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The Living Word

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 04:29 PM
Ive been hit by a lightening Bolt

Brothers and Sisters,

I am one that has been Given the Name to the Stone.

Love the Father with all your heart and all your Soul and love each other as the Father and Son Love you.

The living just as it sounds. Living.
It was hard for me to really get it..but Christ was right.

Children..The Kingdom of Heaven is for ones such as these

Remember when you were young. Innocent. You did as your parents told you.

The lesson of Adam and Eve: Obey God.

The Lesson of Noah: We are all family

The Lesson of Job: God will test you

The Lesson of Christ: He is the Path and the Way and the Light. His Words are the Living word. If you do as he asks...

Your life will straighten out. He will speak to you in many ways, and you will see that Revelation will come to you.

The unrighteous will be given over to a depraved mind, and the righteous will experience Revelation. The Righteous will do more then Christ and when people see that the living word is real, the world will turn around with all men knowing Christ.

When you do this, you will hear his voice, have visions, and dream dreams. He will give you the keys to one of the mysteries of Revelation.

Hold this as your belief. That when the chips are down, Christ is your life ring. That you dont need to hold onto materialism as though this is your one shot deal. The real Kingdom is out there.

When you see the Word come will know its real within you...

Sylvia Brown...if you hear me..

The Living Word is Real. Prophecy is real. The Bible is the Key to confirming that what Christ said is indeed real. Otherwise you are a

Brown Sail Boat lost at Sea. SailViaBrown...hmm..whats that? Sylvia Brown. The Word is real!!


posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 07:00 AM

Originally posted by HIFIGUY

Brown Sail Boat lost at Sea. SailViaBrown...hmm..whats that? Sylvia Brown. The Word is real!!

You would be better off with Salvia Divinorum, you might then actually see your living word, your visions and maybe even feel him pull you towards him. Salvia is REAL!!!!


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