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Are our dreams a gateway to another dimension?

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posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by netron

in it, i was a waffen S.S. soldier, somewhere in Russia. i knew that because i looked downwards to the camoflage pattern on my jacket and cuffs, and i was carrying a rifle. orders were being barked in German and me and my comrades were running towards what looked like a Russian or Ukrainian peasant village. some of houses on fire. lots of shooting going on, so it must have been in the middle of a battle.

we entered the first house, probably to clear out the Russian soldiers in there. so i entered the house, and in there was a Russian solder in front of me. i shot him , but at the same time, he tossed a grenade. in smoke i didnt see it roll towards me until it was too late - bammm!!! ... that was it. i was dead. end of dream.

very very weird. and i was only 12. and the dream was extremely lucid in nature. plus , i dont speak German. nor am i of German extraction. i'm a British citizen of Irish extraction.

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You may have been recalling a past life experience.

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 12:47 AM
IVE had a dream that im a space marine soldier and evry time i die i go back in time again and again and again

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 01:29 PM
this is a great question, but you first have to define "another dimension"

dreams, as far as I can tell, are just chemical reactions in our brains, but they seem to be governed by a different part of our minds, and have more freedom, less logic, and I find very hard to remember once awake.

So are the chemical reactions happening once we are asleep opening a literal doorway to another dimension ?

That's hard to say

My personal experiences, I have flown, among a thousand other things, but I have never had anything happen in my dreams to make me believe I am in another dimension literally.

Maybe someday we will be able to video record dreams, like in the movies, and if people go to the same place, maybe we then can say its a new place, or dimension

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 01:55 PM

posted on Oct, 28 2008 @ 04:02 AM
Heres the rub.
What we know is that we exist definitely within three dimensions which are up/down, left/right, and forward/backward. Put more appropriately, we exist physically on an X, Y, and Z scale.
Now I'm going to jump ahead, but in a minute this will make some semblance of sense. Let us suppose that past, present, and future are all illusions. Everything which has existed in the past exists now, but on a different time frame. Every person is still alive and already dead. If you can follow this train of logic, this would imply that we are simply moving through time as though viewing a slideshow. Now, if certain theories regarding dimensions are correct, and the fourth dimension is in fact time, it is only logical to assume that aging, and thus the passing of time, is fourth-dimensional movement. This is about as far as I'm willing to describe my theory on time, which is based on an admittedly abstract chain of logic.
Now, moving forward, let us examine human history and nature. Each society is the greatest, each leader is the best, humanity rules, aliens must find us interesting, and we obviously have the greatest potential of any being on earth. What does this imply? Egotism inherent, nothing less. It is the nature of a human being to crave special treatment, and it is the nature of the human race to attempt to control any and all radical elements. Put simply, people hate being inferior to anything, even the idea of gods. Every religion and society on the planet does little more than preach the virtues and potential of the human life form.
So what are dreams? This is one of those radical elements which is continually overlooked, but I believe there is a reason for this. All dream interpretation and spirtuality aside, I believe that dreams are a separate reality of which the entire human race is part. Though I've no idea how either reality can affect the other (or if it is even possible), the abundance of dreams and the repeated suggestion of power through dreams, not to mention precognative possibilities through dreaming, suggest that there is more to the dream state than simply a weary brain settling into rest. While medical science would argue that various chemical processes within the brain influence dreams, the similarities between the REM cycle of sleep and one's waking mind cannot be idly dismissed; while dreaming, nearly all humans are naturally paralyzed so that their bodies will not act in accordance to their dreams. Clearly, the mind is quite responsive and active during this time.
But where to begin quantifying the elements of dreams? There are no substances to measure, few similar qualities from person to person, and no reliable timeline between the world of the waking and the world of dreams. Yet there is nothing to suggest that dreams are any less real than "reality" save one fact, which is the point of this post. The difference is continuity and stability. Dreams are erratic, unpredictable, and often dangerous; reality can be measured and predicted from day to day, and the laws of physics apply.
To come to my point, I believe, given the evidence shown, that there is no reason to dismiss dreams any more readily than one should dismiss reality. Humanity's inherent thirst for control and comfort would lead us to believe that dreams cannot harm or help us, that reality is the only constant in life. It comes from a fear of being completely beyond controlling one's situation. And theres the rub: we dismiss our dreams from nothing less than fear.

posted on Jan, 12 2009 @ 03:05 PM
This is all very interesting stuff but I have a theory.

