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Lucid dreaming, the wonders of the dream world.

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posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 07:25 AM

Dreams are absolutely one of the most fascinating aspects of my consciousness. I have been an addict to dreams for a long time. It’s one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed sleeping for hours and hours more than perhaps necessary. I am a dreamer by nature and have always had a very vivid imagination.

A few years back I read about lucid dreaming and decided to have a go at it. It took some conscious effort however it was not long before I was able to make a few basic conscious choices while dreaming. Since then I’ve become better and better at mastering my own dreams, however my progression has halted somewhat in the past year. Not sure why, perhaps because I don’t sleep as much as I used to (I’d generally have lucid dreams in the late stages of sleep, or after briefly waking up early in the morning hours only to fall back asleep for another 2-3 hours). When you’re really tired and only have about 6-7 hours worth of sleep available it’s difficult, then I generally sleep to heavy to become consciously aware within my dreams.

Anyways, I’ve had some absolutely amazing experiences in my dreams. For one, the reason I started to look into lucid dreaming (being able to make conscious choices within your dream state) was because I kept having a reoccurring dream over and over. The dream went like this:

I am entirely alone in a dark urban city. There are other people walking about, but their presence is simply dark shadows and they seemed unaware of my presence. Suddenly I become afraid, very afraid for no apparent reason. Then within a second of being filled with fear I turn around and I see another dark presence in a hood. I can only see its eyes within the hood, glowing red. The rest is merely a black shape. I begin to flee, instinct tells me to flee, and I run as fast as I can through the urban city. I keep running, constantly accelerating, reaching an impossible speed. However, no matter how fast or how dodgy I run I cannot loose the dark presence behind me. It’s slowly gaining on me, and suddenly I look behind me and its right there, just about to consume me “within” its dark self. Then I wake up.

I kept having this dream over and over, up to even three times a week for several months and I’d always wake up right before “it got me”.

After reading up on the possibility of lucid dreaming I decided before every time I went to sleep that if I had this dream I would refuse to be afraid. It took some time of consciously trying to alter my dream state but one day I had a break through.

I begun dreaming the same dream I’ve been having for months now and I was equally afraid by the chasing dark presence behind me until I just realized that ‘this is a dream’. I became consciously aware that I was dreaming, yet I still felt fear. However, as I was running I finally faced my fear, partly by turning it into anger and aggression. I abruptly stopped and turned around to face whatever was chasing me. It stopped as well and its glowing eyes seemed to just observe me afar. Just standing there actually made me more afraid and this in turn fuelled my anger. I did not speak any words as I can remember, however I started growling and acting like someone possessed by “demons”. I felt an incredible surge of power throughout my body as my fear was converted into rage. I charged the dark being in an all out attack. I came within a feet ready to pummel it with my hands when I immediately stopped. The light from the red eyes illuminated its face and I could finally see what it was. It was me. I then awoke.

Since then I’ve never had this dream ever again, no matter how much I tried to “get it back”. It was such an amazing experience I still cannot let it go. I’ve had other similar type of dreams but I stopped entirely to have this dream.

The world of dreams is amazing.

Best wishes,

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 10:03 AM
Yes it really is.

If I had to pick my favorite dream: (I've posted it before somewhere, but anyway)

My best friend and I were in my car on top of a building for some reason, his girlfriend who I also enjoy being around was sitting in the back seat and we were chatting. I was being careful because the car was moving strangely (as they typically will do in my dreams) and I was trying to control it and not to go off the side of the building. He started making fun of me for being scared, and started trying to make me push the gas pedal down. He managed to mess my driving up, and we hit the railing and the edge of the car hung off the side of the building.

Then I put it in reverse and got us back on flat ground... My first thought was, dangit now that's going to cost some money to fix. But I looked at the hood, there was no damage. I realized then it was a dream, my car was also actually better looking than it is IRL, that really gave it away lol. My friend was still picking at me, laughing because I was scared when the car started going over the edge, his GF was enjoying herself too.

So I realized we were dreaming and I thought I'd give them a little startle of my own... I made the whole car float into the air with us 3 in it. They started going, "Whoa.. Whoa" and looking around, holding onto the handles and stuff in the car..

Oh man that was great... If only they could have been there /sigh


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