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Impending attack on Iran

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 06:57 AM
I think everyone on here and most of the people across the Country and world are pretty much in agreement that the United States is most likely in the planning stages of an attack on Iran.
Ive come across several links that discuss this and most of the ones I've came across pretty much place the blame on Israel.
Personally, I dont know if whats going to happen with Iran. I do find it strange that Israel has been unusually quiet lately or at least I havent heard much from or about them in the past few weeks.
Here are a few links that ive came across while going through a specific web page,

Well theres many more if you guys are interested I got all of these links from
This website

Its another one of my favorite sites that Ive been going to for years

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:06 AM
Perhaps diplomacy and cooler heads will prevail. There is too much at stake for the United States to go charging into Iran. I believe there is still time, it is likely that we'll wait to see how Iran responds to the Saudi's hand. Manipulating the oil market and driving down the market price may put the squeeze on Iran.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 07:25 AM
War with Iran is definitely just around the corner. Not only as you all know has the US and NATO been building up their naval armardas in the Persian Guld and Eastern Mediterranian, but the so called staged "terrorist attack" that all are expecting to occur and to blame the Iranians might actually be taking place as we speak -

Titled - "Russia Orders US Embassy ‘Lockdown’ After Disappearance Of Israeli Defense Minister"

Russian Military Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that President Putin has ordered the immediate lockdown of all Russian Embassies in both the United States and Europe over fears of an ‘imminent’ terrorist strike.

And just to worry you some more theres this -

More ominously, perhaps, regarding these events are the reports from the United States Global Consciousness Project random number experiment that their ‘real time’ results have ‘spiked’ this week to their highest levels ever seen. This is significant because this experiment, apparently, ‘predicted’ the terrorist strike upon the United States on September 11, 2001.

The war in Iran looks like it is already straining the Bristish/US partnership with the following reports by Blair -

These reports further detail that the British Prime Minister Blair has refused the pleas of the US War Leaders for thousands of more British troops, and has further ‘warned’ the Americans that upon their attack upon Iran he might order a total withdrawal of all British forces from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Which makes it quite possibly look like the newly formed Police State of Bush's United States will be acting as a unilateral rogue state, thus subjected to the same rules of Pre-emtiveness bu other nations that feel threatened by the US's actions as they were dishing out in the first place will it not?

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 02:05 PM
I used to work for this lady named Sarah, her son (21 years old) was in his 3rd year US Air Force. (In 2004) He was stationed on Italy at the time and went on two training exercises in northern Africa. So he said.
When he was on leave for a couple weeks, he came back to the states to visit with his parents. By the way, his MOS was electrician on F18's I believe. I asked him why they would send him to northern Africa for training exercises. He said they would send them all over the place. Anyway to my point, He had said that they were already gearing up to war with Iran. I questioned it and said yeah right... He said that the commanding officers already had there orders and it was going to happen in the next few years. He did ask me to not blurt out this information as he could get in trouble for talking about it. Well it's been a few years and nothing has happened so far, so I thought I would share this information I heard. Don’t get me wrong I think a war with Iran most probably will happen, but if this guy was talking about this three years ago. What happened? Has it (a war with Iran) been postponed? Does it take that long to start a war? Which makes me think about Iraq? Did (Jack Ass) I mean BUSH start preparing to war with Iraq several years before we invaded? I remember this Air Force guy saying that it takes quite a bit of preparation to go to war and that there is a lot of staging needs to take place. I thought the word he used; "staging" was an interesting choice of words.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 06:44 PM
Well, i dont know about the rest of you guys but im tired of my country being at war. I, like a lot of other people, was for the war in the beginning because I actually was stupid enough to believe some of what was being claimed about WMD's in Iraq. I was glad that none were used against are troops when they initially went in but then i was truly disappointed when nothing was found and I began to realize we were all duped.
I no longer believe that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11, in fact i question whether terrorist had anything to do with 9/11.
I realize these insurgents kill innocent people everyday, like th 8 shoolgirls that were blown up just today or yesterday but we also kill innocent people.
Just because its a standing military dropping the bombs, causing "collateral" damage, that makes it right?
I know innocent people die in war, its unavoidable and I also realize that the insurgents target innocents but we have to at times remember Tokyo (more people died by firebombs in Tokyo that died from the atomic blasts), Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Dresden.
It makes me sick to find out that the country that i grew up loving is so corrupt and crooked.
My son is 13 and I know ill catch some flack about this but when he turns 18, ill do everything within my power to keep him from dying in the desert, fighting for a lie.

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 08:04 PM
"newly formed Police State of Bush's United States"
Uh, when was this created? I am a licensed Concealed weapon carrying red blooded American
with all of the freedoms afforded me by the U.S. Constitution. I vote for whom I want in office, sometimes I even get who I vote for, sometimes I get what others chose we call it democracy here. I fought for these rights as did my Farther and his. I bet you want to be taken seriously huh?