Yes, our dreams could well link us to an 'external' dimension outside our 'normal' 4 dimensional universe - Why? Lets think about it....It is a proven scientific fact that our brain is still operating after we are clinically dead for around 10-12 mins and is producing similar wave frequencies as when we dream or are what scientists describe as REM sleep. We experience vivid hallucinations and many people who have been 'woken up' after being clinically dead have experienced a sense of their soul or being leaving the transition point of death and moving towards a bright light. This could well be a portal to another dimension which would be beyond the reach of us mere mortal humans who have been conditioned from the start of early major civilisations not to use our neural network beyond our five main senses. Thus it is only spiritualists, new age or otherwise, sages, buddhists and other psychics that seem to have the ability to reach beyond the conventional world as we know it. Also, scientists still to this day do not fully understand why or how we dream but many many people who recall their dreams or night visions find them very real at the time but accept the strange or bizarre nature of events during them.

DJ Davey Jones

posted on Jan, 24 2009 @ 11:50 PM
I think when we are in sleep paralysis, without the slowed down process of interpreting the outside with our five senses, that the brain is able to process information at near the speed of light. So that time is distorted. 10 minutes of sleep could be 2hours in dreams. I have solved problems that I have been working on for days in one night of dreaming. I have seen an event in my dream and then lived through that event a couple of days later. I have seen movies that have scenes from dreams I have had in the past. I don't know what dreams are, but these are my experiences. What do you think?

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 12:51 PM
I woke up today and headed straight to my computer, just to see if other people are as convinced about this as i am.

And i'm surprised to see that this is a pretty popular topic, i thought i was the only crazy person to think that this is what it is.

This was so convincing that it's nearly impossible to explain...It seems like i have to write a book to make people understand, i think i may just have the answer to this to prove it. will be back later!

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by Kingalbrect79

I just wrote this thread last night: Astral Projection and Higher Conciousness Through the use of Convensional / Non-Convensional Methods

I urge you ALL to visit it.
Not only are our dreams gateways, but you can eventually awaken your consciousness through the use of Dream Yoga. Even the 2nd Dalai Lama believed and practiced dream yoga.

Nice to know people are starting to wake up.
I think its a natural force attracting humans to this world of knowledge, which is what I always expected the "real" religion would do, have a natural attraction to humans.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:43 PM
I know this particular forum has been inactive for some time. However, I felt it necessary to reach out and get a few opinions and this is the exact topic for such a post.

Since my last girlfriend left me in October of 08' I have been having powerful dreams involving her almost every night. At first I thought I was just having trouble coping with the loss. It's now been close to a year since the break up and these still continue. Now, to start with the oddities of this situation.

It began with vivid dreams of her in tremendous mental agony over the whole situation. As I would walk into her room the strength of her distress would infect me and I would feel unable to break away. The first oddity I noticed was the slight difference in the shape of her room, very slight. It appeared to be a hair smaller. I would attempt to console her, but it was as if I was a ghost unable to fully make contact. Like I could see this world but couldn't cross into it.

Three weeks of this re-occurring dream and I decided to go see her (The Event). The situation unfolded verbatim. A little un-nerving was the feeling of something different in the room, almost like someone watching or making a record of this moment coming to pass. Seeing this vivid dream for weeks was the catalyst to get me there. Where I hypothesize I may have in inadvertently changed the path of my dimension to somewhere it shouldn't be.

I didn't give it to much thought until I started having even more powerful dreams linking back to the original dimension path that I had affected by making the dream come to pass. Slight oddities in the surroundings of the dreams appeared to be happening in my woken state (ws) as opposed to my dream state (ds), like a heightened state of de ja vu. Also, I appeared to have an extreme psychic connection with her. When friends would tell me about her I could literally be in the room, in my mind, and could often times finish her portion of the dialog before the person got to what she had said. Needless to say I began feeling uncomfortable with the situation.

The dreams of the original path usually involved her and I doing something together. Little things like stores thriving or closing (IE a store that had been thriving before the Event would close within weeks) in my ws, in ds they appear to be moving forward with business as usual. On more than one occasion I have seen someone I recently met in ds walking down the street and forget they are a stranger, therefore reaching out and having an embarrassing moment.

