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A new theory about time, time travel, dimensions and multiple universes

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 04:53 AM
Okay, so lately I have been thinking a lot about the concept of time and how it might work. After a while of thinking, a theory came to me. Now i dont know what time looks like, be it a straight line, a curve, or whatever, but my theory is that we are all part of a whole group of people in one "family." basically all of out ancesters, the people we are now, and the people of our future, are like one HUGE group or "family" passing along the timeline as one. so, when i say "family" i mean like our group may be family 1. and as we pass through 2007, the next "family" which is family 2, is passing through 2006, and yet another, family 3, through 2005 and so on. there could be infinite "families." This theory would explain how time travel would be possible, without any paradoxes. So lets say you time travel back to 1969. well when you get there, it is not your "family currently going through 1969, which means that you do not exist there. this makes it impossible to kill your Dad which would lead to the paradox of how then could you be there to kill him, if the killing of your Dad made your birth not happen. This theory also means that each moment in time is happening all at once. for us it is 2007, for family 2 it is 2006, etc. it is all the present as we know it, and it is all existing in the same moment. So it is not time that is moving, but it is all of us moving. Time is stationary. a way i can describe this theroy is lets say time is a railroad track, and each "family" is represented as a car of the train. so then each car consists of every person born in history as you know it, and every person who will be born until that "family" is destroyed by natural desaster, blowing themselves up, or whatever. This means that if we found a way to hop cars (time travel) it would not be George Bush as President in 2006 because he wouldnt exist. It would also mean that Every person, culture, etc we know from history would not exist in any other car, unless by coincidence or if the Creator deemed it necessary. (Like Jesus may be a part of every car, just possibly under a different name.) This theory also explains the idea of "multiple dimensions." It would be like each car of the train was like a different dimension. when time traveling you would be able to hop to any car, not just one connected to yours. Although you could not change your past, you could help other "families" when they may need it. I also think it would be amazing to travel to different dimensions, and see what other "families" have accomplished. Then you could have not just one railroad track full of cars, but numerous railroad tracks, which would explain multiple universes. each track then is a universe full of cars, which are dimensions each with a group or "family", which is all of the life that ever existed, does exist, and will ever exist within that group. This idea of multiple universes means each universe contains another "you." It would not be possible to interact with the other "you"s because universal travel is not possible. You can obly travel on your own track, or universe. Now the "you" in each universe contains a small piece of energy of your actual Soul. now when each "you" dies, that small piece of energy is divided amongst the other "you"s until each is dead. Also, each small piece of the soul has a mission, and reincarnation would come in to play. if that mission failed the first time around it goes back to try again. so although you come in as a new person not related to the person who died, you are still the same small piece of energy in that car of the train. you just cycle through until the mission is completed. each mission would be a spiritual one. When the other pieces have completed their missions and have been divided up, the remaining pieces become more and more enlightened until all the pieces come together as one knowledgable, completed spirit. Then you are able to move on to the Spiritual Realm, Heaven.

So... What do you all think?

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 07:32 AM
I asked this question to some my friends one night.
A time traveler shows up with his time machine and offers you a trip into past to see any event you wanted. What you choose with your once in a lifetime chance.
There are the easy ones like going back to watch the first super bowl or watching Appolo 11 take off. Think about how much is out there for you choose and remeber you only have 1 trip.

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 09:34 AM

Originally posted by evo80

Now the "you" in each universe contains a small piece of energy of your actual Soul. now when each "you" dies, that small piece of energy is divided amongst the other "you"s until each is dead.

So... What do you all think?

your model, in particular the above notion, is one of the things that i've thought about too.
Have you ever thought that the sudden experience of De Ja Vu
is brought about as a result of the 'consolidation' that must happen when another 'Self' dies in their reality?

because, our individual 'selves' are all linked together throughout all the side-by-side universes, and since energy cannot be be destroyed....
it makes sense that when a 'self' dies in another universe then the missing 'selfs' energy instantly disburses into the remaining 'selves'

& when one 'self' dies, that pop or mental shock, aka DeJaVu, brings us renewed energy & perhaps insights as that 'selfs' consciousness is consolidated into the eternal you (you many 'selves' stretched over infinite universes)

keep up your delving into cosmic level questions

posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 02:26 PM
St Udio: That would be the premise of the Jet Li movie, "The One".

As for the initial theory... you might want to look into string theory and see how they explain the varying dimensions.

We move through a dimension of time. This is the same as being a third dimensional being existing in depth. To a two dimensional being, if we were to pass by, we would look very strange indeed... as they would only be able to view two dimensional slices of our existence (So they'd see slices of our depths as we wandered by, kind of weird and bizarre to think about. Also kind of gross.)

The same is true for travelling through time.

this link helps to explain the concept, and does so quite concisely.

Imagining The 10th Dimension


posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 03:09 AM
and dont forget a major part of this theory is that all time exists at the same time. it is like an infinitely long grid and its all happening at once. its kind of strange, because tonight i listened to an episode of Coast to Coast am, and a caller had told a story about how when she was young, she had a spontaneous thought that all time exists at the same time. very weird that I heard this show the day after the same thought had entered my mind. She had also stated that by the time she had Grandchildren, the USA would no longer be the super power of the world. I liked the ideas about De Ja Vu and how it may relate to the death of one of your "selves," that is an interesting idea. De Ja Vu is indeed a very strange thing that happens to all of us. Thanks for your thoughts

posted on Jan, 28 2007 @ 05:02 AM
What I was meaning by mentioning string theory is that Time is a dimension in string theory, the fourth dimension.

As such, if Time exists, it is not something that transpires. We move through it, just like we move through space. Thusly, All time exists as a dimension... whether it is future, past or present.

In essence, the concept is not new... it is essential to most physics models.

Where it gets hairy is how static the fabric of time is. In string theory, all possible events occur somewhere. Thusly, all possible outcomes of time exist somewhere... so Time cannot be edited, you can merely move spatially to another time line.

I do suggest the link I posted. It simplifies a great many things.

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