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Politics And The War On Terror Within A City Away For The Police

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posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 08:18 AM
Drug Dealers and Forest Fires are the target, and this $30000 piece of equipment is the tool to be used. Palm Bay is now the area that local Police want to crack down on. This is technology coming to Brevard County straight from the "War On Terror" to the civilian streets.
January 19, 2007

Palm Bay police to put eyes in the sky.

Palm Bay police expect to be the first in the state to use a small, unmanned aircraft to help track fleeing suspects, monitor traffic or help search for missing persons, for examples.

The eight-pound plane with kite-like wings should arrive next month. It will be paid for with $30,000 forfeited in drug arrests.

Check Saturday’s newspaper to read more about it.

And click here for a graphic and video on the “spy plane.”

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The problem I have with this is that a $30000 piece of equipment is supposed to be used to "save Police Officer's lives", but when this type of equipment begins getting used you will eventually have a reduction in jobs for those same Police Officers.

Also, what is to keep a really intelligent criminal from buying a high powered rifle or even an extreme sniper rifle like the 50 MM and shoot this surveillance device out of the sky.

A $30000 device could literally get taken out by rifle and someone with half a brain. This doesn't even have bombs or any weapons on it to make a criminal keep his or her heads down like they use in the "War On Terror" around the world.

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