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posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 05:40 PM
if the majority of people on this board beleive the world to be pretty damned corrupt and people even those of higher stature in society to have shadey morals then why is it that;

it seems so little "ALTERNATIVE THEORIES" are able to gain any signifigance here, i mean even if 1 out of 10 of these theories that claim the gov't official story is full of sh*t or (Whatever gov't organization) is stating is manipulative crap and offer another view that supposes there is corruption and lies being spouted by these organizations then we would have a few hundred stories being uncovered here

wouldn't u think in a world deemed so currupt and greedy and money driven people would give a little more credence to more alternataive theory's that differed from the official story

but besides new insights to story's that the general population already beleives are dodgy like the real killer OF JFK

what has ATS's brightest minds uncovered, to me it seems like most mods while hardworking are very skeptical of alternative theories and some seem to use science as there word or weapon of choice defending there beliefs because they seem to believe that the word scientist and truth are synonymous. like there is no corruption in the field of published science. for some reason the vices of greed have escaped the field of science and scientist and could not have been politically motivated. politicians =corrupt judges =corrupt priests= corrupt scientist=perfectly truthful

then people want proof , which is like someone 25 years ago who commited a crime and then covered up his footprints asking u how they can prove he did it, well up into the last 10 years they couldn't (until DNA testing), and until there is the forensic equivilant to track covered up lies or surpressed knowledge it will boil down to someone else's word against yours, which is like asking the militiary to investigate themselves when someone thinks there is corruption i.e hardly a way to get to the truth

i also think there is an unwillingness buried somewhere in the psychology of humans to not want to believe the people who are in charge of there nation are lying, because if these people are lying then who the heck can we trust, and if we can't trust the people running this nation how safe do we feel, well this MAY be why it is more comforting to belive alternative theorists are wacky , ( didn't that make you feel safer) and to believe what our authorities tell us.

or does something in your heart tell you there is a conspiracy ahemm alternative theory (see how much more believable it sounds when you use alternative theory sounds CRAZY that a change in words or phrases could have such an impact on your judgement right, not when u understand the power of words

[edit on 25-1-2007 by cpdaman]

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