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My take on the rash of recent "UFO sightings"

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 06:38 AM

Originally posted by Doc Velocity

In truth, I've been waiting for the Dollar to go belly-up for nearly 2 years, ever since the doomsayers out there started proclaiming its imminent demise — you see, when the Dollar tanks, the price of Gold inversely goes through the roof, and I'm invested in gold. So I have much to gain when the USD bottoms out... As it stands, Gold has not gained substantially in almost 2 years, one indication that the USD is holding its own, thank you.

Sorry Doc Velocity...but I'm with zeetroyman pretty much across the board. I won't attempt to address the entire laundry list for lack of energy & space, but I hope the Mod's will allow me an OT retort or two. lol!

January 05 Gold: $420...January 07 Gold: $645 = +52%

+52% isn't a substantial gain? Show me a mutual fund that yields 26% per annum, and remind me never to play cards with you. lol! In an inflationary environment [see today] gold remains the preferred store of wealth...but unless a person is aggressively, and successfully trading this volatile phase of the metals market for profits (pro's only) then that's primarily all it excellent place to park one's capitol as hedge against a depreciating currency. It's pretty well accepted that the Dollar's toast...the slowest train wreck in history...but several factors may speed this up...the Fed's dilemma. Gradually, Gold will de-couple from the Dollar, and from the price of oil also as it moves closer to it's blow off top. That top is a few years out, but we're actually begining to see small, preliminary indications of this de-couple now.

More mumbo jumbo. It was boastful WMD talk in the Middle East that led to Iraq's obliteration, remember. We (the USA and Coalition) did not invent the rumors of Iraq's WMD stockpiles. Saddam bragged about his WMD

Regarding the possession of WMD's, Saddam was clear in his statements of denial right up to 'shock & Awe'. We said we didn't believe him. Ultimately it didn't matter whether he had them or not...remember Colin Powell, the vial, and the faulty CIA intel deal?

and swore up and down that any invading Coalition forces would face annihilation.

Unfortunately, it appears we're now engaged in the process of trying to prove him right on this.

This is another overblown myth. The less publicized fact is that all nuclear weapons — from tactical missiles to suitcase bombs - require regular maintenance. They do have a shelf life, you can't just hide one in your basement for a rainy day..

I believe that zeetroyman was referring more to 'dirty bombs', and the nuclear materials that have reportedly been smuggled out of the former Soviet Union...not just tactical nukes, or suitcase bombs with deteriorating trigger mechanisms. By the way, the black market plutonium trade isn't a myth. You may enjoy reading 'One Point Safe' by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn.

Just a word or two on the wisdom of Truman's decision to use nuke's in Japan, though I understand that zeetroyman was actually referring to a global nuclear holocaust.

Not only is it theorized that this decision may have saved hundreds of thousands of allied, and Japanese lives, but the end result of this grave act, and the ensuing arms race, was the doctrine of mutually assured destruction or M.A.D...nukes haven't been used since.

Who's to say? Is it possible that ET allowed regional nuclear destruction in Japan as a lesson? Did we study well or have we forgotten?

I do feel there's a relationship between the current uptick in reported sightings, and increased geopolitical tensions...Not sure whether the relationship stems from purely psychological origins, or if it's the real deal. My hunch is that it's a little of both.

Apologize to the board for the mass of off-topic content...just had that irresistible urge to spout off.

Peace &
Good Fortun

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 06:54 AM
My take on the rash of recent UFO sightings

Thank you.

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 06:59 AM
Thought provoking post Norio Hayakawa. I've been doing it awhile as well, and keep an open mind toward what the UFO reality is. Seems to me it takes years of researching just to form a hypothesis, only to find out time after time the hypothesis doesn't fit in one way or another.

For me, looking into past sighting reports and film for a possibly truer base in which to start. I mention the past as its less likely to be photo/film trickery involved and reports were then more frowned upon by the public. So the more likely it was the reports then had more merit just having the balls to report it.


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