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"If you could "out" the truth to the rest of the world how would you do it?"

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 03:44 PM
This is an interesting thing you ask about.

I think you mean not only what methods of getting the information out to the general public, BUT also how can it be presented so it is believed-as it will be denied and ridiculed.

Unfortunately, I seriously doubt most any print publication would move forward on it as soon as the Federal Gov. declares the info top secret +, as then anyone who prints/copies/hosts-websites.....would be guilty of treason and THAT is punishable by death in the US.

Even if it did get out, it would be denied and back to PROOF??????

You see, knowing something and being able to prove it to others are completely different things.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 03:46 PM
Why not start a ufo or paranormal channel and play informative documentaries all day? Millions of people can be informed this way! Heck we already have a discovery channel, history channel, national geographic channel, golf channel, outdoors channel, cooking channel, weather channel, sports channel,...etc!!! Each subject targets to certain audiences and millions become informed this way.

Please someone with deep pockets do ufology/paranormal studies a favor by starting such a channel and if possible make it a satelitte channel so people around the globe can finally learn the truth. Since of freedom of speech is allowed I don't see under what grounds the american government can block this, unless of course you starting dwelling into underground bases and such. Keep the documentaries as simple and down to earth as possible and this should prove successfull!

For gods sake there are even bomb making and alqueda based sites on the internet and nothing is being done to prevent them from fullfilling there agenda!

Just my 2 cents!

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 04:25 PM
Hi, Outrageo!!

The first thing out of your mouth (computer
) was,

If I possessed such cardinal knowledge, and had the proof, I would frankly be in mortal fear for my life.

OK, for the sake of this question and thread, let's say that you, your friends and family, and basically most everyone on this planet would be safe from harm after your revelation.

I wanted the responses to take reality into account, but I think I mostly mean not to include flying on the backs of dragons and setting the Earth aflame.

So, you are protected from the backlash (which, I can assure you, there would be very little if any).

You said,

The reason this would be so difficult, IMO, is that there will be powerful forces who have a huge stake in maintaining the status quo. This could be religious fanatics, covert government agencies, NWO-types, any number of detractors - nearly all of whom would be 'more powerful' and certainly potentially in a deadly sense, than I would be in a position to ever defend myself against.

There will be no force that can overcome you, period. So do not worry about that.

The question presumes that you have an unbeatable force on your side, and the use/access to all of our technology to utilize in your disclosure.

You said,

Therefore, assuming I held exclusive 'proof' that was undeniable and irrefutable (e.g., an alien body, UFO artifact, etc., gov't expose, etc.), I would seek a trustworthy (how?) citizen-advocate in the national/international media and arrange to exchange the 'proof' anonymously so that there was no way to trace it back to me.

You're thinking small time. And evidence on that scale, and just a few people, possibly a large media conglomerate, are not going to be sufficient.

Your disclosure needs to be similar to your next statement,

That may sound like a 'cop-out' or overly cautious, but I believe the genuine article, when it becomes available, will be an Earth-shattering event of (no pun intended) Biblical proportions. It will change humanity forever.

Thank you, and this is your task.


I'm not sure I wish to be bearer of such news. There are many out there who would not hesitate in 'shooting the messenger'...

Let's say for the sake of this thread that you are bullet proof (at the very least have many bullet proof saucer craft...*hint hint*)...

A lot of people share your fear - and still come forward. Can you believe that?! There will be more, but they will have numbers and force on their side...tick tock...

Thank you, Outrageo, for your honest response!!! Now, let's get some juicy disclosures coming!! LOL

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 04:36 PM
Your suggestion (which in fact will be used in a mass disclosure event) was,

I would mass post the info on the internet. With a way that anyone reading it could go out and prove to them self that it is true. If I had E.T. or advanced assistance, I would get them to hack the TV media and mass spam it that way. Simply spam it through sources that can't be tracked. Get it too as many people as possible with a reference they all got relate it to for proof.

Technology! It can serve the bad guys OR the good guys. Depends on how you use it.

