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Court-Martial for Abu Ghraib Interrogation Officer

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 05:08 AM
The only officer charged in the Abu Ghraib prison torture-abuse scandal, Lt. Col. Steven Lee Jordan, has been ordered to face eight charges at courts-martial that he failed to do his duty and allowed his subordinates to subject detainees and POW's to cruel and unusual punishment.
He has not been accused of personally torturing or humiliating prisoners, and was not pictured in any of the photos that embarrassed the Pentagon and shocked the Muslim world.

Maj. Gen. Guy C. Swann, commander of the Military District of Washington, decided Jordan must stand trial, Army spokesman Col. Jim Yonts told The Associated Press.

Jordan was charged in April with 12 offenses. Swann dismissed four of them after Jordan was given an Article 32 hearing, the military equivalent of a civilian preliminary hearing, in October. Most of the dropped charges stemmed from allegations that Jordan had falsified vehicle repair records.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I want to post this as news mainly to highlight that this will be as far up the chain of command as prosecutions in this case reach. Rank does have its privileges, I guess.

There was speculation that culpability in this incident reached all the way up to Rumsfeld himself. I personally believe that those at the top of an organization set the guidelines for behavior within that organization. Those charged with crimes in this scandal have all said at one point or another that they were just doing as they were told by their superiors.

I wonder what we will hear from Lt. Col. Jordan at his trial.


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