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Why does Evil Exist? God is the only True Life

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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 10:01 AM

I am not the answer authority. I don't claim I am correct. But this is what I feel. I am just trying to answer your questions in a best way that I can. I am not arguing about this. You don't need to agree with me if you don't feel that my explanation is right. I actually believe that God can not be explained logically, but i will just try my best to.

Originally posted by geek101
Free Will IS a Paradox. I shall set it out again
If God gave us free will, then He doesnt know what we will do.

Again, if you are speaking about the future, you are talking about time. A movement, decision or action that is about to happen. But then again, time is just one of God's creations, so he is above time. The way we see time can not be the same as the way he sees time. Different perception. There is just no point of comparison. It maybe more than time. It could be different dimension.

Originally posted by geek101

If He doesnt know what we will do, then He is not All-Knowing.

I believe he knows what we will do. In a same way that he gives revelations to his prophets. There was a mention in the bible that he is the beginning & the end. (Alpha & Omega) Please take note, HE is BOTH the beginning & the end. Not he had a beginning & the end. This clearly states he is above time.

Originally posted by geek101

If He IS All-Knowing then he Knows what we will do, therefore we have no free will

We have free will. His perception of time which he also created, again , cannot be compared to our perception of time and he can easily manipulate it.

God put us in a state where evil is loose. The master of deception & lies is here, where the devil can freely tempt the people. This is indeed part of the grand plan to see how we will perform if we don't see him, and we are in a state where we can freely choose whatever we want to do. free will.
He created a state where we will not remember our state before the life on earth. Life on earth is a state where there will be a consequence of every action based on God's rules that we are aware of and agreed before we came here.

Before this current state that we are in. (Earth life) we were existing already. (Again, our perception of time is different from him.)

Originally posted by geek101

If you try to claim that its not a case of Him MAKING us do stuff, rather that HE simply KNOWS what choices we will make.....well, that leads us onto the Evil Paradox.

Again, he sent us here in a state where evil freely roam so we can choose either we can be tested wheter we are going with evil or we are going with God.

Originally posted by geek101

If God knew right from the beginning of time and space that Mr Smith from New York would rape his 3yr old daughter in the year 2005, and did nothing to prevent that, then God is not All-Loving

Life on earth is not eternal. Even Jesus christ had to die. God the father knew that before it happened. Our current state is temporary, where there is an opposition because the evil is loose. That is why we really have free will.

God created a stage where he allows all these thigns to happen because we have to experience and pass through this. Remember God's teaching, seek for the eternal things which you don't see. Do not seek the wordly pleasure because life on earth (our current state) is not eternal, it is only temporal. God promised that whoever believes on him will live forever & will not die. (He was not referring to the life on earth, he was referring to eternal life (After earth life) which is achievable once you follow God (to be righteous)

Originally posted by geek101
IE....If God is All-Loving, then why does He allow evil.
If God knows evil exists and doesnt do anything about it, then He is not All-Loving
If God cant do anything about it, then He is not All-Powerful

Please see my explanation above.

I hope that you find the truth that you are looking for. The answer may can't be found, nor be explained logically. God is an eternal entity


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posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by geek101
doesnt free will cause some kind of paradox when it comes to Gods Omniscience?
If God is All-Knowing.....He knows what we will do
If He knows what we will do....we dont have free will
If He doesnt know what we will do....then He is not all-Knowing.

something like that

If you or I create a simulated world, a world where we know by heart every single line of code and put intelligent programs into it with a limited set of choices, knowledge, and abilities we would know all probabilities and possiblities. Yet the programs would not be directed by us but we could influence them.

posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by LadyPropag8r
Thank you annie, greattech and speakeroftruth and others. This thread has
been informative, properly addressed and helping me to be encouraged in my time of trouble, indeed God can use anything:-)
Keep up the good work!

Yes, God can use anything to help a person. It has always amazed me how there have been "random" things that have seemed to bring me to light in my darkest hour.. God loves his creation and anyone who says otherwise is, at least in my opinion, committing the ultimate form of blasphemy.

God bless you, Speaker

posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 11:46 AM
Pure Enery, I certainly agree with much of what you said. There is something that you stated that I wholeheartedly agree with 1000%

Pure Energy said:

*Atmospheric pollution is most harmless when compared to the spiritual and religious pollution that have plagued the world.

I certainly do believe that spiritual and religious "pollution" is rampant. The world's major religions, namely Judaism,Christianity and Islam all claim to be holders of the "truth." Yet, how can this be? Has anyone really taken a good hard look at the world we live in today? It would seem to me, if anyone of these religions that proclaim to be "truth holders" really held the TRUTH, the world certainly wouldn't be in the situation it currently is.

