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Is Google Helping The Jihadis?

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posted on Jan, 27 2007 @ 03:47 AM
At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, Webmaster Radio’s Jim Hedger held a press conference, making public an investigative report that:

1. Google is serving Adwords and Adsense advertisements on Google properties within Orkut, which are managed by terrorist cells and sympathizers.
2. Google is serving advertising on the sites of Google AdSense members who are connected with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups which are benefitting from revenue which is originated by Google advertisers.
3. Click fraud and click bots are escalating the revenue generated by these 3rd party Adsense partner sites, and this revenue is making its way into the hands of organized crime and terrorist groups.

And needless to mention that Pay per click revenue from these ads goes directly to Google, which make payments to Google AdSense partners who donate these funds to ‘invisible’ charities which funnel the funds to Internatinonal Hezbollah groups, Iraqi insurgents and Al Qaeda networks.

But can Google be held responsible for the content created by members of their Orkut community, which lets registered users connect over the Google network? If no, then they better get to work to further prevent this fraud.



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