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(pending) Why get offended over what you are ???

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posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 02:58 PM
I have friends that are homosexual. But if I said "Hey Lezbo" !! They would just laugh ... I find myself wondering, What the difference is between me as a friend messing with them and talking about this and some other more FAMOUS people doing the same thing ... Although I am not doing this outta spite and this seems to be the reason Mr.Washington said something. Why would just those words hurt so bad alone ?!?!?!
NEW YORK (Jan. 29) - According to reports surfacing on the Internet, T.R. Knight is planning to leave "Grey's Anatomy" over the scandal that has erupted around the homosexual slur directed at him by fellow cast member Isaiah Washington.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Why would people be hurt by being called one of these names ?? Don't they know what they are? Are they ashamed of this, or is this something that everyone is ashamed of ?? So ashamed that it may not even be permitted to be viewed here because some Homosexual person could get offended by us talking about his Preference of SEX ?? What makes a person HOMOSEXUAL if it is not what sexual partners he desires ? I mean I can act as gay as the next guy and I can convince anyone that I was/am gay !! Does that mean that I am gay ... I love my best friends (Guys and Girls) would kiss them ... Does that mean that I am Bi-Sexual ?? ***Searching for answers so I can come out of the closet as to what I am ... As I consider myself to be following after one person ....

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posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 04:07 PM
Well one, I think you are quite comfortable with your sexuality. Which would answer the questions pertaining to your willingness to share affection between both sexes. As for the slurs towards an individuals sexual preference, I think you are missing the point.

It is not the word itself that is harmful. It is the message that we as society has tagged to it. There are plenty of derogatory terms that we can list that have been tagged with meanings that do not necessarily represent the word. But they are considered inappropriate due to the definition we as society has placed on it. As for T.R. Knight leaving the show due to the comments, I would have to disagree with that action. I do not condone Mr. Washington's comments, but I think we should let bygones be bygones. He made a mistake, he's openly apologized and "appears" to be making serious strides to resolve any issues within himself.

The show apparently had seriously considered the idea of having Washington leave the show. They had decided against it which may have not sit to well with Knight.

Every individual is going to react to the term differently. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, you can not speak for Knight or any other homosexual. The way I would react to a derogatory term, and the way you would react, even if we share the same preference or attribute, we can only speculate how each would react. To criticize someone for reacting in a specific manner is certainly unfair.

Also, I don't think the title appropriately fits the subject. You say, why be embarrassed for what you are. T.R. Knight is a homosexual. He is not a faggot, fruit, or any other negative term that can be labeled.

He is a homosexual, until that term grows a negative connotation, and we all have to learn another word.

posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 04:23 PM
we do not know the context of what happened, at least i do not. like chissler said, due to the meaning of what was said, he may of been offended.

being famous may also be a softener, and the fact that society is more at ease with these things now. but the bigotry has not gone yet, and will be here for a long time to come.

we don't know if he may have been picked on alot because of it, or whatever, we just do not know the context.

but also understand, not everyone is comfortable with being homosexual, whether this is due to there peers, family, there lifes. not everyone is comfortable with it. also there are religious issues.

in this world you have to be happy with one self, and only person that knows you is you.

the threads title, is abit of a no answer question, because things are never as black and white.


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