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Genuine Illuminati

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posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by RWPBR

Around here Illuminatti means anybody who makes more money than you, drives a better car than you or has any sort of authority over you whatsoever. Basicly if you are wealthy you are considered to be Illuminatti. Same old class struggle...just a different chapter.

Well that's certainly a wrong view of what Illuminati(Enlightened One) ought to mean.

I've posted a more formal definition before:

The other side of the Illuminati

However, let us study a Koan, as to have an actual example to be meditated upon:

The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

One day, in the Monastery of Nan-Ch'uan, monks from the east wing had a fight with those from the west wing over possession of a cat. All of them gathered round Nan-Ch'uan for him to officiate as judge.

Brandishing a Knife in one hand and the cat in the other, Nan-Ch'uan said: "If any of you can guess what has to be said, the cat will be saved, otherwise, I will cut it in two." Not one of the monks knew what to say. And so, Nan-Ch'uan killed the cat.

That night when Chao Chou returned to the Monastery, Nan-Ch'uan asked him what he would have said if he had been present. Chao Chou took off his straw sandals, placed them on his head and went away. Then Nan Ch'uan commented: "Oh! If you had been here the cat would have been saved."

Chao Chou was obviously a man of awakened Consciousness, a genuine Illuminati.

The story of Diogenes:

The Harvest Of The Sun

...The goal of the Solar Intelligence is to obtain a harvest of solar human beings. The idea is not bad at all; yet it is difficult. It is, indeed, a tremendous and hard experiment in the test tube of Nature. This is what the Solar Intelligence wants: to create Solar Human Beings.

Diogenes and his lamp comes into my mind in this moment. One day, Diogenes walked through the streets of Athens with a lamp in his hand, trying to find a true man, he could not find one. He looked in the house, rooms, corridors, yards of the wise citizens of Athens… "What are you looking for, Diogenes?" asked all of them to him. "A Man..!" Diogenes answered. "The streets and the public forums are full of men!" they said. He answered, "Those are not Men, they are beasts, since, they eat, sleep and live as beasts!" To that end, he visited the homes of scientists, artists, and everywhere he was doing the same thing. It is obvious that he was making more and more enemies as he was visiting their homes. Everybody ended feeling very offended by Diogenes…

Yet, he was right: he did not find a single Man! Many wanted to believe that he found one somewhere. The followers of Marat thought that he had found one in a cave, and that it was Marat. Absurd! The truth is that he did not find any Man. If Marat was a man, good for him, yet, to find a real Man (Solar Human Being) is indeed difficult.

Diogenes lived in a barrel and there he did eat and sleep; he did not even have a house.

It is stated that before Diogenes died, he was visited by Alexander the Great. Alexander was the one who put Europe and Asia under his rule. So, a simple man like Diogenes who lived in a barrel even threw out Alexander the Great. Alexander found him lying along in the sun while in agony. When Diogenes saw so much company near him, he raised himself a little and vouchsafed to look upon Alexander. When Alexander kindly asked him whether he wanted anything, Diogenes said, "Yes, I would prefer that you not stand between me and my Sun." that is to say, between him and his Inner God. Alexander was so struck at this answer that he did not have any other choice than to just go away. A humble man like Diogenes threw out Alexander the Great. This is something that not everybody can do; is it not so?

Authentic Men, that is true Human Being in the most complete sense of the word, are very hard to find

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 11:03 PM
Nice to know someone out there shares my convictions that not all members of the Illuminati and ruthless, soul sucking beings hell bent on world domination.

For all my research, I've come to similar conclusions, Tamahu - unfortuanely, I am currently in the process of amassing my journals and notes which were lost over the years, but when I get them back together - I'll be more than happy to share.

I am a self professed Illuminist, and I don't believe that the majority of the top web hits on the Illuminati are valid - in fact, they seem to be nothing more than an elaborate finger pointing smear campaign laden with disinformation than is designed to weed out the uninitiated.

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posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 11:11 PM

Originally posted by GENERAL EYES
I am a self professed Illuminist, and I don't believe that the majority of the top web hits on the Illuminati are valid - in fact, they seem to be nothing more than an elaborate finger pointing smear campaign laden with disinformation than is designed to weed out the uninitiated.

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What do you consider to be "iniated"* The conspiracy illuminati stuff is out there bc it makes money (Dan Brown, Alex Jones, David Icke) People would much rather read about a sinister society than some meditating lamas* It is to make money, not to spread disinformation

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 11:45 PM
Count - (please know I speak only for myself and not a community or organization of any type. I'm an independent...)

For me, at least - the initiated are people who question everything about the world around them, looking for their own personal truths rather than accepting dictum that is given them straight out by others - those that would forsake the first easy answers in favor of a long hard journey towards truth.

They work towards their Truth and Self Realization on a daily basis and are not content for the distractions and diversions that are commonly offered to placate the majority of the peoples - they look beyond immediate gratification and temptations of easy answers.

Reading a book or website is not the same as walking a path - and no matter how many people read about it, it is quite another matter when one begins to actually live it from within.

If people choose and prefer to read about the "sinister agendas" to get their dramatic fix - that's by far their right.

But to take up arms and accuse real people of the abominations in fictional theory - is quite another. Most people tend to overgeneralize on this issue, and I'm just putting in my two cents to help restore balance to something I feel is radically one-sided.

I won't deny there is darkness - but I also know the more we reinforce and focus on the darkness, the longer we spend blinded to Truth.

Just trying to light a candle here...wish I had my notes, but alas - I fought long and hard to learn what I know, and most of it wouldn' t make sense to the casual observer.

I'm still a student anyway - far from becoming a teacher.

