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Survival Scenarios

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posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 04:29 PM
I came up with an interesting idea for a "game" to play, while sharing alot of valuable information about surviving in the many conditions.

The way this works is:
1) You answer the above person's scenario,
2) then create your own scenario so the next person can answer it.

Scenarios should include the following information:
-Supplies available
-Type of emergency (riot, hurricane, plane crash, ect)
-General desc.

First Scenario

While returning home from your vacation in California, the plane you're on goes down over the ocean. All but 3 people perish in the crash, and you've washed up on an island. The temperature is in excess of 90 degrees, and shows no signs of getting cooler. The other 2 people aren't injured, however, you've suffered a 6cm laceration on your forehead. Some of the other passengers luggage has washed ashore along with you 3, and you manage to find some wet clothes, and a few personal hygeine products. You're unsure if the plane sent out a distress call before going down. What do you?

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