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"Gaming"? and Mind control?

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 08:41 PM
Has anyone heard of gaming? IN the late past I have seen very few mentions on this. I suppose it is a rare topic, considering the fact it is after remote viewing. However I have heard different versions of this and curious what you know on the subject.

The two I have heard of are as follows;

1)Remote view/connection/influence psychological gaming while connected to a target

2)Deep psychological gaming nearing the are of remote connections with two individuals.

Also if anyone has practices,experienced or worked in this field I would be more than happy to hear of your personal experiences.

Ingo Swann, long time remote viewer and was involved with early testing in CA. has spoke of remote damaging. You make a connection with a target and you would for example apply pressure to person's head in hopes with causing an brain aneurysm or the like. I am also interested in thoughts on this. The last success rate was 0 but that was some time back. I feel it most work when a person is able to receive a connection but has a steady amount of fear and idea what action is taking place, yet without knowing how to combat the attack.

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