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Was the Nazi Bell the first real UFO?

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posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by Pervius

Indeed, Nazi annenerbe "mythology" was heavily centered on sanskrit writings, and

something to do with "vortex engines" that may or may not have harnessed what amounts

to the planetary geomagnetic dynamo (our poles + spinning molten ferromagnetic core = giant

magnetosphere, and giant electrical engine). I wonder if the swastika (of sanskrit origin) is

really a symbol for a vortex dynamo engine? (free energy style, now trendy as "dark energy").
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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 03:21 PM
reply to post by drphilxr

Well it is an involved story found by Lyne if accepted by anyone.
Stories are a dime a dozen these days but the best one wins and I wound up with
Lyne's Tesla saga. One or two things about Mercury and vortexes or things that
spin or go around: Mercury a liquid metal can combine with other metals and makes
a mess and hardly see any use and to me is a way to court disaster following
stories that can amount to lies purposeful to steer people the wrong way.
Spinning gyroscopes is best for standing still but linear forces is best if you want
to match the Tesla ship 300 miles per second he stated in 1915.

Lyne's friend Van Dresser started the Missile Society and invited Ley into the
research. At one point the Army took over with Dr. Goddard and Dresser left
wanting non military development. However anything already developed Van
Dresser left with Dr. Goddard. Ley left as well seeking defection from Germany.
Some how Lyne gets Von Braun and Nikola into the picture out in New Mexico.

This cooks up pretty good as Tesla is well known for going out west to electrify
mines with ac and his ac motors to haul out the dig. Lyne found evidence of
Tesla in the 1930s at Los Alamos Technical Area 33 TA-33 according to his
relating in his book . Lyne said the Rocket Society was supported in part by some
Guggenheim Society which I thought was odd since Tesla used so much copper
and insisted on the purest copper wire devoid of air and gas bubbles that increase
wire resistance and increases heating why not support Tesla. Lyne found large
coil forms used by Tesla and were taken back to Los Alamos after announcing his
find in one of his books. The development labs continually get rid of piles of
technology as Lyne checks out relevance to Tesla. People knowing zero about
Tesla these days due to the invisible Illuminate except for their lies how does the
workers know different. Well they took out the wire before saying hay boss can
we get rid of this wooden thing a jig. So that some of placing Tesla in New Mexico.

Lyne suspects von Braun in new Mexico by way of known sources and figures he
came to replace Ley only Von Braun went back with some technology he eventually
used. I figure Von Braun had enough design improvements in the rocket engine
what he passed it on to develop the Tesla tech foo. There might be other Tesla
developments such as electrical generators for the latest submarines and
perhaps a force ray that Tesla said in 1940. If the foo forces were understood then
many of the things Tesla talked about through the years were so well known as
Tesla never made another announcement up till dying in 1943 perhaps being under
close watch by US and German intel.

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