Otherwise I'll have a book to sell.

posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 04:42 PM
I like your answer General Eyes about iniatian* I am a huge skeptic but I try not to let that interfere with my imagination and childlike sene of wonder, it is a delicate balance*
For certain there are the Adepts of many mystic orders who call themselves Illuminiati, but what does this mean for the rest of us? Nothing thats what* If a purified bodhisattva tried to show me the Golden Road today, he still could not lead me where I do not want to go*
The mythical "White Brotherhood" may exist, maybe; and if so then that definately holds some portents for humanity* But here is my argument why they do not: The world is a truly awful, cruel place* So if their are "Ascended Masters" whose job it is to help humanity, they better get their tail in gear and start helping!

posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 05:11 PM

Originally posted by Count Germails Lovechild
The mythical "White Brotherhood" may exist, maybe; and if so then that definately holds some portents for humanity* But here is my argument why they do not: The world is a truly awful, cruel place* So if their are "Ascended Masters" whose job it is to help humanity, they better get their tail in gear and start helping!

They are!

But most of us do nothing but spit on them and yell "Crucify!", whether literally or figuratively!

Esoteric Symbology of the Christmas Tree

The Savior of each one of us, the Interior Jesus Christ, is who matters. He is our intimate Yeshua, our own Savior. Each one of us must find our own Savior.

Did Jesus incarnate the Christ?

Yes, Jesus of Nazareth, the great Kabir Jesus performed the Great Work and he spoke of the intimate Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of the Great Work.

The Cosmic Drama is the drama that our interior Lord must live within ourselves, here and now in the work of the Great Work.

For example, the three traitors: Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas are three demons.

Judas is the demon of desire and each one of us carries him within our interior.

Pilate is the demon of the mind who always finds justification and evasiveness for his worst crimes.

As for Caiaphas, he is the demon of evil will within each one of us. Caiaphas is the traitor who exchanged the Christ, or it is better to say, who prostituted religion. Caiaphas is a priest. What does he do? He converts the altar into a bed of pleasure and he copulates with the lady devotees and sells their dresses.

Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas are definitely three traitors who betray the Intimate Christ.

They are the ones who deliver him to death, and all the millions of people who ask for his death are the psychological ‘I’ of each one of us who scream, “Crucifixia! Crucifixia! Crucifixia!” Yes, our interior, profound Lord is crowned with the crown of thorns and whipped. Every mystic can see this.- Samael Aun Weor

One of Atisha's main accomplishments in Tibet was his writing of the seminal text, A Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, in which he extracted the essence of all 84,000 teachings of the Buddha and organized them into a clear, step-like arrangement that makes it easy for any individual practitioner to understand and practice the Dharma.

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. - Matthew 24:27

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posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 05:57 PM
So if there is tremendous suffering in this world it is not their fault, it is ours:

The Delphic injunction, “Know thyself,” seems for the few in this age. But the fault ought not to be laid at the door of the Adepts, who have done all that could be done, and have gone as far as Their rules permitted, to open the eyes of the world.

Only, while the European shrinks from public obloquy and the ridicule unsparingly thrown on Occultists, the Asiatic is being discouraged by his own Pandits. These profess to labour under the gloomy impression that no Bīga Vidyā, no Arhatship (Adeptship), is possible during the Kali Yuga (the “Black Age”) we are now passing through. Even the Buddhists are taught that the Lord Buddha is alleged to have prophesied that the power would die out in “one millennium after His death.” But this is an entire mistake. In the Dīgha Nikāya the Buddha says:

Hear, Subhadra! The world will never be without Rahats, if the ascetics in my congregations well and truly keep my precepts.

A similar contradiction of the view brought forward by the Brāhmans is made by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gītā, and there is further the actual appearance of many Sāddhus and miracle-workers in the past, and even in the present age. The same holds good for China and Tibet.

Among the commandments of Tsong-Kha-pa there is one that enjoins the Rahats (Arhats) to make an attempt to enlighten the world, including the “white barbarians,” every century, at a certain specified period of the cycle.

Up to the present day none of these attempts has been very successful. Failure has followed failure. Have we to explain the fact by the light of a certain prophecy?

It is said that up to the time when Phan-chhen-rin-po-chhe (the Great Jewel of Wisdom) [A title of the Tda-shu-Illum-po Lama.] condescends to be reborn in the land of the P’helings (Westerners), and appearing as the Spiritual Conqueror (Chom-den-da), destroys the errors and ignorance of the ages,

it will be of little use to try to uproot the misconceptions of P’heling-pa (Europe): her sons will listen to no one.

Tibetan Prophecies - (Page 413) Another prophecy declares that the Secret Doctrine shall remain in all its purity in Bhod-yul (Tibet), only to the day that it is kept free from foreign invasion. The very visits of Western natives, however friendly, would be baneful to the Tibetan populations. This is the true key to Tibetan exclusiveness.

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posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 06:43 PM

The world is a truly awful, cruel place* So if their are "Ascended Masters" whose job it is to help humanity, they better get their tail in gear and start helping!

Therein lies the main problem with the world today - too many people expect someone to come in and "point the way" and save them from themselves.

It defeats the point - salvation without hardships and personal paths that lead to it just defeats the point.

Illuminati are just people - nothing more than that.

"Ascended" does not mean they can snap their fingers and instantly create solutions - all they can do is teach and show people how they found their personal enlightment in the face of adversity.

Even then, no matter how many books we read or stories we listen to - it still remains up to us to do the work in our own lives to help ease the pains and suffering of the world.

The first step begins with easing your own hardships - and then the true work arises...for many become comfortable after the realization of certain truths and become complacent in the world - forgetting to lend a helping hand to others.

Truely, one who reaches out to help when they don't have to - is a noble and enlightened soul indeed.

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