It can be used to spread propaganda to the ends of the Earth, and to spy on people, or it can be used to expose the bad guys and broadcast it to every home on the planet. It can not only bring it to the bad guy's front door, but broadcast it live to their living rooms! Dictionary definition of ironic.

Your idea is excellent! I've been told that the prevalence of technology that allows for real time, instantaneous communication around the world is one of the reasons that disclosure can now be effected.

If you were to attempt disclosure back in the 1950's you would have had to do it parcel post. We're in a new world now.

Don't think that it's too far fetched that individuals wishing to make a full planetary disclosure would want to utilize our existing technology to do that, because that may in fact be just the way they do it. And this includes using the media, naturally.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 04:41 PM
A lot of people still do not have computers.

That is why I stated it should be put in print and distributed. Believe me - those who do have computers will get it on the Net quick enough.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 04:46 PM
Many happy returns! (I noticed you changed your avatar...time for some a&& kicking? LOL)

You said,

Who cares about the messenger being shot. I once fought for my country and would have died for it and still would. I would definitely go one better and die for my planet if i had to.

To me there is no question about the importance of the information as a whole to our race. The things I've mentioned in the posts on this board to JSR that these baddies are responsible for are very limited.

You can include experimentation, torture, murder, pedophilia, the depravity runs deep and wide. There are things that a human being cannot stand by and allow to happen, and everything needs to be stopped, exposed to the light of day, and those responsible held accountable.

So, I'm with ya, my man! Let me say, though, that I don't hold up to torture well...
I get nervous when my carmel macchiato gets held, how did the guy behind me get his double espresso before I got mine? I ordered mine way before him, and I've just been standing here eating my lemon pound cake...What kind of system do they have there, really?


I could not hold on to such evidence and would have to ensure the masses were alerted to it immediately. before i left i would make sure every member of ATS had a full detailed file on my evidence and if possible would have everyone doing the same thing at a pre determined time right across the globe

I want to say thank you for including everyone on ATS (and ATS, natch)!!!

Giving as many people as possible the information is a good way to duplicate and get it out. At that point, there's no use for the bad guys trying to hide the information. They will have to stalemate it at the level of the media, or as is the case now, just remain silent and stonewall research and investigative techniques...

The good thing is, when it actually happens, trying to hide behind a wall of silence will no worky...hehe

Thank you, thesaint!!

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 04:53 PM
Hi, JSR!

You said,

if the goal is to end all war ,poverty, and basic evil...than to "out" things wont do this...ou would creat the biggest war the world has ever seen...if you knock those in power from power, it will create a vacume, and others will rise to take there shot.....iraq anybody....

JSR, you're absolutely right. What you're saying is that, as people living on this planet, with limited resources and fighting power, to "out" our establishment would put us in terrible jeopardy.

You're right. The reality is, if we were to succeed to any limited degree there would be repercussions.

Let's put repercussions aside. Let's imagine that you can provide full disclosure to the entire planet, and not worry about what would happen afterwards.

Let's imagine that you are a force that cannot be reckoned with, and that you can stop violent retaliation easily at any location instantaneously.

How would you do it, effect disclosure, so that nothing was left to question? What would you do if you had the media and all of our technology at your disposal, and you were able to protect everyone from retaliation?

Maybe that will help people think of the "means" of disclosure and not worry about the after effects. After all, this disclosure is the most important thing to happen in our modern history.

JSR, I'm right there with you. Realistically speaking, you would be stirring up a hornet's nest. So let's include that you are fully capable of responding to any hostilities. Fully.

Thank you for your sincere posts!! I would be just as concerned as you are (IF we weren't able to block those attempts by the bad guys...hehe).

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 05:04 PM
Mr. Outrageo!

I also have fought for my country and would have died for it as well. And, like you, I would do so for my planet as well...But I WOULD NOT force my wife, children, or parents to sacrifice their lives or even their livelihood for 'my cause' or 'my mission'.

With regard to many others who know what's going on behind the scenes, and who have wanted to step forward but couldn't for those very reasons we need help putting a stop to these things.

