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Oak Ridge Tennessee

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posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 09:49 AM
I wonder if any one here know anything about oak ridge tennessee except for parts of the atom bomb being made their. I lived around Oak Ridge Tennessee and their are crazy objects shaped in the form of long cigar shaped flying crafts. They are about 2or 3 football fields long and 1 1/2 wide. I seen one on my way to knoxville and It was flying twards oakridge, and it did not make a sound my uncle was with me and he seen it too. It was a primer brown, we could see it perfect because it was about 8 in the morning. What is weird we never heard anything about it on the news. I know more people seen it because their were people stopped on the side of the roads and people pointing in their cars while driving down the road. We almost hit some one because they were stopped on the interstate and they were looking at it too. The craziest thing about it was when it was just about to leave our site of view it shot out another one just like it out of the rear of the vessel. I know it sounds strange but stufff like that happens alot around Oak Ridge Tennessee. Their is even a mountian where Jets and other craft seen flying in and out of the mountian ridge their. When going to Oak Ridge Tennessee, their are back roads that if you are not carefull and you go done one of them you will get stopped and a gun will be put to your head and they will tell you to never come down this road again. The also pull you out of the car and search you. It is crazy on that part of the town. The town is normal it is when you start going down long back roads on the side of the town the K25 and Y12 areas are at. My uncle was going down one of the roads because he thought it was a short cut to his work and he got a flat tire. He got out of the truck and began to walk to get help. When all of a sudden a small unmanned armored tank approched him and a voice told him to lay down until he was apprehended. He got off with a warning but he said what was crazy was the people that arrested him did not speak english. Maybe a contract with another company in another country got the security bid but I dout it. It is a good idea to do some research on the town but you will only get strongarmed and lead down wrong paths. Their are still atom bombs in Oakridge (Y12, and K25). Oak Ridge National Labs are also on the list of companies in oakridge tennessee. Oak RIdge National Labs is on of the ones that do flight test of new air craft for the government. They make state of the art materials their too. I just wonder if any of the stuff form roswell ended up in Oak Ridge??????

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 10:28 AM
Thanks for sharing your story... I've never heard of anything going on in this area....

one thing... was the "tank" occupied or not?

a small unmanned armored tank approched him and a voice told him to lay down until he was apprehended. He got off with a warning but he said what was crazy was the people that arrested him did not speak english.

If they didn't speak english, how did he know he was being let off with a "warning"?

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 10:31 AM
ok the tank was not occupied, i guess it was a loud speaker connected to it, we all know that they have unmanned tactical vehicles. Also he was brought to the police station and that is where he found out he was getting off with warning remember that part of the story is his, I do not know every little detail about it. JUst what he told me. Thanks for the reply!

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 10:36 AM

On 10 November 1950,-------------, Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
employee at-------------, Oak Ridge, Tennessee was interviewed
and he stated subtantially as follows: At approximately 1630
hours on 23 October 1950, while driving on the Benton Valley
Road, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, he observed an object over the
Scarboro School (which is in the control area of Oak Ridge) at
a distance of one-quarter to three-eighth of a mile from his
position of observations. The object appeared to be between
1000 and 2000 feet in altitude and was described as an "aluminum

It was traveling in a South Southeast direction. The object
was dropping fast as it crossed the road and disappeared over a
ridge--------heard no noise in connection with this object.

here's a decent site with some info on the area and the "happenings"...

A sleepy little burgh tucked discreetly away in the rolling
hills between the Cumberland and Great

Smoky Mountain ranges, Oak Ridge has always appeared deceptively
normal on the surface.

Only when you peeked behind the fa=E7ade of plutonium and
privilege -- and you had to know where to look -- did you glimpse
the town's true nature.

Beyond the designer dachas of the nuclear bourgeoisie, out past
the abandoned guard tower relics of an earlier era, lay the vast
no-man's land we called the "Restricted Zone" ("we" meaning the
Mensa set's prodigal offspring).

The Oak Ridge 'Reservation' encompasses many hundreds of square
miles. However, the town itself -- the residential area --
occupies only a small percentage of that acreage. The rest has
always been under the purview of the Federal Government; Atomic
Energy Commission (AEC); Union Carbide; Martin Marietta, or
whoever holds the reigns of power these days.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 10:40 AM
Your story seems credible. Does not seem far fetched. What are the names of these mountains?

So many secrets so little answers..

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 10:56 AM
I was born in Harriman Tennessee that is about 15 to 25 mins from Oak Ridge Tennessee. I will look for the location on google earth but I Know I will not find the right place where the mountian ridge is but it will be close. I grew up their and hearing stories from my elders and other peers, makes me think that their is real secret tech goin on. I also worked at a place very close to Y12 and K25, I was a security Guard at a place called SEG but i think the name of the company has change. (Scientific Ecology Group) They reprosses necular waste. What was so weird about working their is that I had to go and check doors to see if they were locked and on some of the doors I was suppose to check. Were signs saying do not get 500 feet close to the door. Now why they wanted me to check these doors was a clue to me but I never checked them, I was afraid of getting radition sickness. But on these doors what had the signs, weird green lights would be shining and strange noises like turbines running was comming from them. Needless to say I stoped working their, for fear of my life. They get all sorts of material from Y12 and K25 that is radioactive and that company that i worked for burns it and puts it in barrels and ships it off to who know where.

I will look for mountian ranges that I was talkin about in the first post. It will take me some time but I will look. Maybe you can help by lookin at oakridge too on google earth.

For me, when I talk about Oak Ridge and Y12 and K25 it like normal, the sightings and everything else is like, well that is what goes on down their and i cannot do nothng about it. That is how everyone fells that lives around that area. It is Back water towns where the real deal is at. Because the people workin their is the people livin in the towns.

thanks again for the posts

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