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Electrolysed water - You Tube videos !!!

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 06:36 PM

This is very interesting.

video showing the use of electrolyzed water in healing gangrene and improving diabetes patients...

also ionised water..

I wonder if i can make electrolyzed water by using a 3 or 6 volt battery and carbon or copper electrodes immersed in very slightly salty water using sodium chloride or salt..

do i need to use a U tube or will a beaker suffice?

if i use a U tube then the alkaline and acidic portions will stay separate or do i have to use a special membrane?

posted on Jan, 30 2007 @ 06:02 AM
found these extensive studies into electrolysed water:-

i am amazed you people are ignoring this....

i suspect the reason is racism...pure and simple..

most of these studies were conducted in the far east an not by blue eyed blonde americans and hence they are automatically dismissed...

i have noticed this with quite a few races...

if you are russian,french,german chinese,japanese,indian,australian,korean,african
then your research is automatically dismissed or fraudulant....

next time u watch tv and if they report about a science discovery abroad just watch the presenter very very carefully...
from his attitude and mannerisms and body language you will see what his head is thinking..

in google type this:-

Bactericidal Effects of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water

or Effects of Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water

in any case i am constructing one of these devices as per below


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