I live in a small town and have only run into her once. During this interaction it seemed that she was having trouble connecting her thoughts. Often times she would blankly stare at me as though I was a window into another place, I could feel her looking through me. We talked for a while in this odd setting. It felt to me as though we were standing somewhere between the ws and ds, reality seemed thin around us. Like we were living this moment in the event horizon of a black hole.

I am currently still living this thing through. I had another installment of this bizarre dreaming reality last night. Her and I sit happily in the front yard of a friends house (One that I have made in ds and am wondering if I will see in ws). I am currently looking through google maps to find the place in hopes that I may find some sort of answer there. In the dream it appears to be sometime in early fall, late afternoon.

Any thoughts?

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 03:21 PM
I too have had incredible experiences related to dreams and semi-lucid states.

With other people: My mother and I shared the same dream once. About 5 years ago I had a creepy dream- woke up and shared it with my boyfriend. My mom at the time was across the country. We met up a week later and I told her my dream because It was disturbing as hell. Group suicide..drinking from a purple bottle..waiting to die..changed mind after ingesting the liquid. After I told her her face went white and she was so freaked out. Apparently she had the exact same dream and had told my father who was with her. We still trip out over that.

I've also had experiences in bed with a boyfriend I was very close with and thought I was having a conversation with him. When I woke up- I realized I had been asleep but then I asked him if that had really happened and he said yes.


Those freak experiences aside..
I've always been a traveler.

Very rarely do I visit the's always other worldly. Large mechanical creatures, weird buildings, sometimes a more normal city but definitely not earth, etc. etc.

When I travel to "different dimensions" which I have no idea wtf that means really..but in my dreams there are always portal places on earth.

My first portal was a tree by my old house where I grew up. It was safe. etc.

Last night, I was totally creeped out.

My portal was a beach. A particular spot of sand that you jumped into- but there was an entire process I had to go through to get to the other dimension. I had to be stripped of things from this my body. I remember it was very mechanical. Tons of machines that resembled roller coasters. It just wasn't a very pleasant experience. Usually my dreams are soft-and I can fly or just appear or climb. this was so real and so cold.

Anyway I am rambling-- but yeah. After I got there and went through the painful type process of being stripped.. I saw a girl I knew from this life and she looked right through me like she didn't see me.

I'm so confused and wish I knew more about what the HELL happens when I go to sleep at night.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 02:25 AM
Due to recent dreams I've been having posting in this thread is a must. Recently I had two very strange dreams, and before I get into them (they'll be brief), I must say a couple of things. I normally do keep a dream journal but I've been slack on this. I can only recall two times where I actually saw color in my dreams and it was very brief, and not full color (both times the color was blue.) I constantly experience sleep paralysis and the vibrations, and all I have to do is sleep on my back and it'll happen but I have a "trigger" that lets me know when the episodes are going to take place. The trigger is everything goes pitch black, I mean really black and then the episode starts. However, I'm now able to wake up before it fully happens. Moreover, I had one experience where I saw myself laying down with a blue aura around me, yet I told myself that I didn't want to leave my body. I don't dabble in any mysticism or the occult, but I've read about these things. I also don't do drugs, rarely drink and believe what I've experienced is simply unexplained biological processes, but the two dreams I've recently had are kinda out there.

In the first dream I saw myself in a mirror. This was strange because I normally don't see myself in my dreams, everything is kinda like a first person perspective (similar to real life or like a video game). Now whats weird is when I saw myself, I also saw this "lady" only she looked devious. She didn't look like some monster, but I could tell she wasn't supposed to be there yet I wasn't scared of her. She was on my shoulder in the mirror reflection yet she wasn't on my shoulder. Think the opposite of vampires and how they aren't supposed to cast reflections and you'll get what I'm trying to convey.The dream then went on to another dream that I can't recall. However, I do recall thats he had black hair.

The other dream also involved a mirror and this was strange indeed. I'm once again looking at a lady, a different lady, and there is a mirror next to the two of us and she tells me, "This mirror is the gateway back to your world."
Now mind you. I haven't read anything about mirrors in a very long time, and I'm not one that goes around trying to use mirrors to astral project or anything like that. However, that one made my head spin, and I still don't know what to think or say about it.

