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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 01:12 AM
Damn I just noticed what time I posted that last one.

If I had waited 24 more hours, it would have been 11/11 11:11. I might have had to commit myself lol.

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by midniteracerx
Funny you should mention the clock and those funny numbers that nearly drove me insane. I had started seeing 11:11, 1:11, etc multiple times each day and I nearly cracked. I began to think I was in a twisted movie where god was messin with me. But then I got sick and stopped meditating for all of october and I was depressed for a couple weeks and the numbers disappeared.

Now I'm feeling better and more like my old self again and the numbers on the clock are showing up again. And this time, instead of feeling crazy, I smile and feel grateful for the sign that I'm on the right path again.

On a totally different note, I was drawn to watch The Matrix last night and I had a much different view of the movie after all the spiritual growth I've experienced since I first saw it. All Neo had to do was really believe and know that he could do anything. It really makes you wonder how powerful the mind really is. My recent experiences lead me to believe its VERY powerful.

Yea i know what you mean, i saw the matrix again a few times after i gained all this new prospective...and i was just like WOW, most people thought of it as a movie, but it is so much more and almost like a holographic mirror of our world. Man its great to see ya midniteracerx in here, its nice to no that this thread has taken a bit of a stride in getting people to come in ever since nov ( serpent time) hahahah also with the 11:11 thing man when ever i see it i just smile, and now i am on the right track

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 02:39 PM
How's it going, fellow travelers?

Hey, Cyber!! You're right about my new avatar. It does signify winds of change. I also liked it because it's a calming image of the beauty of nature. I recorded the video a couple of weekends ago. It's a place in Pennsylvania. Very calming.

ATSGUY!! Thanks a lot for the videos! I haven't had time to watch yet, but I will. Or maybe I'll let Cyber suffer through the five hours, and wait for his synopsis ahaha Kidding!! Glad you liked the show too!! It's just another avenue for people to catch up, and a place to get this info out.

Hi, joao22990!! TD responded to your questions. Read on. You asked,

Originally posted by joao22990
1. When you say "basic needs" i presume you mean food, water and energy. But what about television, transportation, communication (ex. cellphones, Internet ), computers, education, non necessary food (like, chips, or chocolates) will these be considered basic needs?
I meant everything that you named, the things that are not essential would be like trading cards, everyone has a home, food, transportation, communication devices, free energy, utilities and so forth

2. When you say society will be based on a "trading basis", does that mean people won't be so free of choosing their careers, as they will work more on a "community needs" basis? Or is it the opposite?
it is the opposite, people do what they want and what their heart tells them, there is no forcing, but if your lazy, that will not go undetected.

3. Relating to the previous question, will communities size averagely be large (Los Angeles), or small?
the earth becomes a global community really and cities will exist

4. I've read articles were it said that free energy uses quite portable device, like, size of a vulgar car engine, or even smaller. Is it true?
there will be free energy in all sizes as well as wireless energy, they blocked Tesla from making the wireless invention public.

5. Is there any change in philosophy place in everyone's life?
everyone is a philosopher, LOL

6. Will robots have the ability to reason (thinking on a Logos basis)?
yes, they are creatures of creation too, artificial is nothing more than a word, if you think about it, we are like biological robots, and we both know many people out there are like robots that do not think for themselves

7. When will this (Sith looking) Pope work end? Will the world still be separated by religion?
no, religion is a system of control, people still practice stuff like Buhddism, but it is not a religion, it is a way of life, religion is here to divide and conquer us.

8. Is there anything in the future that you'd like to change? If yes, what?
well, just want to make sure there are no more wars, moving forward really

There you go, joao22990!! Hope your questions were answered. Thanks again for sending great questions!!

I wanted to share that I've been doing some surfing in the thread created at that other paranormal/ufo/conspiracy board entitled, "++I AM A EXTRA TERRESTRIAL++ ASK ME A QUESTION AND I WILL RESPOND++".

This thread was opened, as I understand it, as a joke. ST in BG came onto the board and made his first post in that thread on page 4, on June 18, 2005. Here is that first post,

User ID: 5013
6/18/2005 2:39 PM

Greetings: "Alien"

Speaking From One Extraterrestrial Being (Of Many Embodiments/Lifetimes) ... To Another Extraterrestrial Being ... Of Which Extraterrestrial Affiliations Are You ?? ... Which Beings ... Group(s) Are You Speaking/Representing ??


