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Fulcanelli and the Cross at Hendaye

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posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 02:47 PM
The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye

While slumming around on Rense (even the name suggests what to do after visiting the site...) I found a link that mentioned a name, Fulcanelli.
This led to me looking up an article regarding an old cross in a small French town named Hendaye. It seems as though Fulcanelli studied the cross and discovered it held the key to a repeating cycle of destruction on Earth.
Here are some links that discuss the mystery of the Cross at Hendaye.

I did a thorough search and didn't find any mention on ATS of this. Is this really that obscure?!?!?!

[Edited on 12-15-2003 by darklanser]

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 04:57 PM
great post!

This is the first time I've heard of that Cross and Fulcanelli, very interesting read

posted on Dec, 16 2003 @ 11:51 PM

It seems there are more and more signs around telling about a date, not far in the future, where all that is ends.

I heard the magnetic field usualy takes very long to turn around, but what if it that is not the case.. could this be a result of a sudden change of the electromagnetic poles?

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 12:08 AM

thanks for the links and I will examine them. The cross is not new to me but I have to admit that you were on top of things to put it up here.

obviously the cross is more significant than many would have believed.


what if the magnetic poles of the earth were affected by suns solar activity and the passing of a large body close by?

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 12:18 AM
hmm.. a large Asteroid, moving in a 26k year cyclus through our Solar System?

If this Asteroid had a strong magnetic field, maybe because of consisting mostly of metall, the effects could be devastating.. I don't know tho if they could turn around the magnetic fields... but if we talk about magnetic fields, we always also talk about attraction and it's opposite, non?

Indeed, we could face extraordinaire circumstances every several thousand years, with devestating results!

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 12:39 AM
I've read quite a bit about the whole Fulcanelli thing and his connection with revealing the secrets behind Alchemy. It's VERY interesting actually and I plan on reading more when I have time. I know there have been a few others around here who've made posts about "The UnderGround Stream" and "Philosophers Stone" and things of that nature. If those are topics of interest you should definately read up on Fulcanelli and his helpful yet somewhat enigmatic way of exposing the secrets of ancient alchemy and the hidden symbolic meanings withing the Catherdrals and other religious art and architecture. You won't be dissapointed!!

I was going to provide some helpful links but darklanser has already posted the better of them that I've come across myself. Those being SanGraal and Vincentbridges. Explore those 2 sites real good and you should find plenty of good stuff to get ya started.

Well here is a couple anyway....I think it was one of my first along with the Mystery of the Cross.

The Underground Stream and Fulcanelli's Message

Some Background on Fulcanelli

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 12:43 AM
I am going to OT for a second, I just want to know why everyone is disgusted @ ?

sure there is a lot of # to shift through, but same could be said for here, or any other conspiracy site.

I have noticed however that a lot of the topics that appear on ATS were on rense a day or two before.

Also that on rense a lot of stuff is there before it around other places.

So why the blind hate towards him?

I actually like the guy, granted I haven't been going to rense lately, back when I was reading about icke I use to go to it a lot.

anywho, I need to read all those links and then I'll post a reply that is on topic

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