In closing, those are my experiences, and I can't tell you if dreams are a gateway to another dimension, but according to the second lady, in my dreams the mirror was the gateway back to my dimension. Does anyone know what to make of all this or do you have an opinion?

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by Kingalbrect79

I think its like a look into a world that's not your own or that doesn't exist yet. At least that's what its like for me. I have weird dreams where I'm fighting zombies and vampires. I'm searching for magical gateways. I'm an assassin. These dreams don't usually make sense to the human brain. But if you look at it from a fantasy angle it makes sense. So I seriously think it's like a world that you never seen or haven't seen.

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 11:02 PM

Originally posted by RazorFang
IVE had a dream that im a space marine soldier and evry time i die i go back in time again and again and again

I've had this dream as well. The difference was that I was a traitor. I was in the military fighting a battle, but I was secretly helping the opposition (insurgents). The battle would always cease for me (as in jumping out of the time) after I would meet eyes with the same two people in recognition. At that moment, I would be walking down a corridor and was thrown into space unceremoniously, but I was aware of being in my dead body. I was confused by that.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:24 AM
I specifically searched for this discussion forum online because I woke up this morning traumatized. This might seem strange and stupid since its from a dream, but first let me explain how this whole thing started.
I am a person who very rarely dreams or at least if I do I am unaware of it. My sleep is usually almost literally the sleep of the dead though I wake quite easily. However very occasionally I dream, something like once about an year or even a couple of years, and these dreams are very lucid, strange and somewhat disconnected with my daily life. As in they are not something I could not think or imagine even if I had an active subconscious.

One of the very first dreams I had in my life was a recurring one which kept occurring from the age of around 2 to almost 7 years old. I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the night to my parents voices to find them sorting through rice to remove bugs in them, cockroaches if I am not mistaken, and I helped them with it. I remember a sense of deja vu once I woke up every time from that dream, as If I was seeing a memory I knew intimately. This dream was strange in that I was too small to sort through anything and that I was too small at 2 to vividly remember the cockroaches and know what they were, not to mention that it recurred. It wasn't as if I had any repressed desires or thoughts at that age either. In any case that dream stopped occurring so often as I grew up and by the time I was around 7 or so it stopped altogether.

Another memorable dream I have occurred when I was 6 years old. In this I was being brutally beaten by my mother for no specific wrongdoing. It was a long dream where I had a clear memory of the hours leading to the beating and I end up bloody and almost unconscious at the end of the dream. I woke up by myself towards the end of the dream to find my face wet with tears I found I couldn't stop sobbing for a few minutes. My mother who in the real world had been sleeping next to me woke up and asked me what was the matter, I told her it was a nightmare, carefully avoiding the details. The reason was that I knew that my mother would worry if I told her. She did punish me occasionally but it was always fair, and usually due to my lessons and tidiness. It consisted at that age only of a quick snap of a ruler across my knuckles or a swift sharp pinch on my arm. I knew that my mother would never ever beat me like that and yet the pain was very real.

At the age of around 11, I had my next vivid dream. I was a child growing in a circus, and I was the lion tamer. The lions loved me, but for some reason today, one of my favorites was unresponsive. I walked into the cage and found him quite sick, and I feared that he was about to die. As I sat beside him on the ground stroking his thick mane I felt suddenly as if my body was on fire. As I touched my forehead I realized I was burning up with a fever. At this point I suddenly woke and on touching my forehead in the real world too I found I had a fever. I told my parents who had just woken up, the time being around 4am, and they gave me some medication. At the time I thought perhaps my body had transmitted the knowledge of my fever to my subconscious to warn me to wake up. But now I wonder...

