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sleep paralysis? or something else?

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posted on Jan, 31 2007 @ 09:10 PM
Hi all, first I just want to say that I am tired and have to get up early so I'm going to type this out fast, so please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors, but I just had to share.
Soooo, anyway this kind of stuff is interesting to me mostly because I've experienced this sort of thing. I don't really believe in a lot of the weird stuff I read on these forums, and to be perfectly honest, I believe this is some type of physiological response to lack of sleep. Drugs, alcohol, and stress can contribute and enhace this sensation.
Now... on to my story, my experience with this was in high school, now I don't want to boast here, but I pretty much knew most of the material being taught to me in h.s. Apart from math and some sciences, I was able to score well on tests all the while sleeping through my classes. So my point there is I used to sleep a lot in class, and in my two morning classes what would happen was that I would lie my head down on the desk, and close my eyes, next a tingling feeling would come over me, and at that point I had a chance to break out of it, like the first few times it happened it was quite scary, but anyway what would happen would be that after the tingling if I didn't fight it, my body would just become paralyzed, I wouldn't be able to move at all. What was going on I felt is that my brain had put my body to sleep (just as in normal sleep) yet I was still awake. For example, one instance in particular that I can remember was one day in my government class, we were supposed to get into groups and do a project, needless to say I was experiencing the paralysis thing and one of the girls in my group I could hear her say (this is important, I could clearly hear people talking while in this state), she said, sarcastically "Oh look, Jeff is sleeping again. "
So anyhow, that's my experience with this, whether I'm talking about the same thing you guys are, I found it interesting and to this day, and not one person has been able to tell me what exactly it is. Another important thing I should mention is that it happened so often, really just about every day of my last two years in hs, that I used to toy with it and figured out a way to break out of it, because note that it was sometimes a little scary , for one I have some seasonal allergies and at times I couldn't breathe through my nose because it was congested and while in this state I don't remember my mouth automatically opening as it does in normal sleep, so sometimes even though I was intrigued, I really just didn't want it to happen. Does anyone else know what this may be? I'm still really looking for an explanation. At the time I remember researching it on the internet and cam across some stuff that talked about, Alpha waves and what not, and how this "paralysis" was the first stage in astral projection. Honestly, I don't buy that for one second, but it's been the only thing that I've found that has described what I was experiencing, so in conclusion, I find that since this astral projection website seemed to describe pretty well what I was experiencing that 1. This is a real medical phenomena and 2. That a real medical disorder or diagnosis has not been named, unless hopefully someone on this site can explain.

Thanks for reading,


posted on Feb, 1 2007 @ 08:11 PM
Recently I have too went through the same thing most of you posted. Ever since a child I have had a over active imagination and always everything no matter what always have VIVID some times logical sometimes not dreams everything I sleep. I've felt the sensation all the time when I wake up or something or someone wakes me up that I fall or fell and its like some one jerked me or something and when I wake up my heart rate is pounding like crazy like some one just scared the # out of me. I've always over looked it and thought its from lack of sleep.
Well I can recall one time I was staying the night at my gf's house(now my baby's mom) and I was real tired and fell asleep stoned and was smoking all day. Well I dozed off and I felt like I was flying but everything was grey and blurry next thing I know IM looking at a couple man and woman in a room in front of a fire place. I was like wtf IM half awake and know this isn't like my regular dreams. Well when I thought that wham the thing happened were it feels like IM struggling to snap out of it and I cant talk or barely breathe(probally from panic)well when I came to my GF was like wtf is wrong with you are you OK?? I just said I had a bad dream and fell back asleep. Until 2 days ago I forgot about it.Well the last two nights, little after 3 am I was getting off the net after a long night of h4x0ring :LOL: LOL well soon as I dozed off I fell alseep on my back due to my recent right femur muscle surgey, anyway on my back and my hands folded on my chest fingers crossed. I all of a sudden wake up half way and feel like some huge weight is on my chest, I could hardly breath and was like wtf and it felt like some one or something was holding my hands down and stopping me from getting up. I could see and I could not talk I could barely get a yelp out it was more like a moan. Soon as I was OMG OK I need to get the hell out of this. God came to my mind and IM like I need to get up and pray!!! Well I finally got out of it. I jumped off the couch and looked around. It was still and quite I looked at the clock and only like 15 min have passed by since I went to lay down. Also I remember feeling a real odd presence behind my head. I wanted to look but I could not turn my head and I figured maybe that's a good thing. But the fear is what made me try to yell out and all I could get out was a moan. But once I got it out I got out if it. But yeah it happened again the next night. I knew in my head it was gonna happen again. So I tried fighting it off and sleeping on my side. pffffft didn't matter it came back and did the same thing again this time I got out of it faster by calling out for my cousin. He just happen to be up at 3 am because of his kids crawling in bed with him and his wife. He heard me and said are you OK I was emberessed. Also a mother note, 2 nights ago when this first happened one of the kids who is 6 woke up at 2:48 and sleep walked down the stairs. I sent him back up stairs calmly and said go to bed buddy. Then it happened shorlty when I tried going to bed. But yeah I dont think reading the article about the night crusher helped me sleep any better last night. Im gonna goto bed again tonite but this time I think IM gonna be ready for it. I want to try and gain control of it what ever it is. I will keep you all posted!

posted on Feb, 3 2007 @ 09:29 PM
Same here. The experience is weird, scary and fun to think about afterwards.

posted on Feb, 4 2007 @ 12:57 AM
I suggest everyone here who has had these types of experiences check out TheRiverGoddesses' thread located here. It is a big thread about out of body experiences and has a lot of information on the subject.

It is stickied at the beginning of the Paranormal threads as well.

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posted on Feb, 8 2007 @ 12:04 AM
A few months ack I suddenly awoke and couldnt move. I was on my couch and it was kinda painful. I couldnt lift my head or a finger for that matter. I saw a thing like mist or a thin fog in front of my face. I had to fight out of it and it became more and more painful til It just broke and I could get up and move around. Felt like i pulled every muscle in my neck. weird eh...any ideas?

posted on Feb, 11 2007 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by thesaint
I have mentioned on ATS many times my experiences in Sleep Paralysis.

I experience this approx once a month and for me it is the most terrifying experience ever every time. Every time i experience this i have a very high frequency vibration running right through my body so intense is this vibration that it can sometimes leave me with pain the next day.

Every time and i repeat EVERY TIME i have this i have been aware of someone standing next to me watching me. Once i tried to look but as my eyes where the only things i could move and i witnessed 2 hooded beings at the side of my bed. The terror i felt when seeing these beings is unexplainable. They were doing something however they were not touching me.

Another time there was seriously loud high pitched noises in the room and once agin i sensed a being at the side of me. I could not turn my head to look however my head was facing my mrs. I remember lookiing at her thinking "Wake up you stupid cow , How the bloody hell can you not here this noise" then i noticed she was lifeless almost as if in some sort of suspended animation and at the same time i became aware (Somehow) that at that present moment time itself was non exsistent and i could stay in this state for hours yet not a second would pass within the realm my mrs was in next to me.

Dreams or not i dont know but what i do know is that i would like them to stop i have had this since the age of about 10-11

I am so glad that you replied to this post. I don't have time now but I will reply later. You are the only person that I have met that explained it exactly the same as when I have had it. I also have written about this and no one understood what happened. They just think you are like most normal people with this problem and don't understand. Even the other people who have similiar problems with this.

I think, they are a combination of all the different theories on the subject. Anyway got to go. Will write later. Those damn brain drillers!

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