After this post, ST was off to the races, so to speak. He has been answering questions there ever since, and the thread has grown to 356 pages in that time.

There is so much material to go over, that I just decided to click on any (seemingly) random page I could, and see what information I could glean from ST's posts.

I was surprised to find information that was startlingly similar to what TD has been sharing. Also, some of the word choices in the messages about the celebrations to occur when we all meet out in the open seem to allude to a concert event, and even, possibly, make reference to my screenname. I know it's a stretch, but I'll share some of what I've found.

First, I want to give props to SecretMan!! He posed a question about time travel to ST (Page 55),

I have a question for you......when is the first time travel
machine come out for public use??

**The Ability To Visit Other Times ... Other Ages Will Come ... When It Is Determined ... That Individual(s) ... Will Use Such Knowledge With Thought & Wisdom ... Rather Then ... To The Detriment Of Others ... Other Living Things ... And Themselves !!


ST talks a lot about initial contact with the "blockers", who have kept the majority population of this planet in the dark, and how the tables are being turned (Page 355),

it just makes no sense not to make your presence known to all of humanity.

**For Those That Have Made Contact With Some Governments ... It Was Decided At Those Moments ... That Public "Out In The Open" Contact ... Would Not Be Wise ... Nor Prudent !! ... This Certain Beings Were Told ... Was For The Safety & Protects Of Those "Unaware" !!

**It Was Found However ... That What Was Actually Meant ... Was That They Wished To Prevent The Awareness Of Other Life/Lifeforms ... Their Space Brothers & Sisters ... That Exist In The Cosmos ... To Prevent The Sharing Of Knowledge ... The Expansion Of Consciousness ... So This Was Purposeful Isolation ... To Retain & Maintain ... Power Over The People/Masses !!

Because by only allowing a small , and most powerful people to know the truth, you are making things even worse. And also you already broke your rule.

**Actually No !! ... As This For The Most Part ... Has Been "Bypassed" ... And Of Those Making Contact ... They Are Going Direct !! ... Rather Leaving Those Who Would Wish Control/Power Over Others ... In The Dark !!


Later, ST's revelations mirror TD's visions of how this plays out (Page 351),

**It Is That Terra/Earth Is A 3rd Density Stage ... Where All Energies Of All Kinds Are There ... For Various Reasons !! ... Of These Others They Came Having Choice ... Of Knowing What They Were To Do ... And Knowing
What They Were Not To Do !! ... Directives/Rules Were Established Previous To Arrival !! .... These Directives ... These Rules Were Not Followed ... Violations Have Occurred ... And Of This ... ET Justice By
Their Own Peoples Will Prevail !!

**There Is An Old Terrestrial/Earth Expression ... That Refers To Those ... That Dare Think They Are "Gods" ... That They Are All Powerful ... And Can Be All Controlling !! ... Of This ... These Beings Have This Attitude/Outlook !! ... That Noone(s) Can Stand Before Them ... Noone(s) ... Can Stop Them !! ... However This Is An Illusion ... A Falsehood ... Of Their Own Making !! ...
Of Which They Know Of What Has Been Done ... And They Know ... What The Punishment Is ... For These Crimes !!


ST talks about the powers that be (TPTB) preparing the the approach of Planet Nibiru (Planet X), by hoarding gold (TD also talked about having gold coins, but his was for use during time travel - Page 205),

Was the gold moved or taken by those with selfish designs?

**Yes Gold & Other Metals/Minerals Have Been "Moved About" ... By Those Of Both Sides !!

**Not Unlike The Terrestrial Science Fiction Movie: "Contact" .... Parties
Of Both Sides Are "Falling All Over Themselves" ... To Be "First In Line" For The Impending Arrival Of The Anunnaki !!

W. Buffet has also bought up a great deal of silver and probably gold.

**Yes This Is True !!

**And For The Reason The Gold, Metals, Minerals Are Being "Hoarded" ?? ...
Consider That You Cannot Eat These Things ... Well Not In Their Current Form !! ... However ... They Can By Used As "Trading Material" ... As Barter !!

**The Planet That Approaches Has Beings There Who Have Interest In Gold, Metals, Minerals !! ... They Are Involved In Mining On Other Worlds
In Your Planetary Solar System !! ... And On Asteroids !! ... *These Peoples
In Terra/Earth's "Ancient Past" Also Mined Here ... For Gold, Metals, Minerals & Other "Rare Earths" ... That Were Needed !!

