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The reason they're here in a Word - NUCLEAR

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 01:10 PM

Originally posted by RiotComing

Originally posted by shots
Aliens do not give a darn about NUCLEAR weapons. If they can get here from light years away I am positive any weapons they have are far superior to anything earth might have

The idea is that they are already here, but existing in another dimension. Any nuclear explosion rips a hole in their dimension and thus effect their existence. Hence, why they actively try and prevent this from happening. The earth belongs to them too (apparently).

Riot got a point here, who knows if we are messing up some other dimensions or world by playing around with nuclear power...

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 01:28 PM
IMHO, i think there might be something to this OP.

sure im skeptical in general about aliens, but, if we are being watched i think it has a lot to do with our nuclear tech. i think its a reasonable question.

i read a book once called "mind trek" about a guy who did remote viewing for the US gov.
on one paticular assingment, he had to RV the first nuclear bomb test.

first off, he claims, while remot viewing the mind can go anywhere, and in any conditions, without exception.

except this one.
on the first attempt, he was to view the detonation from a long way off. consider it a "safe distance".
on the second attempt he was to view the detonation a few feet from the detonation.
he claims, a split second after it lit up, he felt a jolt. then he reapeared at the "safe distance" location. that jolt happened unvolintarily, a rare thing in remote viewing.

after reading the the OP i remembered reading that, and thought at the time how odd that was.
the author (the guy who was doing the remote viewing) speculated that a nuclear reaction could be ripping at space-time somehow.

ill dig up that book when i get home.

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