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Moon mining..why not it is all and resources

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 08:29 PM
After looking at Copernius crater photos I started thinking about could HUMANS be mining the moon? Most of the raw materials needed for O2 and conscruction material are already there, they just need to be extracted from the soil or regolith. But why would we even think that this is or was done? Hasn’t NASA said that the moon is a dead object?...devoid of atmosphere and weathering processes except for micrometeors, occasional larger meteor strike and the moonquakes from some unknown process? Move along everybody..nothing to see here......please don’t look..pretty please??

On march17, 1971 lunar instruments placed by the astronauts recorded a vapor cloud of water passing across the surface of the moon. The cloud lasted 14 hours and covered an area of about 100 square miles.
For year astronomers have seen flashing lights on the moon, colored areas and areas that appear to obscured by vapor or ...mist ..clouds.

In 1946, the Lick Observatory took 2 pictures in of the Edymion crater area days apart from each other....well look for yourself..I would assume that professionals would clean the lens a bit better, or it is showing a dust storm, clouds, mist, explosion.

As you look thru the
Copernius crater pictures, there seem to be a number of ‘vapor’ plumes or mist....not to mention areas that look like ..cave entrances.
So could humans really be on the moon? Well, if your only evidence to the negative is the fact the govt has said ‘No”..well, I think we all know how far the truthfulness of the govt goes.
There have been 6 Apollo missions to land humans on the moon and there is a lot of ‘gray evidence’ (evidence that is hard to substantiate either positive or negative) of the astronauts mentioning crafts, flashing lights and other weird things on the moon

Aside from the manned moon missions there have been literally thousands of launches to put payloads into orbit..or beyond. There are or were 22 sites from which countries could launch space rockets. Some have been said to be ‘decommissioned’....... That’s a lot of stuff heading out to space, I say enough to hide payloads for mining or other activities. Where would the money come from? Well, Rummy did mention something like 2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon over the years...hummmmm..the army buying $600 dollar I say the money would have been available .

Now for mining....
Dr. Joseph Resnick, Dr. Timothy R. O'Neill and Guy Cramer (ROC-Resnick/O'Neill/Cramer team) who have acquired the mineral rights for 95% of the side of the moon that faces Earth, the polar regions and 50% of the far side of the moon. Sorta scary reading the info on this..they have held the rights for 25 years?! Why? I guess it is just prudent planning for the kids college fund.. link

All sorts of minerals can mined just from the regolith...and these are sort of rare or expensive to mine on earth. ( see mining rights)

Did you know almost 40% of regolith is O2?. It just needs to be smelted out and NASA decided that it could be done cheaper by having a contest to see what ‘smarter than NASA scientist’ could come up with. But, is this all stuff just being developed now to try to give the powers that be time to hide the truth?????
the contest begins 2006

contest update

just for more reading

Now, if you back to the ‘military tech is 40 years ahead of what is shown to the public’.......after thinking about that..I just wet myself...

Could humans be mining moon......if they are they sure ain’t sharing and playing nice with others.
So..once again, if you stop at.”the govt says we are not doing this and there is no tech for it”...I say think again!
Could it be an alien race?.

Stop..the room is spinning.....

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 09:18 PM
Just ask the person with the nick "jra". He will tell you. What do I think? I think NASA should next go to Jupiter. If they have been on the Moon that long ago, it is not fun any more. We should at least try Jupiter.

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 10:15 PM
IT took hundrdeds of billions to send astronauts to the moon 40 years ago, it would take hundreds of trillions to do it today and hundreds of trillions more to mine and establish colonies. It wouldn't be worth it other than to play out some strange childhood sci fi fantasy.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 01:33 AM
part of sorta my point...the $$ could have been there for years..trillions missing from the defense all talk about sci-fi but niether YOU nor i can say for sure. but what i can show with about 1 hour of searching on the internet... is that IT COULD BE POSSIBLE....all you can say is a govt statement that 'it hasn't been done' i have said before..if the only proof is the govts truthfulness......well, i think we all know how far THAT goes.... look at the links..look at John Lear's posting of moon anomolies....

i put about 1 HOUR INTO SEARCHING..and this is SOME of what i found. don't step up with the lame 1, 2, 3, 4 liners..this thread isn't for those who haven't outside the box..look at WHAT is actualy being said and done...give info... not lame opinions...
i am not saying humans are on the moon..i'm saying MAYBE we could have been or are....based on the LIMITED info i have found.
spend days, weeks months searching the info...what will you find?? are you afraid of what you might discover...or not discover?!?!!

the only thing that i am sure of in this life, this world that we, as a species, as a society,ARE BEING LIED TOO ABOUT THINGS OF GREAT CONSEQUENCE ... Mr. Lear and others....have presented alot of raw info for thier expense....if your only argument is that the govts have said 'NO' to all this......well, the victors only write THIER version of history....the question is not 'WHAT ARE WE BEING LIED TOO ABOUT'....but 'WHY ARE WE BEING LIED TOO'...

Werner von Braun put the first American satilite into orbit and headed the Saturn V rocket program that put payloads and American men on the moon (or so is said
) ....a NAZI scientist that had worked on rockets since the 1930's....

all i'm saying is to look at ALL the history before you TRY TO STEP UP...

yes..that is my 'soap box' to you all.....

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 09:43 AM
Claiming that "no one knows because we dont know" and listing a Nazi, won't change anything. People haven't been to the moon since the early 1970's, and one is going back anytime soon, like maybe the next 200 years.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 06:14 PM

Originally posted by Soitenly
People haven't been to the moon since the early 1970's, and one is going back anytime soon, like maybe the next 200 years.

Not quite.
NASA is planning on returning 9hu0man back to the moon by 2025
at the latest, and there are already plans to start building colonies
there, not to mention the other contries that have shown interest.

posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 11:14 AM
nah, but there is one use for moon mining by humans.
It also bodes ill for the prospect of fusion using helium-3, a rare helium isotope that is missing a neutron. Physicists have yet to achieve pure helium-3 fusion, but if they did, we'd have a clean, virtually infinite power source.

Infinite power source. That means FREE ENERGY FOR EVERYONE IN THE U.S.A


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