You've made it very clear why this is a near impossible task on a small scale. And I know JSR, me, and countless others are with you on that.

Not only fear, but an understanding of the limited effect one person can have prevents many from coming forward.

You said,

Yes, spread the word, share with all mankind. I agree completely. Just do so in a way that would not risk innocent loved ones. And if possible, preserve your own life, for, if for no other reason, to continue fighting another day...

The way this will come about, there should be no ability to deny these truths, and no means to retaliate in any form against those exposing these decades old frauds.

I say, be patient...

Also, when this comes to pass, the only individuals who will have to worry about any harm coming to them are the ones that believe they are in power, and those that serve them. They have no idea what's coming...

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 05:13 PM
Hi, SkepticGreek74!!

Sorry, I misinterpretated the original post!

No one's coming out of the closet if that's what you mean. LOL

You said,

At this time I really don't think there is anything that can be done other than just informing people that wish to be informed!

That's a good point, and I share that. But I also have to say that what little general knowledge of these things exists in the public forum has not effected change. And I'm afraid it will continue to lack effectiveness.

You said,

That doesn't mean you should give up it just means you should be patient until the time and circumstances are in your favor. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe 10 years or maybe never.

There is no time for patience. I am very impatient at this point. Every second that atrocities, cruelties and injustices are perpetrated at the hands of these groups is one too many. The time to stop it is now.

I just don't have the ability, but that's not to say that the time isn't nigh...My understanding is that it is...But we will see what happens over the next 12 - 60 months...

You said,

But don't trust anyone except for the media, and not the mainstream media either!

Really, who can you trust (what corporations, or governments more specifically)?


I would definetly not give up my life unless I was sure I could make a difference.

I agree. Otherwise it's a waste. Thankfully, you won't have to.

You said,

I don't think any government is evil as such. Corrupt and selfish yeah but not evil in the classical sense.

Very interesting observation. This depends on your definition of evil. Mine is broad enough to include the governments
I made some allowances just so they could be included. LOL


Eventually they should realize their shortcomings and come clean on their own, but when will that be?

I don't plan on waiting until their conscience urges a coming clean. I'd say they've had decades (maybe centuries) to come clean. Time to bring in the cleaners...

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 05:21 PM
Hello, thesaint!!

You said,

With so much knowledge i reckon comes a lot of serious responsibility that sits on your shoulders.

My own personal belief on this is hezz yeah! But spiritually speaking I wonder if God would really burden an individual with this. I DO know, however, that the universe is often happy to show a person the world (many of them) and let them keep those memories...

But as far as responsibility to humanity, I say heck yeah! I have no ambivalence about this.


however sometimes i could shoot the mrs myself especially when she burns a nice steak!!!!!

Not a person on these boards can say they don't feel your pain LOL I'm sure she's actually lovely (in fact, if she can't cook, then very much so :lol

You said,

How could this be done other than to use brute force without ending up like another David Icke

Right. Marginalized, discredited, slandered, financially or psychologically destroyed, or just "erased".


If i were to disclose this info to a small party say a bunch of UK ATSers then surely if we were to disclose this info publicly whilst together at the same time then no one person could be held accountable.

Spreading the information to as many people as possible and quickly is the small time practical way to go.

Thank you very much for your posts! I hope the Mrs. is cooking soup tonight. LOL

I'm taking a short break. Back in a while...

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 06:23 PM
Do what the X-Files show, that man who jumped over the gate to bring the cd to the President.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 07:12 PM

A society full of people who sit and do nothing does not flourish or advance, but decays and dies.

Exactly and just maybe that is what is needed.

it is, to me, an offense to our spirits to passively suffer these evils.

It is not by any means a passive experience. It takes extreme control over ones emotions and sensibilities to maintain ones course in life while dodging the pitfalls. Falling and getting up, being thrown down and getting up, being maligned and ignoring it, being cheated and blessing it.

I would probably then disappear into obscurity.

Which, I think, will be their choice not yours.

why be a pawn in a game i dont understand?