**Of These "Materials"... And Of Those In Terrestrial Forms That Possess These !! ... It Would Be One Way To "Negotiate For Terms" !! ... Or
To Say This In Another More "Antiquated Way" !! ... "Gain Favors" & To "Offer Appeasement" To Their "Gods" ... Their "Creators" !!



posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 02:40 PM

ST continues with regard to the statements about those in power hoarding gold to appease approaching ET councils, and escape justice (Page 205),

These statements (above re: offering gold to creators) leave me with a great feeling of unease! Are the Anunnaki angry with the TPTB

**That Is A Big Understatement My Friend !!

and what is their sole purpose in coming to earth?

**A Large Purpose Will Be To Literally "Clean House" !! ... To Go In & Remove By Whatever Means Necessary These Beings Who Have Caused Such Crimes To The Living Things Of Terra/Earth & To The Planet Itself !! ... And To See That Justice Is Carried Out !! ... (And They Know What That Means !!) ... No Lawyers & No Form Of Hiding Will Save Them From Anunnaki Justice !! ... *Then ... To Reestablish Order & Proper Management Of The Planet !!

**These Beings That Hope To "Bribe" The Anunnaki ... With Gold, Metals,
Minerals, Ect. ... To Escape Justice ... Are Foolish To The Extreme ... In Their Beliefs !! ... These Beings Will Be Tried & Executed !! ... However Their "Offerings" Won't Go To Waste !! ... This Is One Time Where They Will Take "Responsibility For Their Actions" !! ... For Their Crimes !! ... & Won't Be Able To "Bribe/Coherse/Buy" Their Way Out !! ... This Is Their True Fear !!!

**When This Time Comes ... When They Arrive !! ... Proper Procedure Will Be ... To Not Intefere With What They Came To Do !! ... Stand Back & Let Them Handle Things !! ... You Don't Want To Be Involved !! ... As Things May Become Brutal !! ... They Have Jobs To Do ... And They Will Do Them !!

**While They May Be Short On "Pleasantries" ... They Make Up For This In Action & Results !!

**No Hurt Or Harm Will Come To The Innocent !! ... However For Those Responsible For What Has Happened On & To Terra/Earth ... They Will Have To Suffer The Consequences Of Going Against Protocol !!


The questioner takes issue with this violent response to what has gone on here (Page 207),

If we are to live in peace and harmony, how can we witness the kind of antiquated 'off with his head' attitude apparently used by the Council of Worlds?

**You Misunderstand !! ... The "Off With His Head" Attitude Is Not Of
Council !! ... This Is Of Ancient Ways & Customs Still Practiced By Certain Beings/Peoples ... Of Who's Cultures Extend Back ... Millions & Millions Of Terrestrial Linear Years !! ... The Council Does Not Approve Or Disapprove Of Their "Ways Of Justice" ... They Simply Acknowledge That This Is Of Their Way & Of Their Society !!

**It Is Of The Understanding Of The Beings On Terra/Earth ... Who Are Of
The "Way Below Ranking" Of The Anunnaki ... What Their Culture & Society Dictates !! ... Simply Put ... They Knew The Rules Going In !! ... And They Know The Penalty For Violating These Rules !! ... Those Beings Have Thought Perhaps That Since Nibiru Was So Far Away .. That They Could "Play At Being "Gods" !! ... And Noone Would Get Word Of This !! ... And Noone Would Notice (That Could Do Anything About It !!) ... Wrong Thinking !!

**There Are Many (Not Just Their Own Peoples/Species) Who Would "Like A
Piece" Of These "Criminals" !!


ST also briefly mentions attempts that have been made to leave before the SHTF (Page 205),

ST, is this what the beings at the top of the elite have already done? Have they already left the planet and their clones are running the show? If that's the case, why the need for all these underground bunkers?

**Some Have "Attempted To Leave" !! ... To Have "Things Happen" Which Prevented This !! ... Instead Finding That This Was Not Possible ... They Have Gone To Their "Bunkers" To Prepare ... To "Ride Out The Storm" !!

**For The Most Part ... What You Are Seeing ... Are "Duplicates" !!
... Not The "Original Shells/Bodies" !!


TD has said from the beginning that justice was coming to these folks, and that they aren't going to be able to hide in their underground bunkers. ST, in fact, is as equally explicit, or more so, in his description of what is to befall these folks...Actually, TD's been pretty explicit at times...haha

win52, as well, has made mention of these turn of events, stating that he had visions of some of these blockers/controllers taking their own lives to avoid being held accountable for their actions.

