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Alien Abductions And ‘Greys’ – The biggest Conspiracy Of All Time!!

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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 12:49 AM
While I firmly believe that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations have and are visiting the Earth, I do not believe in the so-called ‘Greys’ and alien abductions. It’s the biggest conspiracy perpetrated by secret Intelligence organizations covertly backed by some sections of governments.

A lie or fiction no matter how bizarre continuously repeated becomes the ‘truth’. That’s what the German concept of spreading disinformation in WWII was. This goes on all the time, especially in the media and their propaganda bulletins passed as network news, where fabricated belief is established in the mass mind.

Unlike in the 50s, how come the aliens aren't ‘benevolent’ any more? They're cold and gray and their intentions are becoming increasingly sinister — ‘they want to control your mind, and steal parts of your body’. Well, that’s what we’ve been made to believe.

The image of the unfriendly gray aliens has been steadily permeating the gray matter of the public like a slow poison and gradually seeping into the media and ‘Abductee’ has become a fashionable state of being.

Martin Cannon in a manuscript entitled, The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abductions, puts forward his case that the claimed UFO abductions might well be a “continuation of clandestine mind control operations including hypnosis, drugs, psychological conditioning, microwaves, brain implants and even more disturbing technologies.”

Having spent a great deal of time reading, researching, contacting other researchers and conducting interviews, Cannon has come up with shocking evidence of the sinister and covert world of the "spy-chiatrists" who have been experimenting with mind control technologies for decades.

He says:

"If my hypothesis proves true, then we must accept the following: The kidnapping is real. The fear is real. The pain is real. The instructions are real. But the little grey men from Zeti Reticuli are not real; they are constructs, Halloween masks meant to disguise the real faces of the controllers."

And who are the controllers?

“Substantial evidence exists linking members of the intelligence community, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence, with the esoteric technology of mind control."

He traces clandestine behavioral research going back to World War II, after which the Navy continued this research, and the CIA began its own mind control program with Project BLUEBIRD, which finally became MKULTRA, regarded by some as the most heinous of all the CIA's disreputable covert operations — with its most secret area of study being psycho electronics.

That these programs existed is an established fact, as Canon states "...the existence of mind control was verified in two (heavily compromised) congressional investigations and in thousands of FOIA documents."

Now then, what do you think of alien abductions? Greys? I think it’s the biggest conspiracy perpetrated by man on mankind. Period.


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posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 01:15 AM
I went to a conspiracy convention a couple of years ago and that is precisely the same thing that was being told by former abductees. Abduction and suggested memories of alien experimentation are all part of a mind control ploy done by a covert military group.

Actually. I had already come to the same conclusion myself after years of contemplation on the subject.

Alien abduction of millions of people just doesn't make sense. The real question is, why are they doing this?

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:05 PM
To foster the idea that other life out there can be evil, so when the truth starts to be revealed soon, people will react in fear to other life and/or spirits.

Fear or Love. Its the only decision you ever have to make.

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