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Travel Warning – Big Brother in Oman

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posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 09:21 PM
My sister returned from a brief trip to Dubai 2 days ago with what I consider a very disturbing story.

Whilst on vacation in Dubai with her husband and 2 friends (all of which are from Australia, all over 45, and all medical doctors by the way), the 4 took a day trip to Oman.

Of the crowd of around 50 people wanting to cross the border into Oman, the Aussies were the only “westerners’ present – all the other people were Arab, Indian, Pakistani etc.

My sister and friends were approached by machine gun toting “police” and ushered into a room.

Without explanation or their consent, they were forced to put their faces into a machine so as their retina could be scanned.

They all felt if they complained that they would be in big trouble. They all said how intimidating it was.

What is more shocking than being forced to have a retina scan? Well, when my sister left Oman the next day again she was pulled aside at the border. This time a female officer started writing onto a “special” form. When my sister looked over the officer’s shoulder, she saw that it had ALL her personal details (age, sex, DOB, HOME ADDRESS in Australia!!) etc. etc.

My sister asked the officer what was this form, and why she was the only one who had to have it filled in – and HOW DID YOU GET MY PERSONEL INFO??

She was informed that if she did not cooperate she would be detained!!!! No explanation at all!


To say the least, my sister is terrified about going back anywhere near these countries now. She is convinced she could be set up for some frame up crime or worse.

So what’s going on? Who is storing this data, and for what purpose. Why were the westerners’ retina scanned and no-one else?

This whole saga sent a chill up my spine…

posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 09:53 PM
makes you feel how lucky we are to live in a country like australia, even tho there are only a few freedom restrictions going on at present, its not as bad as some of the other countrys around the world,crazy story otheriwse!

posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 11:45 PM
Coming back into Aus, at Melbourne airport, I was told to stand in front of a camera, which scanned my face and matched it to the digital version held on the chip inside my passport. Could this be the thing your sister was talking about, or was it specifically a retina scan, where you have to push a rubber thing around your eye socket to keep it from moving too much?

but really, I would freak and would be prepared to be detatined if I saw info such as that in someones hand in another country.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 06:55 AM
Some of this stuff never happens in America. In North America we don't need our retina scanned over here, because we haven't gone that far yet, and also we have airport security sometimes and they don't ask you to fill out a personal information form. Sometimes they may pick out certain people to do certain things because they consider them terrorists. I don't know why they chose them though.

posted on Feb, 7 2007 @ 08:55 AM
i wonder how many middle eastern people have had similar experiences in western airports? (ok perhaps not the retina part).

Anyone remember the people who were removed from the plane in London? And the guy told to change his t-shirt in USA?

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