When I was maybe 16, I had another vivid dream. I was going to the house of a friend who was getting married the next day. Whether I was the same age or if I was older was vague. In any case I went to help with the wedding preparations, specifically wrapping the small wedding cakes to be given for guests. I had classes and therefore went there pretty late in the evening, around 8pm or so. Since it was dark my parents came with me as well. When I went there I found my friend's house was quite big with a large hall, and everybody were wrapping the cakes on a table which was placed in the hall, otherwise cleared of furniture in preparation for the ceremony which would happen at the home itself. I was a bit disappointed because the wrapping was almost over, and I only got to wrap about 20 or so cakes. We were finished within the hour and I tired from the day's classes and the wrapping, asked Aunty, my friend's mom, for a glass of water. She was busy but told me to help myself from the kitchen. I agreed and went into the kitchen a room leading out of the hall which was deserted at this time. I saw another door in the kitchen with a light shining from the crack under the door and thought perhaps it led to an internal part of the house and didn't think much of it. I took a glass from a rack and used the kitchen tap to get some water, when I felt someone behind me. I dropped my glass in shock, and it shattered. When I turned I saw a trace of now fading footprints leading from the door with the light towards the centre of the room. The the hall door opened and Aunty came rushing in, she had heard the glass breaking and wanted to know what happened. I told her someone came behind me and I dropped the glass since I wasn't expecting it. Then I asked her where the other door led. She told me to my surpd hrise that it led to an unused wing, and I told her there was someone there because I saw the light. She told me that was impossible since the door was locked and sure enough now the light was gone. Since I insisted she found the key and we opened the door and switched on the light which did work though the area wasn't used, and she was right despite my seeing footprints from that door, the deep layer of dust inside the small room that led to the other wing lay undisturbed. I was totally creeped out, and even Aunty seemed fearful and we left the room and kitchen as chills ran down my spine. A couple hours later after helping with some other stuff my mother went into the kitchen alone despite my subtle attempts to stop her, and she didn't come back. I knew she was in some danger. I had to find her.... and then I woke up all scared.
The strange thing about the dream is that though the friend in the dream was a girl known to me in the real world, she was not somebody I liked or was friendly with. Unlike in the dream I barely spoke to her let alone visit her house. And she most definitely did not have plans of marrying anytime soon.

Then when I was around 20 there came a spate of dreams. We moved to a different house which seems to be connected to the dreams. The house was a very old one built almost a century and a half ago. We occupied an annex which had been a new extension from part of the old house. I and my mother slept in a large bedroom which was actually part of the old house while my dad slept in one of the new rooms. From the very first day to the last day in that house, a period of about 6 months, when we moved again due to leaks in the roof (more like a gushing waterfall) and stuff, I had continuous dreams every single night. A marked change from my usual practically dreamless state. The dreams were very strange, I found myself on different planets battling unimaginable aliens with strange devices and so on. The dreams all featured alien beings, and I was a participant not just watching but acting. Now you may think that this may be due to my active imagination and love of sci-fi. But the truth was that no human was capable of imagining the strange alien and horrible forms I saw in my dreams. They were so far removed from standard ways of what we think aliens would be like that I can confidently say that those dreams were not mine, not my world

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 05:24 AM
cont: and if they were dreams they most definitely were not mine. The dreams stopped on I moved to a different house. My thoughts on this had been that perhaps these were dream memory fragments embedded in the structure of the house by the previous occupants when they dreamt and due to the age of the house.

