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Uk Police State

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 09:51 AM
Since 9/11 democracy inside the UK has spiralled downwards, freedom and liberty are being erroded on a daily basis. We have more cameras watching us in this country than in the worst despot nation, WHY. The Police want more and more power, not content with killing more innocent people every year they want to lock people up for months with no rights to anything and all in the name of terrorism.

The Police treat everyone as a crimminal to be proved innocent and not the other way round. But why is our Goverment allowing this to happen, we are a stable nation, terrorism is practically none existant and the crime rate is low compared to many other countries. So why do the Police want more power.

The whole 9/11 & 7/7 events have been used to bring in draconian legislation, people have been arrested and charged under anti terrorist legislation yet they are not terrorist's. The Police brought the countries airports to a standstill alleging terrorists attacks when the reality was far from the truth.

What are the Goverment and the Police frightened of, do we pose such a threat to them that they require such legislation. Why are we spied upon, all ther cameras dont stop or prevent crime. Any terrorist worth his/her salt would not be bothered by all this technology so one can only assume that the real reason for it is to control the populace of the UK.

Why all these stupid controls at airports regarding liquids, do people really believe that every item being sold airside is checked, no its not. Its easy to get liquids through airport security so either the alleged attacks were bogus and/or airport security is a waste of time. Oh and as a bonus to this action I'm sure product sales have soared at every airport.

X ray cameras, infared, speed cameras, ID cards, finger printing, micro chipping people etc. does anyone with a brain really believe that this is just to prevent terrorist acts, and in reality none of these measures would stop them. The whole issue is bogus, its about controlling us keeping us in a state of fear and panic and robbing us while their at it.

We have become a nation of people that allow the Goverment and business's to charge us over and over again for the same goods and services. They raise billions in road tax which they dont spend on the roads and then tell us we have to pay more to us them. And we just sit back and let them do it. There is an obvious and clear plot to enslave and rob the people of this country, millions controlled by the few.

Worst of all of course is the thought Police, those people who say they dont mind giving up their freedom for security, its funny they seemed to put up with 30 years of IRA terrorism quite well. Why do these people think this way and worse why do they seek to convince others to do the same. Why are they happy to pay twice or more for nothing.

The UK is supposed to be the cradle of democracy but it will be soon the grave of democray unless people start to fight back and oppose these changes. How bad has it got to become before people realise what's going on. Complacent and indifferent attitudes will only accelerate this process, and those who sit back and say nothing will be the ones that will whinge the most when its to late.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 03:30 PM
You are absolutely correct. However, I would say that we are heading towards a State state, as such. The Police are given their powers to prop up the State, and it's the State that that are going to institute such draconian powers.

The State is instilling a sense of overwhelming fear in the minds of the populace in their efforts to gain greater control over the populace. It is also fabricating 'terrorist threats' as part of its efforts to have the populace so fearful that it will be less resistant to things such as identity cards.

Recent Item

And the very next day, we have a supposed 'terrorist threat' that we were apparently able to stop.

Air Threat

All in their effort to take away some of your rights. Absolutely transparent, but the State has people in so much fear that they will use fabrications like this to remove more of your rights.

The UK is supposed to be the cradle of democracy

Supposed to be a democracy. When people have to vote for Political Parties, it is no democracy. Each party has different policies, some your agree with, and some you disagree with. When you are forced to vote in a group who has an agenda that is not all you agree with, how is that democracy? You are voting for things you do not want instituted.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 03:38 PM
While i do think that alot of this has to do with the government getting their teeth into population control, we as a nation are to blame as well.

We are damn good at inventing devices and systems, like speed cameras, biometrics etc and selling them to ourselves.

On the other side of the coin, you have all these cameras in place, but when was the last time you saw a traffic car on a regular basis?

All this technology is being used, not to support police in the street, but to replace them.

Does it prevent crime, no. Does it catch criminals, sometimes. Does it cost the taxpayer lots of money, you'd better belive it!

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 03:53 PM
there no such thing as freedom of speech in uk.

this has been coming along time, while many laughed at what we talked about on this site a while ago, i wonder do they know. things are probably worse than any of us in the public know, and they will just get worse.

they just want to create what i heard blair call a nanny state, where everything is done for you even if you do not know it.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 05:03 PM
Good post MM....(worthy of WTS).....


Thats what it's all about....the UK popolace seems inept of having any sort of voice unless it's endorsed by some sort of "celebrity chef" or "celebrity" of some sort.....

We're all told day in day out what we should do and when we should do it; from Jeremy Vile....or what ever his name is in the whoever presents the latest round of reality TV....just sit not question....just aspire....but sleep....

Utter nonsense....

Although on outward appearnces we may like to think of ourselves as a tolerant and kind society the day to day reality is far from that.....

There is aggression and intolerance everywhere....from queues in the supermarket to queues on the gives 2 hoot's about anyone else....

People seem to hate people......

Although this may seem like it has strayed from the hasn't.....this is a product of the society we live in today......and it's this and many other facet's of this product that the UK (and other global governments) are using to control us......

Really, people need to wake up....inflation is 3x what they say....your house really isnt going to be worth £1,000,000 in 2 years time, (so don't go buying your Range Rover)....there were no WMD....TATP is ridiculously unstable and can't be made in your living room from a few bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide....Liquid bombs....'terror threats'....fear....

I could go on and will....I hope this tread will continue....

I'm just off to order a Chipati....just hope I don't get arrested on the way back....I mean after is probably explosive........


posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 05:37 PM
Thanks for the comments thus far. Think of the big brother show some like it some hate it but do people get what the show is really about. Its an experiment in human behaviour where willing participants are dictated too in a controlled environment, when they sleep, what they do, what they eat when they get treats for completing tasks, dose any of this sound familiar.

The UK has never had a revolution and although we have a warlike nature that is only used against outsiders as seen from our empire days. Its a pity that we cannot use some of that nature towards those who seek to enslave us.

On the home front its a different story, one terrorist scam after another is dreamed up by the police and those that control them. Dont forget the Police have a terrible record on terrorist activities, especially when it comes to fabricating evidence. All cops arent bad people say well its not about bad or good cops its about being part of a system of oppression. The police have a military make up and are not civilians, give them a gun, helicopter and fast car and they love it.

Their even dressing like the US swat teams, they say they have to move with the times, what a baseball cap is good kit when dealing with terrorists.
They are being allowed to use certain events to gain more control and since when is it responsible for high ranking police officers to say terrorists may blow up a tanker full of chemicals in a town. What we need to give terrorists idea's of what to do.

This country is no more at risk now than it was at the height of or empire. If you go back then there were events that would be today called terrorist activities. The media is controlled, were told lies all the time, people are believing the tripe they hear and read with no proofs offered what so ever. Its strange is it not that the Goverment/Police say we need these control measures to combat terrorism but Blair said a public enquiry into 7/7 would be a waste of time and money, how very odd one would think you would want to find out who was responsible but obviously not.

America had 9/11 we had 7/7 I wonder what the next event will be, something to tie in with ID cards no doubt, but remember the Spanish have ID cards and that did not prevent the Madrid bombings.

posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 09:02 PM
The worst thing about this police state in creation is that we are allowing it. The mindless masses support act after act which apparently are for our protection against the "terrorists" (ie. anybody muslim). What I fear, and what I know will happen, is when the Government decide that radical thinkers are terrorists, or socialists are terrorists...It'll carry on till we're all tagged and bagged.

Just another reason to start making changes people.

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