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Hafnium 45-nm CPUs in 2007 - So much for Moore's Law...

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 01:22 PM

Dielectric Materialism, Intel Style
Elizabeth Corcoran, 11.05.03, 12:01 AM ET

NEW YORK - You should be able to hear the sigh of relief all the way from Tokyo.

Today at a technical conference in Tokyo, Intel (nasdaq: INTC - news - people ) scientists were slated to announce a breakthrough that involves making two radical changes in the ingredients that go into computer chips. With these changes, Intel scientists say they believe they will be able to keep shrinking the electronic components in their chips for another decade or so, thus pumping more air into Moore's law. (Intel co-founder Gordon Moore famously observed that the number of transistors on a chip--and thus its processing power--doubles roughly every two years.)

In the pantheon of chip ideas, "this is a big one," asserts Sunlin Chou, general manager of Intel's technology and manufacturing group. Although it will take Intel at least four years before it can work the idea into its products, Chou predicted that it will not require the company to significantly change its processes for making chips. | External Source

Intel | PDF White Paper

Wow - we gettin them CPU dies small as a mug!! Wonder what they will do after 10 years and hafnium has done all it can... Light Processors??

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