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Irans plan for Iraq, the US and the East.

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posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 06:25 PM
Below is how I see things, please don't just flame me. I'd really appreciate a good debate here

Iran has a moral, political and financial need to be involved in Iraq, they are neighbours. Iran is a well developed middle eastern country and it's citizen's are actually quite westernised. If Iran can help Iraq get back on it's feet then Iran could have a strong, rich ally to whom they could make excellent trading partners. If Iran helps to bring the middle east together they will stabalise the entire region and eventually make radical Islam redundent.

America does not want this, a stable middle east would mean it would be more difficult to influence.

Iran should also be allowed to continue it's nuclear programm, If US government had shown more respect to Iran in the first place it would have been more likely to have let inspectors monitor their sites, plus Iran now feel a need to have an atomic deterrant becuase of the attitude the US shows towards it! The aggressive stance of the Iran towards the US is a defense mechanism, they hope that with their aggressive talk it might make the US think Iran mean business.

Iran are showing signs of a strong diplomatic relationship with the East and Russia, Why? because China and Russia see that Iran is a well developed, peacful nation (I can't recall Iran Invading or attacking any countries recently) Iran can help china and russia by supplying fossil fuels and in return would have hugely valuable trade markets.

America are worried about Iran because if Iran can get Iraq on side, Iraq too will favour the east and snub the US.

The US government needs to take a big bite of humble pie, yes they are a massive superpower but they can't keep pushing people around. It's a destructive policy.

I don't see Russia and China planning pre emptive strikes against anyone, but countries seem to listen to what they have to say. I believe this is due to nations not being afraid of them. If Russia and China manage to get the middle east under their wing it would be bad news for the west. It shows though what a strong diplomatic foreign policy can achieve.

It's all pretty similar to school playgruound rules, the bully that pushes people around might think that the other kids respect him but as soon as his backs turned people call him names and plot against him!

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posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 07:50 PM
With the way things have gone in Iraq, its not going to be any fault of Irans when Iraq turns its back on us and snubs us. This is Bush's little excuse. In his mind he believes that he brought them freedom and that the people love us and him , but in reality, we have killed thousands of innocent people. Those orphaned children are going to grow up with hatred in their hearts towards us. Those cute little dark-skinned kids over thre will grow up to be bearded-mustachioed haters of the USA.

Iran has every right to be interested in their neighboring country. They do not want a repeat of what happened in the 80's and I cannot blame them. Why would they want a country thats hostile to them right next door, and you know that if they are US puppets, that is what will be expected of them. If Israel has a right to be there , then in my opinion so does Iran who has to border with them. Israel is not a bordering nation and Israel is not concerned with the quality of life of Iraqi's, they are there to make money and to help themselves.


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