetoric is heating up and just when Obama could use a nice "wag the dog" moment, that fully ledger book depreciated old war horse, the Stennis seems to be the vessel designated to find out just how sneaky the Iranians are and just how many booby traps are in the Gulf.

Am I nuts on this? Am I having an Artie Lange moment? Don't all answer at once.

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