Now, with that being said, does any other faith have the TRUTH. I have said repeatedly that no one religion has the Complete truth. They all have bits and pieces of it, but there is no one faith that you can say has the complete truth. Now, you may say that some are completely true, but that is not the same as having the complete truth..

Do you understand?

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posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 12:52 AM
Good point.

Perhaps it is impossible to have the complete truth since it might be the very last thing created and finished. Which means 'WE' and 'us' are both waiting together for the celebration after the surprise (details) ending (expected peace)...surprising for all but yet a guaranteed bit of good news.

Because it ain't over till the fat lady sings and i have never ever heard any prophesy about a fat lady singing. So who knows what she will sing or why she is fat and we can't even be sure she is a lady (but likely a tramp). :lol

That's kind of just a fun way to get an idea across that none of us can really explain since it is the unknown variable; but since all the other variables are constants, the outcome is assured but the details are treats and 'ah-ha's for the mystery seekers and detective types.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 02:33 AM
Fat Lady.... Mother Nature? Terra? Planet Earth? ..

Not over till the fat lady "sings" ???

either way, we haven't even seen ourselves naturally, so why bother with all of that..

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 08:00 AM

Originally posted by GreatTech
spines, your recognition that evil exists is a sign of a very good person. If you will, join in the fight against evil!!!

Entire quote should be here but thats to long to warrant quoting it directly.

So, GreatTech, you have not yet answered my question. Has God made certain peoples for the express purpose of going to hell or being raped or becomings killers? If we have no free will this would seem to be the case unless I am missing something.

And if this is the case...then God does not appear to be the 'loving' deity that everyone claims him to be. Sending the majority of the world to hell without any chance of redemption and assigning countless numbers of peoples to be raped and killed in violant deaths.

posted on Feb, 6 2007 @ 12:10 PM

Originally posted by spines
or becomings killers? If we have no free will this would seem to be the case unless I am missing something.

Simple...Most killers are killers due to something that is or has gone on in his/her life. Again, it boils back down to circumstance... Of course, then there is the trouble of explaining why different people react to the same experiences differently, so, maybe I am not entirely correct. I just really question the validity of the idea of "free will." I really do.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 01:37 AM
Evil exists in"rebellion," from the original creation which was usurped, in this realm, by the "error, of evil. The "god," of the physical universe is evil. The "god," of this universe is NOT the True God of the Light. The Light had never wanted for evil to ever exist.

There is a "rescue mission," currently being undertaken by the Light to rescue it's own, return them to their spiritual home, and destroy the "error," of evil permanently. The evil physical universe of decaying matter and death, which degrades INEVITABLY, and which causes suffering no matter what, will soon be completely destroyed. Beings of the Light must understand that they are SPIRITUAL beings, independent of their physical "shells."

In the True Divine creation there is no suffering, exploitation, death, or evil. The "error," of evil is being corrected, and all beings who have been faithful to the Light will soon return to their home of Unconditonal Love, Purity, Light, Eternal Life, and Goodness.

Here is an excerpt from a piece, "The Eight Evil Minds," by Amitakh Stanford, which explains the origins of evil, and of which i feel may be of interest to some readers.

It can be read in its entirety here :

Many think of Darkness as an absolute principle of Evil. This is not strictly so. Some people think Darkness is the ignorant, unawakened part of oneself. Still others think of Darkness as the shadowy part of the self that is temporarily separated from the Divine. Whatever concept of Evil humans have put forward throughout the ages, the fact remains that there is no complete, absolute explanation of Evil. This is partly because Evil, like the concept of God, is not something humans can properly explain with their limited understanding, especially under the constraint of using words as their means of expression. Hence, in this article my explanations of some very complex and esoteric issues are highly simplified. Further, analogies are used to try to make the explanations more understandable to the physical minds. Therefore, they will not be perfectly adequate explanations.

The most dangerous misconception about Evil is that It is believed to be necessary in order to balance the Light. This misconception actually justifies Darkness and is a deadly trap. It locks people into tolerating, and, worse still, embracing Evil, thus giving Evil the same glory and importance as Light. If that be the case, there would be no need to fight Evil, there would be no need to counteract Evil, and there would be no need to work on oneself towards Purity and goodness. If Evil were necessary to balance Light, then one's house should be open indiscriminately to marauders as well as friends at all times.

The Light is A-itu, which means "The Eternal Flame".

Darkness has several representatives who make up an assembly of thoughts from the various beings. These thoughts are extremely putrid and form the "circle" of Darkness. The energy assembled in the "circle" of Darkness becomes the total mind of Darkness - the Evil Mind.