You may not have served and that is why you made such a comment, I don't know. But for your future reference, in the 6 years I spent defending your freedom we trained and used "staging"
for any number of scenarios for any number of potential foes. Glad to have helped.

As a combat veteran, I understand your sentiment - I know for a fact my Mother was worried for me for years. I also hope that the good Lord looks out for the Son of the family who's going to take up the slack of your Son if he follows your encouragement.

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 08:40 PM
I dont know what you mean about taking up my sons "slack" because not everyone joins the military. That sentence seemed to insinuate that my son is or will be some kind of slacker and i resent that.
Assuming that our plans are followed through with, by the time hes 18 he will either be in his first year of college or about to enter college

Now dont get me wrong, if we were in a situation where our nation was at war for a legitimate purpose, not only would i support my son joining up to fight but would probably be right beside him if they would accept me at my age lol.
However, we were scammed into Iraq. The first insurgent related violence after the main part of the war, that i remembered hearing about was a that of a US soldier getting a Coke at a Market when some bastard walked up and shot him in the back of the head.
I remembered thinking that I was halfway expecting this kind of activity but was hoping like hell that i was wrong and when it happened i thought to myself, well here it goes.

I would like to make this clear though, i DO support what we did in Afghanistan. That was a completely different issue as that was where the Taliban were hiding out Bin Laden and imo they got what they deserved (the Taliban) Even though i have my doubts about him having anything to do with 9/11, he has orchestrated other attacks and is the admitted leader of Al Queda.
So, i just wanted to clarify, I am not completely against war but I just want us to be damn sure that we go for the right reasons

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 09:53 PM
Sorry misunderstanding. I re-read what I posted and can't see a way to change it - education I guess. I did not intend to imply your Son a future slacker but I did mean the prayer for the Son who goes instead. Did I explain this right? I hope so lol.

posted on Jan, 29 2007 @ 03:25 PM
Sorry vance, i understand what youre saying now. Every soldier there now needs prayers as well as the families of soldiers thatve already been killed there.

posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 11:15 AM
I would request that those of you here recall that there is more to troop movements, and statements, and threats than the base affect. Moving troops, installing missle battiers, the mobilization of carrier-strike groups are not necessarily an act of war, though it can be means of preventing one, and moreso, of solving the current.

Do not take these things at face value -- Do you believe if we had the honest intention of commiting an act of war on Iran, that their leader would, the next day, so openly flaunt his 'invulnerability' to our armed forces?

Politics is something of a web. Pressing weight on one strand will affect my hundreds of others, not simply that thread itself.


posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 12:52 PM
Lets revisit a forgotten topic in this thread:

If I remember correctly this nightmare started with Jimmy Carters Shaw of Iran fiasco and Iranian political/religious leaders have vowed in there daily national prayers ever since “Death to America”. They declared war on us long ago? It’s a religious war they are waging and here are some of the prior attacks. I think we have been extremely late to the war.

November 4
Iranian radicals seize the US Embassy in Tehran, taking sixty-six American diplomats hostage. The crisis continues until 20 January 1981 when the hostages are released by diplomatic means.
December 12
US Embassy in Kuwait targeted by Iraqi Shia terrorists who attempted to destroy the building with a truck bomb. The attack was foiled by guards and the device exploded in the Embassy fore-court killing five people.

March 16
CIA station chief in Beirut, Lebanon, William Buckley, was kidnapped by the Iranian backed Islamic Jihad. He was tortured and then executed by his captors.
April 12
Eighteen US servicemen killed and eighty three people injured in bomb attack on restaurant near USAF base in Torrejon, Spain.
September 20
Suicide bomb attack on US Embassy in East Beirut kills twenty three people and injures twenty one others. The US and British ambassadors were slightly injured in the explosion which was attributed to the Iranian backed Hezbollah group

March 16
US journalist Terry Anderson is kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon, by Iranian backed Islamic radicals. He is released in December 1991.
June 9
US academic, Thomas Sutherland, at the American University, Beirut, Lebanon kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and held until November 18, 1991.
June 14
A Trans World Airlines flight was hijacked en route to Rome from Athens by two Lebanese Hizballah terrorists and forced to fly to Beirut. The eight crew members and 145 passengers were held for 17 days, during which one American hostage, a U.S. Navy diver, was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the aircraft was returned to Beirut after Israel released 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.
September 12
US academic at the American University in Beirut, Joseph Cicippio, seized in Beirut by Iranian backed Islamic terrorists. He is released on December 1, 1991.
October 7
Four Palestinian Liberation Front terrorists seized an Italian cruise liner in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, taking more than 700 hostages. One U.S. passenger was murdered before the Egyptian Government offered the terrorists safe haven in return for the hostages' freedom.
October 21
American businessman Edward Tracy kidnapped in Lebanon by Islamic terrorists and held for almost five years until August 11, 1991.

