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A question for the religious types

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posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 06:20 PM

Originally posted by Sun Matrix

You get kicked around alot by both sides, but when the day is over, you'll be riding home with me.

what are you implying sun?
well, i have an idea of what you are getting at
but i want to see whether or not you'll admit to it

anyway, you're not contributing anything to the thread with that post

posted on Feb, 5 2007 @ 12:30 AM

Originally posted by kinglizard

Originally posted by john_bmth
In ur eyes, would this person be "damned" in the eyes of ur chosen deity?

Salvation can only be found through Jesus Christ....

Simple truth, rather than a huge debate, love it!

As far as the ones posting about a loving God sending people to hell, actually they send themselves by being their own god and preferring their own ways. (ironically choosing to eat off the tree of knowledge from their own garden)

By the way, would it be heaven with the child abusers and child rapers, etc? Only a just and true God would have a judgement. ONLY thru Jesus is His blood powerful enough to cleanse the darkest soul. ONLY the GOD of the Bible accepts all races, people, and calls for love of one another. SO many attacking christianity, yet not looking at the concepts and foundations of which is LOVE< power, a sound mind, loving your neighbor, not to steal or kill, healing from enemies by praying for them, man we are horrible people? Or is the issue really for the debating to seek out justification for their own disbelief? Isn't it funny I never have seen a local bar have a food pantry, yet churches lots are filled on a weekly basis for food help. If a minister gets a huge love donation he is scrutinized, yet someone can sing pop music and get millions? Noone says a word?

Final thought, I have read many posts in this forum stating that their referrances of history was true or not true, unless you were there physically, you are having faith to believe in that historian or debate it for eons. Ok, I believe in mine. You simply choose. God didn't create puppets on a string but unique individuals that choose, without good you wouldn't know what evil is, without darkness you wouldn't know what light is.

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