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Real Time: World Disaster Information Map

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posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 04:59 PM
All around the globe emergencies frequently arise. From Volcanos to bird flu out breaks, nuclear emergencies, to distress beacons. Now you can see them REAL TIME on a global online map.

Knowing what is happening around you and around the globe, can be a key factor in Survival and this new tool promises to be very useful for both the individual and for Emergency Service Organizations.

Keep your eye on what is occurring Real Time in your neighborhood or over seas with this great new Website. A role over with your mouse on each icon will pop up a brief description of what is occurring. By clicking on each icon you will learn critical details about the emergency. Currently there are incidents occurring from Angola to Zambia and even the USA. Be sure to scroll down the page once the Map loads to see a detailed list of new and older events along with a world wide earthquake list where magnitudes are given. There is a lot of information on a wide variety of subjects included in their incident database.

Emergency Disaster Information Service Map

How will you use this map, and what more could it offer you to help in a survival situation?

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