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Need Advice Please.

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posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 02:09 PM
Hey fellow friends,

I'm sure you have heard this 100 times. I am having some relationship problems. I am ripped between my baby's mama and an old lost love. This will be long so stick with me, please!

The background;

The Lost Love, We will call her R, Now when I was 18 I was mister had a good job, had a brand new diesel 4 door truck, raced dirt bikes, just living up life, all of a sudden, I run into this beautiful girl, we hit it off, she loves doing all the things I do, hunt, fish, camp, dirt bikes, etc well we hang out for a few weeks, just as friends and it turned out she was 15 a 3 year difference, by this time, I didn't even bother to ask her age, she looked older, I was head over heels for her, but didn't tell her my feelings because she was so young and I didn't want to make a mistake in my life, well we hung out more and more, snowboarding and going to movies, never once did I make a move on her, life went on less hanging out and it ripped me apart, then about a year later she calls me out of the blue, I meet up with her, she had an abusive BF that would beat her and I tried so hard to save her, for weeks I would drive 150 round trips to just talk to her to help her, finally I told her, I love you, I always have, I will do anything in my power to make your life better, she said she loved me since the days our eyes met....then as fast as she turned up, she disappeared.

My current GF, I have been on and off with since august of 2003. The first 3 months of our relationship was awesome like any, then the 4th month I found my drunk GF kissing another guy at a party, we talked, I figured it was just her getting her youth out of her, she is 3 years younger too, at this time I was 20 and she was a few days out from being 18, So a couple months go on and I find out she kissed another guy ( Showing him out she kissed me the first time ) I was crushed, we broke up for a week, So life went on after that, then she ended up prego with my baby, so I gave up all my toys and built a brand new house for my new family, she gave still birth to her at 6 months, I was devistated, we seperated for a few weeks, got back together and wanted to try for another baby, mind you before I go further, I was 20 but I was on a 60,000 year salary with the company I worked for, so I wasn't no ghetto mexican knocking up white chicks, So she gets prego, I propose to her, the baby its the boy I always wanted, gave still birth again at 5 months, So me devistated again think about the situation.

Well a month after we lost the other baby, I was just kinda getting back to normal, so I decided I need to get some stuff off my mind so I signed up for a race, this was 12/19/04 I ended up breaking my femur in a motocross accident, Almost bled to death because I hit my artery, So I had surgery, was in the hospital for 5 days, I came home on 12/24/04 my GF came and seen me 3 times, less then an hour each time, while my family and even my best friend stayed the night with me, this really got me thinking, So I can't walk, have titanium in my leg, I tell her I don't want to get married, she flips out and gets a knife and tries to stab me, I get it away, and she rolls me to the stairs and tries pushing me down, I finally got to a phone and called 911, she went to jail and we broke up for 8 months, we worked things out and got back together and had a beautiful baby girl this last april. I don't love her anymore, and she doesn't love me she tells me this all the time.

My problem is now R is back and she is very sincere in my feels and my values, she now has a child of her own, I want to be with her, but i've been told time and time over, my GF S will take my baby away and I will never be able to see her, and it rips my heart out. I really don't know what I can do.

I know I want to be with someone that loves me and that I can love, and shares my values...but I don't want to lose the most precious thing in my life, my beautiful baby girl. Plz Help..

posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 11:33 PM
whatever you do allways think about this family comes first put your kids before your self

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