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Terrorstorm Deluxe High Quality...

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 03:04 AM
See it for free in its entirety at google videos,

I just watched it, almost 2 hours, very powerful video. I'm sure there is something here that you were not aware of. It covers a lot more than just 9/11, but is obviously centered on that.

Many know about the USS Liberty and Israel's attack on it, ...but did you know that when the potential rescue jets were called back, LBJ said he wanted it on the bottom!! I didn't know the U.S. Commander-in-Chief was directly involved in the set-up and attempted destruction of his own Naval vessel along with the Israeli elements. No wonder the cover-up. Ironically, the Russians happening on the scene as witnesses is what actually saved the survivors, and blew the excuse for us to go to war... then.

Excellent information that covers a lot about the history of "False Flag" operations (including the 9/11 focus), inflicted on the innocent to empower the guilty. All the non 9/11 info on this, shows a clear pattern that unfortunately fits 9/11 and makes the argument clearer.

The usual suspects up to their usual machinations. Unfortunately, if the people don't wake up... expect more "terrorism" manipulations on the masses, as has already happened in London, etc.

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