It is from the Evil Mind that all Evil forms are created and projected into the realms of Darkness. The Evil Mind is a mind of total Evil. There is no Light in the Evil Mind. The Evil Mind is the total mind of eight high beings of Light who have embraced Darkness. These eight beings of Light, are now, for all intents and purposes, beings of Darkness. For want of a better description, they are called the eight evil minds. Each of them expresses extreme deception, cruelty and filth. They are so cunningly deceptive and evil that pure beings are easily deceived by them because pure beings have difficulties comprehending Evil...

© 2006 Dr. Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

I've also started a discussion thread for the piece here, if anyone is interested :

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 09:52 AM
Still I have not yet gotten a straightforward and simple reply to my question.

To those who believe that we do not have free will...especially GreatTech...please tell me if:

Originally posted by spines
God has predetermined those who will spend eternity in hell. He has, since before they were born, decided that they will spend their eternal afterlife in pain, suffering and agony.

God has predetermined those who will be raped before age 8. God has set forth the motions that will lead a family annihilator to murder his loved ones. God has made certain individuals for the sole purpose of being tortured from an early stage in life until their untimley death. God has decided befroehand which parents will have to struggle with a severly autistic or mentally retarded child.

God has made a certain, and very high number of us, for the sole purpose of dying unnatural and untimely deaths; to lead horrible lives of pain and suffering.

Is this correct or not in regards to how you view our lack of free will. Really, it boils down to whether or not God has predestined the majority of the world into hell and suffering.

So please, can I have a straight forward answer?

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posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 03:20 PM
God has predetermined those who will spend eternity in hell.

for starters, NO God.... NO one divine "being" totally incorrect.

second... NO hell, doesn't exist.. it is and has been a term used to describe unpleasant sensations and mainly those perceived to be negative.

God has predetermined those who will be raped before age 8.

Once again, NO God being..
so now its ALL on the humans... it's the stupid two-legged mammals fault. His stupid parents, their stupid parents, etc etc... We've got a great lineage to blame for crap.. Heck! The most popular are the most notorious!

God has set forth the motions that will lead a family annihilator to murder his loved ones.

Nope, NO God being.. (haven't seen him yet!)
So no scheming and setting forth motions...
Only stupid humans that love arguing that are setting horrible crap into motion.

Okay... The rest of it is really just the same..

Until you've seen him/her/it and you have hrmm ?? 12 witnesses? lol
Unless you decide to use the term God to describe something we can all agree upon, but we can't so how about we leave the term open, we can describe ANYthing, since apparently some of the qualities of God state that anyway.

If we were to sit and argue the attributes of God, we would find phrases and passages that would have us both fighting against each-other and BOTH being right! ...and "justified" in doing so.
It's so contradictive it only leads you to realize there is no such thing as concrete reality, everything we see is merely a description handed down to us. Even the description of OURSELVES!

Sure I imagine we all condemn this planet in one thought or another to hell and suffering... God doesn't predestine it, considering there is no "being" God.. drawing parallels where there shouldn't be is a crime against intelligent scriptures; the parallels you draw have to work, and have to have tangible effects similar to what was being presented in the text.
It's very obvious someone must have drawn the wrong parallels somewhere.. lol
Because we are definitely not living in Heaven.. I would say its about a 70% hell to 30% heaven.. and it varies from day to day by fractions of a percent.. but it is steadily climbing.. (in heavens favor, which is why it seems like hell is going nuts)

But until you realize you've never even seen yourself without your MINDs eye (words and descriptions) than you'll realize you've never seen anything else realistically ever. So to be honest to yourself and understand the meaning behind "not judging things" (not labeling them, etc...) because it stops us from perceiving them directly, we will begin to understand our interpretation of these "Holy Books" has been from the perspective of someone who "already had the world figured out" someone who had the answers/descriptions/perceptions of everything.
From the start(birth) we make straight lines, and rectangles and give depth to our environment and attach shapes and distance to everything......AS WELL AS give definitions and visualizations to the words we read as Holy.

The whole purpose behind Holy books was to create EVIL. as a character.

Because as a character, if we identified with it, we could weed it out of the plot, or at least I imagine thats what they anticipated..
Before this DUALITY arose, (God/Satan)/(Good/Evil) it seemed like there was no end to the bad things.. and I imagine everyone / most people were depressed because of this....
so the more observant people decided to create a word to put all the negative things under and a word to put all the positive things under, and there began the journey of observation into the knowledge of good and evil.
Now the characteristics that we've given these characters ARE real, but these characters in essence ARE NOT REAL... and this is where we have such a difficult time comprehending.
People need to keep things in perspective when reading and try to understand not only the content but the author as well, empathize with reasons for writing and its easier to understand the logic behind the words.

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