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I'm looking for a alien movie

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posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 07:13 PM
it was like secret government ufo something or other, I cant find it on anymore my brother deleted the history. So now i have no idea how to get ot it. But originally I got the link from a topic on ats. It was about telling the truth that aliens dont want us to arm space and that aliens do exist. I watched a little of the movie. It was a guy with glass's who was introduced in the beginning, and spoke of the exists of aliens and fusion technology

posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 07:16 PM
Try google video! its always a good spot for clips n shows n all sorts. give it a try!


posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 07:26 PM
i have a feeling that when news corp bought youtube they would never upgrade the site to a higher efficency that it already is. They want it to be hard for the general public to share information.

Key places of that need fixing yet is never fixed to keep information disorganized:

comments are being capped. That means oldest message get's deleted after a cycle.

rating's are flawed. When you sort by ratings it does not give you it in highest to lowest rating. It gives you a random list of movies that are rated. Which offers us nothing. It should rate them from highest to lowest to give us what we want first, which is the highest rated video.

Viewcounts have been reset. In order to hide topics that the government does not want us to know.

People who are a threat because their movies are very strong truth videos would often get banned from comment. That way no one can share their views on the movie since it is so damaging to government. Consider a youtube member called "taxslave" Almost all his videos are being banned from comment so that when there is no discussion on a video it ceases to be a popular video. However when comments are allowed and people can talk about it, more get involved and the movie goes higher up in ratings.

those are big points.

Also consider that could infact change its platform to the google video platform which allows streaming from the middle of the video. When you watch a movie on youtube you can only watch to what you have downloaded so far. That way a long video would actually have to be watched instead of being able to start watching it from the middle of the movie as they allow in

Well there you go important movies and censorship by those who dominate the media highway.

I am ALL FOR a new video server. One run by the people who want to bring out the truth. We can spread it like wildfire and and will not have their hands on our freedom of information on the internet!!!!



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