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'Time to go' Cameron tells Blair

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 03:08 PM
from BBC...

The Conservative leader made the call during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, saying: "When is he going to realise it is all over?"

He said ministers were "treading water" and the PM's authority "draining away".

Mr Blair, who will quit by September, said it was in the national interest to continue with a strong economy and Labour's health and education policies.

Now, regardless of claims over successes or failures of policies during his tenure as Prime Minister, he must either be blind or an egomaniac to continue. Blind to see he is now nothing more than an obsticle in a power struggle and egotistic to imagine that only he can oversee the end to his projects.

The Tory leader also highlighted the current situation at the Home Office, where Home Secretary John Reid is battling with overcrowded prisons among other problems.

Mr Reid has said he needs two and a half years to turn the department around, said Mr Cameron, but he asked whether Mr Blair could guarantee the home secretary would be in the job beyond the next four months.

David Cameron's 'kick them when they're both down' attack on Red John Reid being likely to mount a leadership challenge in opposition to Gordon Brown is a great example of how powerless the current government is.

When John Reid runs in opposition to Gordon Brown for PM, and loses, he will find himself in a rather awkward political position. Should he be removed from office following his defeat, then everything he has been working towards - his reforms (John's permanent revolution I like to call it) - are nothing but a waste of time and money.

This call to go from David Cameron will not go away, and it will be followed by serious pressure for a General Election.

Don't say it out loud but...

He might just have New Labour on the run.

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 07:31 PM
S'funny, there was a time when such obvious posturing political rhetoric and desperate grab at the 'sound bite' (practiucally every time the guy opens his mouth these days) was denounced as empty spin......when those of a 'certain view' thought they saw it coming from the Labour side.

But then substance-free Cameron and the tory party today seem to think being a policy-free zone is how to do it.
Boy are they in for a shock.

If you really think that 'real people' up and down the country are consumed with who the political commentators say happened to have a good day (or not) at PMQs in any one particular week you're dreaming.

If you can recall it Hague used to do a (by all the commentators accounts) good 'turn' of a Wednesday too, once in a while.
Didn't do him or them the slightest bit of good in 2001, did it?

But with the next general election so far away I'd be careful of counting those chickens.

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