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iPod Nano Skip Problem Fixed

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:55 PM
I just thought I would post this since after an hour or so, I fixed the problem.

There were 2 albums on my daughter's new iPod Nano that would just skip all the way through. They would show the album art, title, and even the track time but they would just skip right through the songs no matter which way you tried to play them.

After a lot of looking, nobody seemed to have an answer except full restores and bad hard-drives which I didn't buy as a solution.

What I did was convert the ID3 tags (right click the song) to the v2.4 and then re-convert the song to MP3 (also right-click). The songs were already in mp3 format, but converting them in iTunes creates a new track and then moving the new track to the Nano works just fine.

Just thought I would share for others with this frustrating problem.

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