OK, enough of the "When bad things happen to bad people" section. Let's get on to the fun stuff - the arrival/mass landing!

ST talks about preparations for the changes/upheavals that will occur closer to these major events. It is clear that the powers that be will maintain the status quo (somewhat assisted by benevolent ETs, so as not to cause panic) until the very end.

According to ST, and as many have suspected, we are being trained now for something to occur in our near future (Page 355),

It takes certain procedures being known by the population and specialized staff to make things work.

**For The Way It Is Done On Terra/Earth ... Of The Knowledge There ... This Is Accurate !! ... For Our Way ... Of How Things Will Proceed ... This May Be Different ... Then What One Is Expecting/Used To !!

So, on the D day, we need to be very much aware, calm, organized, have patience and many other things...

**These Things Would Be To One's Benefit ... However We Understand Of The "Difficulties" During These ... "Times Of Change" ... So If Things Get ... "Out Of Control" ... We Are Prepared !!

But I guess most of us will be in deep panic.

**Of Sudden Realization/Knowing ... There Would Be Shock To The Entire System !! ... Then If This Is Survived ... Would Come Panic ... To The Point Perhaps Of Paralysis Or Madness ... An Overload !! ... We & Others ... Would Wish To Prevent ... Such From Occurring ... So Steps Have Been
Taken ... In This Regard !!

Question is: who will prepare those who have arrangements for evacuation or going to shelters? I mean in 3D awareness, they need to know.

They need to be briefed about it, how?

**Do Not Be Concerned ... You Are Being Briefed ... Being Given This ... & Other Informations You Need To Know !!


With regard to what to expect when events culminate (According to ST in BG, when Nibiru swings by/the landings/arrival occurs) he shares several observations. First, with regard to beings we can expect to meet/see (Page 355),

Will the new Earth inhabitants be mostly hominoids like us, or will other Galaxy races wish to join us?

**There Will Be A ... Mix Of Races/Beings ... Of All Shapes, Sizes, Colors ... As Terra/Earth Will Become In 4th Density ... A Full Member ... Of The Federation/Confederation Of Worlds !!


ST also talks about our initial apprehension at seeing some of them (Page 205),

**We Will Give You A Very Simple Example Of A "Misread" Of One's
Intentions !! ... Imagine You Are Standing Near A Very Tall Dinoid !! ... A "Dinosaur Being" ... Who Has A Head About 3 Times ... The Size Of Your Cranium !! ... It Opens It's Mouth And Shows It's Many ... Very Large & Spiked/Pointed Interlocking Teeth !! ... *Your 1st Impression Would Be ... You Are It's Next Meal !! ... Which Would Be Incorrect !! ... As The Being Is Only Smiling At You & Being Friendly !!


TD and others have shared that we can expect to see beings with wings, skeletal beings, humans, grays, reptilians, and more. This is absolutely possible.

ST talks about several things that may happen to us, or options that will arise when these changes come to pass (Page 203),

**Of This ... There Are "Many Possibilities" !! ... A Few Examples Being

1. Taken Aboard/Being Removed Prior To The Major Changes ... Removed From Terra/Earth ... & Waiting In Space ... Until Things Calm Down !!

2. Taken Aboard/Being Removed From Terra/Earth ... Being Transferred Into
Other Bodies ... And Taken To Another World(s) To Live For Awhile !!

3. Taken Aboard & Changing Into 4th Density Body ... To Be Involved In
Helping With The Upcoming Changes !!

4. Taken Aboard & Being Placed In Stasis/Suspended Animation ... In 3rd
Density Or 4th Density Bodies !!

5. Remaining On The Surface ... To Experience/Witness The Changes/Upheavals ... And On The Death/Malfunctioning Of The Body ... Exiting That Body ... & Rejoining Your Energy Essence/"Soul Group" ... Aboard Ship Or On Planet, Ect.


posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 02:41 PM

A poster asks ST how people on the ground will know that the ships above them are the good guys. ST mentions "volunteers" in his response (Page 205),

Question is, ST, if we are offered a place on a spaceship, how would we know the offer was not of malevolent intention?

**We Could Wear Our "Smiley Face Badges" !! ... But Then ... The
Beings Here Might Thing We Are Affiliated With Wal-Mart !! ... Hee Hee
Hee !! ...

