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Encounter Killed One Of The FBI Most Wanted Terrorists

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 09:38 PM
It happened in the southern Philippines. Khadafi Abubakar Janjalani was fatally wounded in the September 4 encounter. His death was confirmed only last Saturday (January 20), after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a DNA match on tissue samples taken from his remains and saliva samples from his brother who is currently in jail in Manila.
Marine Second Lieutenant Romulo Dimayuga and Private First Class Juvelito Manalili face newsmen for the first time following their September clash with the Abu Sayyaf and its chieftain Khadaffy Janjalani, who died after being fatally wounded in the encounter

They numbered only a little over two dozen, some of them were already dead and most of the rest were wounded. About 200 Abu Sayyaf bandits were closing in on them.
“I looked to my side, one of my men was dead. On my other side, one was wounded. Behind me, someone had blood gushing from his face,” 2nd Lt. Romulo Dimayuga said yesterday, recalling the battle in Sulu province last Sept. 4 in which his men killed top Abu Sayyaf leader Khadaffy Janjalani.

The death of Janjalani, whose bandit group had been linked by the United States to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network, was confirmed only last week following DNA tests conducted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The U.S. government offered a 5 million U.S. Dollar for Janjalanli's capture. He was indicted in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, for his involvement in terrorist acts, including hostage kidnapping and murder, against United States nationals and other foreign nationals in and around the Republic of the Philippines. For those who are not familiar with Janjalani, he is the nominal leader of The Abu Sayyaf Group also known as al-Harakat al-Islamiyya is one of several militant Islamist separatist groups based in and around the southern islands of the Philippines. Khadaffy Janjalani's older brother Abdurajik Abubakar Janjalani a veteran of the war against the Soviet Union during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. During that time, he allegedly met Osama Bin Laden, and was given $6 million to establish his own offshoot group in the southern Philippines.

As the Abu Sayyaf leader he is directly responsible for the kidnapping and murder of more than 30 foreigners and Christian clerics and lay-workers, including U.S. Citizens. In May 2001, in one of the most infamous incidents, Abu Sayyaf kidnapped 20 people, including three Americans, at a Philippine resort and demanded ransom payments. Abu Sayyaf beheaded one of the American captives Guillermo Sobero and held the other two Americans—a Christian missionary Martin and Gracia Burnham. Martin was later killed in a rescue operation which resulted in a shootout between the Abu Sayyaf group & the Philippine Army Rangers. Gracia Burnham was rescued.

The death of Janjalani was indeed a tremendous achievement for the fight against terrorism. Justice was also served for all his victims.

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