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humans and war

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posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 02:59 AM
Hello i would just like to start of with saying i love this forum and the topics here have opened my eyes to many phenomenons that i would of have turned blind eyes to but since ats things have changed.

I see that there is talk of invasion from grays and the return of the reptilians and the hostile take over of the new world order.
i seen both sides to the argument some say the light is keeping this evils at bay and protecting us from such energy overs say we are doomed and must look after number one in order to survive.
Then there are the people who say there is no hope just accept it.

When i read all this responses i think to myself are we all forgetting what we are?
Are we not looking in the mirror every morning and marveling at what evolution has shaped.
Now i know this is all confusing and your probably wondering what i am getting at.
Well this is what i am explaining is that when humans get oppressed we fight back we take a stand and fight till we die because deep down inside every man woman and child there is a sense of freedom and rage.
We have seen human force in history when sparticuse and his fellow gladiators challenged the Roman imperial forces the most powerful empire and a group of slaves and fighters could of had destroyed rome if they wished.

Then in ,my homeland of Russia when the Reds fought the whites the reds were mostly farmers and people that had grown tired of the king and the people starving. (reds are what we Russians use to describe the first communists and whits are the kings army).

Humans have always been in a state of war we are now we have been in every age of history and we progress technologically agriculturally fastest in war as to peace.
So if say a alien invasion threatens us humans it will be the single greatest mistake they can ever make.
Now i don't just make this assumption on the basis that we will probably steal there technology incorporate it with our own then use it on them but on the basis that as humans our greatest strength lies with our greatest weakness and that is emoshen. With the will to survive we have seen in history some astonishing battles such as the siege of Stalingrad how the Russians pushed the Germans back due to inspiration.

Then when 100.000 Persians fought 7000 spartians and Greek citizenries and won.
This are examples of what humans can do when united in a single course and the course to live as a race is far grater then holding a city or fighting for gold. So if we do get united in a war on aliens.nwo. and any over freedom removing forces humans will rise over it and win this are my thoughts what do you all think of this

p.s sorry for gramer and spelling i really did try my best to make this post make sense english is not my 1st lang


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