**We Observe Terra/Earth Societies ... With Their Petty Squabbles ... Their
Bickering ... Distrust & Hatred For Their "Fellow Man & Fellow Creatures"
!! ... Not Respecting Of Which Was Given To Them ... Provided For Them !! ... Not Being Appreciative Of What They Have !!

**There Are Those However Who Are Not Like This !! ... They Are Essentially
In "Volunteering Status" ... Those That Have Come To Terra/Earth To Help Out !! ... To Attempt To Make Changes For The Better !! ... It Is Unfortunate However That There Too Are "Other Parties" Who Wish To Promote & Maintain The "Opposite Effect & Approach" !! ... Continuing With Their "Games Of Manipulation, Control & War" !!

**So When The Time Is Near ... These Volunteers Will Be Removed ... They
Will Be Taken Elsewhere ... As Many Will Be Returning After The Changes ... To Help Rebuild Your World !!


Ultimately, ST says (Page 205),

**As To The Question Presented ... "if we are offered a place on a spaceship, how would we know the offer was not of malevolent intention?"

**To Answer "Seriously" ... You Will At That Time ... Need To Make A Decision !! ... You Either "Take A Chance For Survival" When The Ride Is Offered ... Or You "Take A Chance For Survival" ... When The Very Elements Are Revolting Around You !! ... It's Your Choice !! ... But We Think That Given The Options Between Having Molten Lava Touch Your Toes ... & Getting Onboard Transportation ... (To Remove You From This/These Environments) ... You Will Choose Wisely !!

**Beings Of "Malevolent Intention" Will Be At That Time ... Be Concerned For Their Own Welfare & Well Being !! ... Not Involved In "Search & Rescue Operations" !! ... The Very Fact That Our Beings & Associates/People Are Helping Out & Doing These Things For Your Survival ... Indicates That Our Intentions Are Peaceful ... And That We Are Looking Out For Your Safety & Best Interests !!


This same poster asks about the volunteers. I see the same verbage being used in ST's responses as were in ST's responses to my questions about my relationship with TD and everything he's sharing (Page 205),

Exactly how do you recognize the Volunteers? How do you detect us? or separate us from the others? Do we attract you or what?

**Yes It Is A "Practical Question" !! ... Unfortunately ... We Cannot Tell You "Exactly" !! ... This Falls Under "Regulations Involving Privacy & The Safeguarding Of Individuals" !!

**Another Wishes To Say/Interject ... We May Only Say .... That ... We Have
Our Ways !! ... And Of This ... It Is An "ET Secret" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!!

If, for example, I am from Lyra but my husband is from Arcturus,
will our soul contracts decide who picks us up? Or will we stay together and what about our children?

**We Cannot Say ... Other Then To Tell You ... That This Is All Being Handled !! ... So Relax & Leave The Details & The Driving To Us !!


There are those words again, "Privacy" and "Safeguarding". I got a TON of those in ST's response to my inquiries (No offense to ST if he's reading this haha). I posted my inquiries and ST's responses on Page 69 of this thread.

ST shares some of the positive things we are to experience when these changes occur (Page 203),

will this change in density (2012) allow us to have new powers

**Yes New & Unused "Abilities" Will Become More "Commonplace" !! ... Such
As ... "Telepathic Communication" ...All Senses/Sensory Enhanced !! ... Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Touch, Taste, Ect. !! ... Being Able To Levitate/Float !! ... Transfer From Place To Place ... By The Wish/Desire To Be There !! ... Move Objects By Thought !! ... Things Like This !!


TD also talks about abilities increasing, and everyone essentially regaining access to all of their abilities.

Further, ST even seems to make allusions to TD's concert, and my screenname (A stretch, perhaps - Page 205),

Sounds like a great party,

**Oh It Will Be !! ... A Very Great Party !!

ST! Don't forget the ice cream!

**Hee Hee Hee !!! ... Don't Worry !! ... Every Kind & Type Imaginable (& Even Those You Cannot Imagine !!) Will Be Available !!

Perhaps you could offer a champagne reception, ha!

**Actually You Have Touched On Something We Already Have Planned !! ... We Have A "Welcome Aboard" Celebration All Planned & Ready !! ... A Giant Party !! ... With Foods, Drinks & Desserts Beyond The Imagination !! ... Everything Will Be Decorated In Great Colors & Streamers ...