There is no one who fully understands and only a few have glimpsed the depths of the deceptions.

i will do what i can, with what i have. and when i enter that 4th dimesion, i, and i alone will answer to my god.
i believe im on the correct path.

I think that is a wonderful place to be, but, know for sure, others have been there too. If it is the correct path, the way to do it will be made known to YOU!

I honestly do not see any reason for the government to say "we've been hiding this from you for years".

It sounds as if you believe the government is actually in control and they don’t have apprehensions or get queasy or are scared shhhhhhhhhhhhhless.

The main thing is that you would have to involve as many people
knowing about the TRUTH as possible. Only then would you be remotely safe.

You can not trust anyone. Every person, house, car can be bugged. You make the assumption that people don’t know. They do and have chosen comfort over a life of turmoil. The friend you confide in will alert them and your life will be altered before you get out the door. If you want to get the word out, be willing to do it on your own, because that is the long and short of it. If God has ordained this mindset within you, then there is nothing no one can do to stop it. God is the only place of refuge.

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 08:43 PM
Thank you for responding.

First, I like Ghandi. And he was the impetus for great change, but we need more than a Ghandi here now.


quote: I'm not sure I wish to be bearer of such news. There are many out there who would not hesitate in 'shooting the messenger'...

True, just as they killed Jesus and his message was of peace.

Yes, we don't want any messengers killed. We need a bulletproof Jesus...Actually, one billion of them.


Looking at history, all great empires collapsed. It is the nature of things. After the peak or so called perfection, downhill. America MAY be at that point with the New World Order as a ticket out. I don’t think it will work. America has thought for too long that ignorance was the basis for complacency when it was survival being the basis for pretending to be ignorant. If survival is threatened, anything may happen.

I think there should be a distinction made between the USA and the "controllers" who act from behind the scenes.

They definitely have an influence in our government, but I know that Bush is not who to go after when your revelation event comes to pass...

After the truth comes out, however, this will be a very different world; all governments included. The world will be changed. And it won't be a world of war any longer.

It's clear that anyone bringing privileged information out is in danger of retaliation in many forms. But part of the powers we're granting to the "truth tellers" for the sake of this question is absolute say over what happens during and after your disclosure.

Remember I said you have the help of friendly ETs, which means you have a large number of craft at your disposal...

I wanted to put a statement you made at the end here,

You can’t fix other people and only a fool would try.

You're not out to change anyone during your disclosure. You're only out to let all of the secrets out of the bag about why we're really here, and what these hidden organizations have been doing behind the scenes...

Thank you, Siren, for your post!!!

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 08:52 PM
Hey, Wolfie_UK!!

You suggested,

With ET's help I would get ET and his friends to land a craft on the front lawn of every countries capital city 60 seconds after the start of the broadcast over every tv channel to the world.

OK, that's using your pals!! The craft could sit for a long time (they're impenetrable for the sake of this argument, so the military couldn't just blow them up).

You also said,

So the s'n-word's would start at about 30 to 45 secs into the broadcast and the gasps would start about 15 to 20 secs later, yep that would be my way of doing things.

An excellent suggestion!

Now, I'm curious how people would react to this. What would you tell people so they didn't think this was an invasion?

Would people believe you, or would they think you were deceiving them into thinking you were helping with an ultimatum...? I'm curious, because this landing scenario is something that could really happen...


Barring that I will just sit and wait for 2012

I don't think you'll have to wait that should be thinking in terms of months, but we'll have to wait and see...

I don't know if you're a fan, but maybe after your message put some Stevie Wonder on...Would Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel be interpreted as being facetious if you played it after your announcement? LOL

Thank you for your excellent ideas, Wolfie_UK!!

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 09:00 PM
mega, you said,

Its hard to come out with any evidence without having skeptics pummel your "evidence" into mush, it would have to be some extraordinary claim or evidence.

At this point, it will take nothing less than an event so large that it would encompass either the entire world, or it would have to involve at least a couple of industrial countries and be sustained long enough that it was clear what was happening.

I wonder, though, if even something that large would be sufficient...

