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Question for the Admins - is it possible to get another scientist to ATS?

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 11:25 PM
I've long been fascinated with the work of Michio Kaku, a leading future tech researcher and quantum physicist. As he has done a lot of work for Discovery channel (most recently, hosting the 2057 series) and other docu-drama style media, such as the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?", I don't know if he'll be willing or not. I suspect he'll at least listen to a proposal, though.

He doesn't seem to be particularly conspiracy-minded, but rather more future tech and quantum physics minded, which is certainly among the interest of a large part of the ATS community. In listening to his presentations in various forms of media, I feel that even with his recent stardom, he is an important physicist in modern science, arguably on the level with Stephen Hawkings, though in a different specialty.

His website can be found at

I'd love to see him here.

Thoughts from admin, mods, or the peanut gallery?

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 11:33 PM
Well I'm not so sure if Mr. Kaku would be interestedin posting on
ATS, but than he does talk on Coast to Coast sometimes, so
maybe he would.

I'd personally love to see Michio Kaku become a contributor to
ATS, as there are many aspiring scientifically minded individuals
who would benefit from his knowledge, advice and opinion.

posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 01:29 AM
Perhaps you could bait the hook by sending him an e-mail request with a number of questions about his field of study. Make it clear that you would like to post his replies on Above Top Secret, and ask his permission.

Make sure you give him a link to the site so he can look around.

You never know, you might get a great interview to start an interesting thread, and Mr. Kaku may want to reply to the thread.

posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 01:11 AM

I took your advice, and sent him an email through his website (I really hope he'll respond). Following is the text of the email:

Dr. Kaku,

I email you as an unofficial representative of a popular web forum,, which deals heavily in conspiracy theory, which I know is not your realm of expertise, but additionally, it deals heavily with future technology and quantum theory, which does fall within your realm of expertise. I feel that your expertise could be a great asset to the web forum, and I propose an email interview on topics popular with members, to be reposted in a thread on the website. By posting this thread, I will provide you with a link to the thread itself at a later date (as I've already provided a link to the main site). I would appreciate you answering these questions as best you can, as you are a scientist and theorist that is highly respected on the ATS forum.

As a final clarification, I say that I am emailing you as an unofficial representative of the Above Top Secret forum, meaning that I have not been asked by any moderator or administrator to ask you these questions. I am simply an enthusiastic member, fascinated with your research. My hopes are you be able to, at least, post your input on several topics, and ideally, possibly get you involved in the forum.

What really inspired me to email you was the Discovery Channel show 2057, which you host. I have seen many of your Discovery channel appearances before that, and have long been inspired by you. Personally, I am an untrained electro-physicist working on several future-tech theories, based on Nikola Tesla's research, including "free energy", EM propulsion, and artificial gravity.

Here is where I start my questions:

We all know that oil is running out at an almost alarming rate, and without putting oil consumption in check, we need to find alternative energy solutions now. There are several older, unproven theories about "free" or unlimited energy that hold some water on a theoretical basis. In addition to some routes currently being looked at, such as ethanol, wind, hydro-electric, geo-thermal, and methane, some of these older theories provide some degree of feasibility that are worth looking at. The one that sits foremost on my mind is the Tesla theory of free energy, based in a system of two electrically charged plates, one suspended high in the atmosphere, the other buried underground. When the two plates are wired together, they will, in theory, provide a massive electrical charge. With the current exciting technology towards space elevators, the suspension system for the atmospheric plate may well become integrated with the carbon tube space elevator ribbons. What are your thoughts on alternative energy systems (I know you answered this in your interviews for 2057, but not all members on the board have access to cable TV or choose to watch TV - besides, this is your chance to go into real detail without worry of people understanding you)?

The future of security is also often troublesome to many people. In current technology, many people are unsettled by security cameras, and the level of security often exhibited by secure buildings, such as fingerprint and retinal scans. Additionally, people are uneasy about the level of information that the government already has about us, let alone the future of security technology, such as RFID cards, and cranial implants. What is the realistic future of this technology, and how can it impact us as a free society? How can this technology be used to benefit the average person, and how can it be exploited to control or harm us?

Many people are interested in the concepts of cybernetics and robotics. Many future-tech minded people love the idea of a personal robot, and many other technophiles are highly interested in the concept of robotics being integrated into humans, by means of cybernetic implants, ranging from chips to limb/organ replacements. How can this technology be used for the human race, and against the human race? Additionally, what is the likelihood of each specific technology becoming a reality in the next 50 years?

Many others on the ATS forum are highly interested in military technology (many being current or retired military, with a high percentage of those being people who have seen combat). I'll ask this question in a multi-part format, one being relatively specific, the second becoming a little more general, and the third becoming completely general. First, the show "2057" mentions "smart armor" that can make troops invisible via a system of cameras and projectors/monitors. Isn't that already possible through a much simpler system of fiber optics woven into a suit (I remember seeing a Discovery Channel program over a year ago detailing such a fiber optic system)? Second, what are the consequences of our current automated battlefield robots (both ground and air based), as far as AI is concerned? Is it an imminent "Terminator" or "Matrix" sort of threat, or is it much less? (I saw your answer on this in the post 2057 debut chat, but I wish to repost the same answer for those members of the board who haven't yet seen it.) Finally, what is your opinion of overall threat of human technology to the human race, between AI, EM (and other) waves, which propose a possible threat to humans (I'm thinking much long the lines of the film "Johnny Mnemonic" [based on William Gibson's short story of the same name] and the causes of the disease in the film), or through sheer laziness?

This is only four questions, but diverse enough in their topics that I feel we can have a great discourse on each of the questions.

Finally, I remind you that I wish to publish your answers on the web forum , and hope to invite you there to participate in discussion on these topics. Many of the members would love to see you there, myself included. The website is completely free, and likely the best of its kind, and the most accepting to new thoughts. I think you'd feel very welcome there.

I thank you for your time, effort, and your massive impact of the world of future and theoretical physics.

I'll sign with my nickname, as I do value my privacy.


PS, in this personal email, I'll also sign with my real name, as I won't publish it in the final post....


I withhold my real name from this post for good reason.

Apparently, he has denied all email from, as is suggested from the undeliverable email response I got. I'll email him again with the same email tomorrow, from my personal (and NOT Yahoo address), and hope it goes through.

Edit: I re-emailed from my personal email address, and it hasn't been blocked that I can tell as yet.

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posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 01:37 AM
In light of my most recent post, Will admins be able/willing to give Dr. Kaku the same access they give to other scientists/physicists/important guests to ATS? If I'm able to convince him to join, I want him to have an appropriate welcome.

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