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Post "white light" UFO experience dream

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posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 02:29 PM
I've posted my UFO experience here before. Quick re-cap... 8-10 years ago, Camping alone with dog 8 miles into the wilderness, white light engulfs tent, dog stares out closed tent, I sit up and wonder what the hell, and zap, wake up next morning with tent on top of me. All I remember the next day is having somekind of whirring, metallic thing around my face.

What I didn't post was the dream I had a short time after that experience. Here it is.

I find myself in either a ship or a lab of sorts. There are 4-5 little dudes, like midgets, 3 feet tall, with what appear to be your typical medical face masks and green doctor style robes, and they are on either stools or a platform, surrounding a human that is in something like a dentist chair. I have no clue what they were doing to this person, but there was no movement or response by the subject. They really didn't even pay me any attention. Either I was next, or already done. Ready for this? I have a soda drink in my hand! A regular large Coca-Cola red cup style softdrink. Nothing like making me feel at home eh? At this point I'm curious as to where I am, so I walk over to my right, I think it was a small stairstep, or possible small ramp, and notice some rooms. Look, I've debated years about telling this story, so if you are sqeemish, please stop reading now. These rooms are open, think going to the zoo and looking at birds in a glass cage for instance. However, there is no glass, but I knew something was there blocking me from entering, and anything from coming out. I'd say they were about 8x8 or therabouts in size. What I noticed next was quite bizarre. There were individuals, one per room, lying on the floor with some type of plastic, like seran wrap, covering them completely. They were on the floor and the wrap was the entire length of the room, covering them and the entire floor. I don't know how to say this other than just saying it. I hope I'm not violating some rules here, I appologize in advance. There was an older man, as I could make out his face and wrinkly skin, as the plastic was not completely clear, but had a slight tan color tint to it. He was being stimulated, as if in a state of constant orgasm. I'm not talking over and over, I'm talking like suspended in orgasmic state, and not in a good way. I'd say there were about 3-4 rooms I walked by, and in each room this was happening, both male and female. There was nothing "sexual" about this dream. One room there was no movement, and the look on the persons face was just like all the life was sucked out of him. This is about all I remember.

Now I know this was a dream, but I've never dreamed of aliens before, or after the camping event. What really freaked me out was reading about small greys that are around 3ft tall several years after this happened. It spawned me into some light UFO reading research, etc, and I eventually have found my way here years later. Take this for what it is. I'd be really surprised if anyone popped up with a similar dream, story, or experience, which is the only reason I'm sharing all this. Be gentle, I know this is on the freaky whacky side of the road, but if one person somewhere relates to this, then it was worth it.

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