This is a good idea,

With that said if the stuff I had was real and I wanted everyone to know, I would make multiple copies of everything and send lots of people(scientists, professors, journalists, research institutes, mass media, etc...) the evidence and I would try to post information and links to any online forums and try to talk to lots of radio and television and internet companys, but I would time it all so it would be simulcast about the same time everywhere.

As always, spreading the news is good. I was thinking you could burn as many CDs as you can of the information and deposit them high and low, far and wide...

You also said you'd sit on your webcam in case something happened to you, but I think if it was known that you already got the information out, then you'd be OK...

Whatever it takes to get information out. The it would just be up to the people receiving it to believe what you were actually telling them.

Sometimes the information - the reality - is so bizarre that the fact it is so bizarre is almost helps keep the secrecy, because who would believe it?

Thanks, megaslayer!!

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 09:09 PM
Thank you for posting.

You said,

I suppose I would leave and ask amnesty in switzerland and release all info to the press from there as well send electronic as well as paper and any photos to the united nations and find a hacker to send the info out in replication to the free world for the people of earth once and for all. I would probably then disappear into obscurity.

Part of the question of getting the full story out is what to do after that. Once you've made the truth known - what happens to it?

Does it die? Do some people form oversight committees? Would that even help make the changes needed to occur from the bottom up (or better, the top down)?

Something needs to be done to help this information not only take root and blossom, but for change to be effected. Otherwise it's just another conspiracy theory.

For example, what if part of the emails/CDs you send out have exact addresses for organizations, along with names, and activities that take place at those addresses?

This is part of the reason I think that more disclosures haven't occurred to date. It's not just about getting information out, although that's a prerequisite. It's about using that information and taking action...

This is where the majority of people on this planet are at a loss. We are powerless politically, and physically/militarily to respond to these things. We don't even know who to go after, because these "controller" types are well hidden. Remember the saying that Satan's greatest trick is convincing people he doesn't exist...

It's the next step in disclosure. Part of our problem is not knowing who we're going after or where they are...

That's why we need some "assists" from outside...

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 09:28 PM
OK, you said, (and understandably so),

im not pretending to be above anything. im expressing my way of life. my reality is only as big as my arms can reach. everything else is a "tangled hiarchy". why be a pawn in a game i dont understand? i will do what i can, with what i have. and when i enter that 4th dimesion, i, and i alone will answer to my god. i believe im on the correct path.

A lot of what you say here, if not everything, is true and right on for all of us.

And I wanted to make clear that when I said "It's easy to sit on your seat and philosophize and pretend to be above things by not getting involved..." I didn't mean you. I understand where you're coming from.

I more meant to say that my belief is to be a part of a society you should contribute. You are doing that in your own way - I am in no way making a statement about you at all. And I am not one to judge, no one is.

I feel exactly as you do about the larger world. I would even say precisely. It's too big, and there's too much. And in fact, it's not our job, and even pretending to get involved can lead to unhappiness at feeling overwhelmed. That's not where I want to go with this.

And you are right that it is a game you don't understand. You and I are here to do our time and move on. But I can't help but feel, maybe even not so much for myself, but the thousands or millions that are suffering at the hands of the few and what a universal injustice that is.

Anyone with a conscience that has had this information penetrate it feels it in their heart that this is wrong. And this is just my real reaction to it - to support disclosure. I'm also very frustrated that UFOs are cruising around, etc., and our government can still sit there and deny this is going on. That also has to stop.

I don't blame you at all for your views on this, because at the same time I share them. I work a simple job I enjoy, and I go home to a small, cozy home and see family. But the stuff that goes on is getting harder and harder to escape. It's a natural reaction...

Anyway, I was actually given this particular question to ask by someone who feels a disclosure is imminent. In fact, he's not alone.

His sense is also (actually, it's not a sense - they're memories of our future), that sightings events will grow in intensity. Also that there will be one "big" event over the next 12 - 36 months, followed by the mother of sightings events closer to 2012.

He wanted to get a sense of what people's thoughts are on disclosure. And I'm actually curious as well, but also, in particular, about what the reaction would be worldwide to disclosure (not by the bad guys, but by us - the majority) and how we would proceed after disclosure.