March 30
A Palestinian splinter group detonated a bomb as TWA Flight 840 approached Athens Airport, killing four U.S. citizens.
April 5
Two U.S. soldiers were killed, and 79 American servicemen were injured in a Libyan bomb attack on a nightclub in West Berlin, West Germany.

January 24
American citizens Jesse Turner and Alann Steen were seized in Beirut by Islamic terrorists. Turner was held until October 22, 1991 and Steen is released on 3 December 3, 1991.
April 14

February 17
US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel W. Higgens, kidnapped and murdered by the Iranian backed Hezbollah while serving with the United Nations Truce Supervisory Organisation in southern Lebanon.
April 14
The Organization of Jihad Brigades exploded a car bomb outside a USO Club in Naples, Italy, killing one U.S. sailor.
June 28
US Naval Attache killed in Athens, Greece, by Nov 17th terrorist group.
August 8
Pakistan president Zia Al Haq and US ambassador are killed, along with thirty seven other people, when a bomb explodes on a C-130 Hercules aircraft just after take off from Bahawalpu, Pakistan. December 21
Pan Am Boeing 747 blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb believed to have been placed on the aircraft at Frankfurt Airport, Germany. All 259 people on the aircraft were killed by the blast.

April 21
The New People's Army (NPA) assassinate Col. James Rowe in Manila. The NPA also assassinate two U.S. government defense contractors in September.
January 31
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) terrorists kidnapped three U.S. missionaries.
February 26
World Trade Center in New York, USA, attacked by a massive bomb planted by Islamic terrorists.
April 14
Iraqi intelligence service attempt to assassinate former US President, George Bush, during a visit to Kuwait.
March 8
Two unidentified gunmen killed two U.S. diplomats and wounded a third in Karachi, Pakistan.
July 4
In India, six foreigners, including two U.S. citizens, were taken hostage by Al-Faran, a Kashmiri separatist group. One non-U.S. hostage was later found beheaded.
August 21
Hamas claimed responsibility for the detonation of a bomb in Jerusalem that killed six and injured over 100 persons, including several U.S. citizens.
September 13
A rocket-propelled grenade was fired through the window of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, as an apparent retaliation for U.S. strikes on Serb positions in Bosnia.
November 13
Seven foreigners, including a number of US servicemen, are killed in bomb attack on National Guard training centre at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
June 25
Islamic radical terrorists opposed to the western military presence in the Gulf region, explode a truck bomb next to a USAF housing area at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 American servicemen and 385 injuring more.

February 23
A Palestinian gunman opened fire on tourists at an observation deck atop the Empire State Building in New York City, killing a Danish national and wounding visitors from the United States, Argentina, Switzerland, and France before turning the gun on himself. A handwritten note carried by the gunman claimed this was a punishment attack against the "enemies of Palestine.".
November 12
Two unidentified gunmen shot to death four U.S. auditors from Union Texas Petroleum Corporation and their Pakistani driver after they drove away from the Sheraton Hotel in Karachi. The Islami Inqilabi Council, or Islamic Revolutionary Council, claimed responsibility in a call to the U.S. Consulate in Karachi. In a letter to Pakistani newspapers, the Aimal Khufia Action Committee also claimed responsibility.
December 28
Yemini militants kidnap a group of western tourists, including 12 Britons, 2 Americans, and 2 Australians on the main road to Aden. Four victims were killed during a rescue attempt the next day.
In Aden, Yemen, a small dingy carrying explosives rammed the destroyer U.S.S. Cole, killing 17 sailors and injuring 39 others. Supporters of Usama Bin Ladin were suspected.
December 30
A bomb exploded in a plaza across the street from the U.S. embassy in Manila, injuring nine persons. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is allegedly responsible.
September 11
Two hijacked airliners crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Soon thereafter, the Pentagon was struck by a third hijacked plane. A fourth hijacked plane, suspected to be bound for a high-profile target in Washington, crashed into a field in southern Pennsylvania. More than 3,000 U.S. citizens and other nationals were killed. President Bush and Cabinet officials indicated that Usama Bin Laden was the prime suspect and that they considered the United States in a state of war with international terrorism.
Following this event we went on the offensive and this brings us into Afghanistan and Iraq !

For a complete list of attacks world wide here is my sourse link giving credit to where credits due!
Sorry for the long post but I think prospective begins way back!

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 12:22 AM
I am listening to the Alex Jones refeed from tonight and a caller said he contributes to to the Alex Jones Forums (which I he did not say, for forums is disorganized and the infowars one looks like it is infrequently visited/posted by users).

He said there was a report of Israelies being told to leave various locales in the Middle East and return to Israel. The idea being that Israel is about to strike Iran.

Anyone hear this in the news? I have been looking. Help.

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