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Shiite Cult Leader Killed

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posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 05:51 AM
American and Iraqi forces engaged and killed the leader of a Shiite religious cult known as Heaven's Army. About six hundred cult members were hiding in the out skirts and preparing to attack the city of Najaf. The Iraqi commander of the region has said they planed to attack the city discussed as pilgrims and then kill as many senior clerics as possible. By do so they believe it would cause the Imam Mahdi who is the last in a line of Shiite saints who disappeared more then on thousand years ago to reappear. The death toll has ranged from one hundred fifty to four hundred.
At least 600 cult members, hiding on the city's outskirts in palm date orchids, had been digging trenches and were planning to disguise themselves as pilgrims, Maj. Gen. Othman Ghanemi, the Iraqi commander who heads the Najaf region, told the Associated Press.

He said the gunmen planned to kill as many senior clerics as they could, including Sistani, apparently because they believed the violence would cause the Imam Mahdi, the last in the line of Shiite saints who disappeared more than 1,000 years ago, to reappear.

Iraqi authorities identified the leader of the fringe group as Dyaa Abdul Zahra, also known as Thamir Abu Gumar, who was said to be armed with two pistols when he was killed. At least 60 cult members were wounded and 120 were captured. The death toll ranged from 150 to 400, officials said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

along with every one else I am sure has heard of all the secular violence in Iraq. This particular story seemed to have a bizarre twist. It was not Sunni Or Shiite killing each other because of hatred. It was a smaller group who according to the story, think that by killing large number of clerics and many others, that it would bring the return of a saint. So is this the areas version of a religious nut case, or is it an example of just how imbedded in the society violence has became?

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