I think that the speed with which the word disclosure, and its accompanying ramifications, has spread around the world is very significant. It's almost like the idea was planted in us, and now we want it...kind of interesting...

And it's important to share things like this. It's how we connect. It's also how a lot of us are getting the truth out when we get it...

But we all do want truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth, but we haven't been getting it. That leads to a very angry and mistrusting people, and when that happens the clock is ticking...tick...tock...

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 09:29 PM
I would probably call and or write the major UFO community about my proof stating that I want to call a meeting in which all could view and or inspect said proof. Simultaneously, I would enlist all of you good people in spreading the word to the world via internet, newspaper, tv and whatever other medium available. If it was living proof such as a actual alien, I would ask for their help as well (i.e. mass public landings or some sort of advanced tech). I don't think that in this day and age of hoaxing that any sort of document would be believed by the masses.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 09:42 PM
Hi, Annee!! (OK, it's Annie's Song - John Denver...)

You fill up my senses
Like a night in the forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain

Moving on. You said (with some ambiguity),

I support Full Disclosure.

Right on!!


I believe a simultaneous admission would need to be televised from all governments of the world -- first simply stating there has been contact with Beings not of Earth (even though I personally believe they are here and have always been involved in the development and evolution of earth and humans).

This is essential. Without Bush (or Hilary, or whoever) standing up in front of the cameras it could be a pretty hard sell...I don't know how I'd feel if I saw that. Would you laugh? Cry? Pass out?

You said,

There would need to be actual physical proof - as in a real live ET (hopefully a cute one at first).

A hot one for the chicks, and one for the guys too? LOL Actually, if you had humans stepping off of the saucers either alone, or with ET compadres you might have an easier time not only earning trust, but also getting through to people. The translation would go better (remember Mars Attacks? "Ak-ak!! AKK AKK KACK!!")

You make a good point next,

Then published increments of information. Many humans will need to accept and adjust slowly.

I am very curious how the world will respond. Will you have people just standing there in a stupor for days? I remember when the planes hit the World Trade Center towers. I was in this very bizarre alternate world where zombies were basically driving their cars down the streets. Everything was almost in slow-mo.

I imagine it will be a lot like that. A shock the first day that everyone "appeared".

That would have to die down before you started communicating, because otherwise it would be like everything said immediately after you've been announced Prom Queen (everything falls silent..dead silent..*flashbulbs* *tears*...everything's in slow-mo...someone's saying something, but it sounds like someone's mumbling inside a large coffee that...).

I want to thank you for your last statement,

I honestly do not see any reason for the government to say "we've been hiding this from you for years".

Why would the criminal turn himself in? Especially when things seem to be going so darn good?

Nope, we gave them the chance and they decided otherwise. Now they get to reap what they sow...

Thank you, Annee!!! I hope we see it soon...

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 09:49 PM
Oh, yes. I'm hitting everyone. LOL

You offered,

1. First stop ATS
2. Tapes to every major new network
3. Thousands of copies to every newspaper
4. In a perfect world you would know a friend who could hack the planet. He would be able to send a feed to everyone online at the same time. He might be able to hack the satellites so you go live on to tv too.
5. You would have to show physical proof. People are starting to get sick of just documents that the government will just say is faked.
6. The main thing is that you would have to involve as many people
knowing about the TRUTH as possible. Only then would you be remotely safe.
7. Bottom line...Are you willing to die to get the truth about all of this stuff out?

LOL - "BLITZKRIEG" Nice choice of wording...since you mentioned the Germans!!! Kidding...but you would be using one of their own tactics against them!! Sieg Heil, mein freund (this is for the good guys, not the bad guys)! OK, come on. Germans are nice people. Can't let a few bad apples spoil the batch...

That's the way to do it. Instantaneous information assault. And I bolded #5, because people are tired of being stonewalled and dismissed.

When this comes to pass there will be no denial. There may be shocked silence on the government's behalf, but there will be no argument about it. And no equivocation...

Rock on, Royal76!!!

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