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State of the Union Address-Your thoughts?

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posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by ThePieMaN
I think Bush is about to get spanked even by his own party pretty soon. Cheney's only best response was "hogwash"

Actually I see cheney a bit to desperate because his goal in this war has not been met yet.

I think we are going to hear him a lot more and perhaps using his powers as vice president.

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 06:55 PM

I think we are going to hear him a lot more and perhaps using his powers as vice president.

Which are? I hope Cheney get indicted in the Libby trial... It would be great.

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 06:57 PM
Actually New Mexico wants to start the impeachment pushing for Bush and Chaney, it will be the first time that a state will pursue impeachment.

Their purpose is to plan the seed.

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 07:08 PM
They are crazy. They want Cheney to become president? If so, they are crazy. Cheney will be worse than Bush. If they impeach, I hope Cheney go in jail too. Also, do you imagine Pelosi president?

posted on Jan, 24 2007 @ 09:19 PM
Did he sell you on the current war?
No. He never sold me when he initially provoked it, so there was absolutely no way he could garner anymore support from myself. If anything, he should have to suffer from legal consequences for this decisions to sacrifice the blood of millions -- this conflict will accrue into a much larger scale conflict in the coming decade. He touts the same conjecture over and over again and nay realizes that the people en mass are not as susceptible as they may have been during the coming months after 9/11 where intel was hurried into a hotchpotch strategy and guilt on the axis of evil and some blatantly previously discussed targets; previous as in before 9/11

Did he sell you on the troop increase?
An increase in numbers of troops at this number is a marginal boost to security if given the green light. The social fiber of the country has torn, no amount of thread will bring it together without the imperative needles to sow.

Did he sell you on the idea that Iran and Syria are a threat?

As always, no proof is provided.

Did he sell you on the idea he is a competant president?

I'm 24, and I'm a much more competent human being.


posted on Jan, 25 2007 @ 01:40 PM
Another thing, he didn't said God Bless America at the end of his speech. Another sign that he only see america as an idea, not a country and therefore, an american union.

posted on Jan, 26 2007 @ 07:16 AM
State of the Union.

This years State of the Union was the same as it has been for six years now. That is, the same rhetoric and no action whatsoever. I watched the Stae of the Union just to see the Democratic response. He mentioned very little during this speech about initiatives to find cleaner and cheaper alternative fuels to help us get over our dependency on foreign oil suppliers, hint hint - Saudi Arabia. The one thing that he did mention was the need for funding into ways to create ethanol. Ingredients that include products from corn to switchgrass. Right now, the budget has barely enough funding for ethanol production using corn.

Energy policy.

Even though Bush has pledged two billion dollars over the next ten years for research and development into clean coal, that only means that researchers will be receiving about two hundred million per year. Funding for clean coal needs to be done now, not in the next ten to fifteeen years. The need for more clean coal fueled power plants is staggering. Out of six power plants that I know of in West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia - five of them are coal fired power plants. Being one who was born, raised, and still in West Virginia, coal is an everyday topic here.

I did not even hear Bush mention anything about the possibility of windmill farms to produce power. Even though the windmills would not produce much power to power a major city, but they could provide enough power to generate power for a small city. Wind farms are numerous out west, like in California and in other moutainous states. There are plans to put in windmill farms in the eastern and northern parts of West Virginia and the northern parts of Virginia. Wind farms produce little, if any, emissions that would go up into the atmosphere.


He has still not gotten me sold on this current war and I never will be sold on this war. The reason for this war was a complete and all out lie ever since the rumors of invading Iraq started in 2002. He never listened to his Generals and Chiefs of Staff as to how many boots on the ground it would have taken to successfully completely rid Iraq of the terrorists and other bad guys. I heard a report recently that goes all the way back to mid to late 2002. In this report, several of persons in high positions in the military estimated that it would have taken over four hundred thousand troops for the operation to be successful. As usual, Bush refused to listen to his generals and send in the appropriate number of troops into Iraq to do the job.

He tried to sell the troop increase to me, but I just do not see how a troop build up of only twenty two thousand troops will be able to sustain a country in the shape like what Iraq is. That averages out somewhere around eleven to twenty battalions of boots on the ground that would be used to shore up the numbers already there. It is going to take alot more troops than the twenty two thousand that Bush is wanting to send over. To me, however, that is just sending more men and women to their graves.


The problem with Iran is this and it is simple to explain for some people. Ahmadinejad is the only one in the upper levels of the Iranian Government that actually wants to acquire nuclear weapons. However, the Imams and Iyatollahs that are actually in charge over there are critizing Ahmadinejad's ambitions to develop and use nuclear weapons. The people in charge of Iran know what the United States would do to Iran. Reagan promised that he would have actually done something other than send a rescue mission over to free the hostages.

The problem with attacking Iran is that even though we attack their main nuclear plants, airfields, and air defenses, that does not mean that they will not attack our troops over in Iraq. We could wipeout the nuclear plants north of Tehran, but they could still attack other countries like Iraq, who really has no way to defend themselves from a military attack. It would also be another military blunder on the part of the Israelis if they attack premeptively. Strangely enough, plans to attack Iran had been in the works since 2002/2003. It just seems strange that this second carrier group has been moved to the Persian Gulf. This makes me think that we are about to do something to Iran. You do not move a carrier group into a volitaile region without a reason. The reason being that an attack on Iran is emminent.

As far as him selling himself as a competant president, I already determined that five years ago. This was just even more apparent due to the lack of a quick response to Hurricane Katrina. He stood by a person that should have never been appointed to the head post at FEMA. What is sad about the State of the Union is that he never mentioned a word about the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He never mentioned the struggle that the people of the Gulf Coast have experienced since the hurricanes hit. This just goes to show me, and probably the rest of us, where this man's heart actually is.

Bush's heart and money is with the oil fields in Iraq, not the American People.

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