In any case let me get to last nights memorable dream. The dream spanned a period of about a month in a short period of an hour or two. I started dreaming at around 5am and the dream ended when my mom dragged me from sleep at 7am. In the dream I was in a kind of hostel for competitors. There was a big event scheduled to occur in a month or so, there were several kinds of competitions leading to it, which would be awarded at the event. In any case I was participating in the singing competition. There were some other friends staying at the hostel as well some for the same competition, some for others. I only have an impression of their faces, but I know that some friends were people who I know from the real world, while some were entirely unfamiliar. The competition consisted of two smaller competitions and one large one in which the results of the other two competitions are taken into account as well. In any case I practiced hard and in the first two I got silver and gold, and in the final most tough one I managed to score a bronze which though I was a bit disappointed was pretty good.
Meanwhile during the time of practice and the competitions till the big event at the end of the month I had a side job in my freetime to finance my stay at the hostel place. In the dream the main event was not just a cultural event but also a political one for some reason. And some major political appointments would be announced at this event. My parttime job was as one of two assistants to one of these politicians who was staying at the same place, a person equivalent to a senator but not exactly one. He was a good person though and wanted to do good to people and I was helping with his campaign kind of thing. In any case it was hard work, and about a couple days before the big event after the final of the music competition, it was confirmed secretly by the Council that he had been appointed to a major leading position and those of us who were involved were happy though we kept it quiet from others so that we could protect the politician from assassinations leading to the event.
On the event day I was excited both for myself and politician friend, and though I had been invited to sit with his team and the other assistant I declined. My mother had come for the event as I was getting the award and I was sitting with her and my friends who were not getting any awards unfortunately. The other assistant said she would contact me if something came up. My mother had never been to such a large venue and was nervous but I assured her it was great, I knew since I had been involved with the event preparations. The event was happening inside a kind of high security embassy and each of us had a small lock of hair cut off for DNA in addition to the usual body checks. This meant each person took a long time with the security check, five minutes each at least. I did mine remarked jokingly to the security officer that their scissors was quite dull from all the cutting hair. They laughed and I was through. I went up the stairs to wait in front of the entrance to the hall. After two minutes I thought I should find a place for everyone. I found the hall crowded with seating from chairs and comfy sofas providing seating for over 2000 people. The noise was deafening. The front seats were crowded on the near corner. I went around the front to the centre seating and to my surprise the third column was moved much further back maybe to provide space for some part of the event. The front row of that column did not have any chairs but had a nice long comfy sofa which could seat about 8 people. After checking with an event assistant wandering by that it was not reserved I quickly occupied the sofa. One of my friends who had gone in earlier came over and we sat there chatting waiting for the others. After about 20 minutes I started feeling uneasy wondering if they couldn't find me and sat somewhere else. I especially wanted my mother with me. I told my friend who was with me, and she said she would stay back while I searched. So I went, the event was starting, but I ignored it and kept searching the entire hall, but they were not there. I was now extremely worried, and wondered whether something happened to my mother. She was not completely healthy and I was regretting not waiting for them at the staircase and leaving her to my friends. What if she had fallen down the stairs?? All sorts of horrid possibilities appeared in my mind...I had no idea if my awards had been given, I didn't even care anymore. After almost an hour I was slumped at a table in the lunch area behind the hall where vendors were setting up. There was a staircase there too leading outside, and I saw people coming up the stairs, focusing on them through tears I realised that it was one of my friends and her boyfriend. Shocked and relieved I ran to them and found out that they had checked in then found there was a historical site within the premises and went to see it including my mother. Fury rose in me as I realised not only my friends but even my own mother cared enough to wait till the end of the event, or even cared enough to at least remember to inform me. And then my mother came in, "Oh here you are, see you don't take me where I want to go, its only your friends who do" she remarked carelessly. As the rage inside me reached epic proportions I realised that the reason she had come was not for her love and pride of me but just for the opportunity to sightsee the capital. My voice was cold as ice as I asked her " You didn't remember my Awards ceremony, did you?" She froze...." it over???". "I don't know, do I. After all I was looking for you all this time". Her face shows her awareness that she has now made a major mistake. I think of my ways for revenge. I think I will get the awards and then go home and suicide. I think of poison but it takes too long and has no guarantee. No I think I will hang myself from the ceiling rafters. I will put the three awards bronze, silver and gold underneath me and leave a folded note..." May you find happiness with my friends who you care about more than me, Mother".. With these thoughts of pain, anger and hate....

...I woke up.... struggling from the black depths of that dream. My real world mother had woken me for coffee, and gave me a kiss but I almost pushed her away from the intense burst of anger that followed me from the dream. I realised that this was too detailed and covered too much time to be a dream. I lived the dream felt the joys and pains. It was closer to memory recall, and the thought of the Multiverse theory occured to me. Could it be that these strange dreams that I occasionally get are the thoughts and memories of parallel personas from different dimensions when they suffer intense emotions, maybe even at the point of their sudden deaths. The spate of dreams I got at 20, could have been due to the dimensional barrier being thinner where the old house was located. In which case the dreams could be the memories or even dreams of a being in another dimension. Which also brings the question did the me in the dream....
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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 05:38 AM
cont: from where I was lion tamer suffer the fever through the subconscious of the real me... or did the real me get the fever from the dream... a physical transference effect of inter-dimensional dreams. Did the person in that dream die in his/her dimension, perhaps from a sudden unexplained fever, the intenseness of that fever transferring itself to me. Did the child I dreamed of when I was small die from the brutal abuse of the mother? Did the girl or person at the wedding house lose her life to the strange being/spirit inhabiting the abandoned wing as she tried to save her mother? I have always been sensitive to otherworldly things... but that sensitivity might be increasing if the increasing detail of the dreams are any indication....
a reply to: Sieran1

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