Everything "Decked Out" For The Occasion !! ... Even "Dancing Beneath The Stars" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !! ... We've Thought Of Everything !! ... And If There Is Something Missing ... Some Food, Drink, Dessert, Delicacy Or Environment That We Have Forgotten Or Left Out ... We Can Readily Have This Appear ... As If By Magick !!

**What You Need To Do ... Is To "Expand Your Horizons" !! ... To Look Beyond What You Understand As "Metaphysics" ... To Journey
Beyond This World ... To Other Worlds ... To Other Places !! ...

To Be With & Exist/Communicate/Interact With Other Beings !! ... To See
How Things Are & Work ... Behind The Scenes !! ... Sort Of Like In Your
Terrestrial Rock Concerts
... What They Call ... "A Backstage Pass" !!


I don't know if it struck anyone else as odd when reading the above, but ST has usually been very accurate with his puns and humorous retorts. The use of quotations around the phrase "Decked Out" was interesting.

Also, I guess the analogy of a rock concert would apply, but it seems ST could have thought of a better one...I could be reading into this, but I feel I was lead to those pages/passages for a reason. How is it that I picked just these strangely coincidental passages out of almost 400 pages of material is a little too coincidental.

On those pages, ST also talks about ST. Germain, soul transference, and other topics that TD has spoken of as well. There is so much to study, I just feel like we'll be looking down the barrel of these changes by the time I go over it all ahaha

Time is indeed short.

I hope you are encouraged by these posts. ST might as well just be TD as far as I'm concerned. Their visions of our future are virtually identical.

Just more confirmation that what TD, win52, and many others see as coming is just about here.

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posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 07:51 PM
Coincidence? Sure, if you believe in coincidences.

Seemingly random? To the person that has yet to be awakened, perhaps.

As Vince Vaughn would say "come on you're better than that." I think all of us in this thread know better.

A couple years back I wanted an answer so I grabbed a "random" book and opened it to a "random" page. Then with my eyes closed I placed my finger on a "random" spot on the page. I opened my eyes and the word I was pointing to was "awaken."

Coincidence, totally random, or meant to be?

posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 07:52 PM
OTd those were some amazing finds, has st been reading up on Td...hahah jp but that sounds amazing, i have been checking i on that thread from time to time and i knew St was on the ball but that just...WOw amazing, what if its the future td...loool

The part were he talks about the foods and stuff, being able to come up with any kind of food like magic seemed like a type of de ja vu, because i am sure that i have seen those exact letters...almost like i saw that before, we must be on the right track...also it kind of goes with Sheldan Nidles little manifesting machines...

Great work!!!!

What you are about to read is very very important

At 1:06:04 in the interview part 3

Google Video Link

again this is back in 2003 Ian says

"When i get back after this trip on the 25 of September we have a interview with Willie Nelson, who has seen the tape of this information and is extremely interested in helping us to get this semenent??

- people in the background--he is for Dennis Kucinich

he is coming to Sedona and he is the number one Kucinich backers and i can promise you that Dennis Kucinich will have this information in tape form with in a very short period of time...and so the potential candidate for democratic president will be a pride to this information, and will have his people studying it from a scientific point of view to verify this is really going to be something special"

Willie Nelson

My god people, do you know what this means...Dennis Kucinich is aware of everything that we are aware of right now!!!! ( almost everything) we have a presidential candidate that has been exposed on live tv to have seen a ufo and received a message and then we find this out, and not to mention that also Willie Nelson is in on the info too...which rocks cuz Willie rules

and i am thinking that maybe Ron Paul knows a little about this too considering that Ron and Dennis are friends and they are basically fighting for the same thing a better i guess with the light of this new info i am voting for Dennis Kucinich and making Ron Paul vice prez...or ..dammit i really don't no anymore
oh well its still really exciting!!!!

we are sooooo in the 4th or 5th day

^ for my voting thing, i don't think it will really matter...the blockers got that thing thing all "hit up" so who ever they want to win will probably unless something else happens

also he talks about the barter system that will be implemented that is similar to napster at 1:13;11 or a couple of sec back

people provide the free music from themselves, just like we will provide our selves to benefit the community and it will all be free, and we get something free in return...we should have had that years ago...looooool

although tomorrow is that world wide press conference on Ets so we may have a chance

part 3 of that vid is a must to see!!! but somehow i don't think we will meet our galactic neighbors before the 18 of nov...maybe a couple of months after or a year after words but it seems too fast.

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posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 06:05 AM
Hey Dudes !!!!!!!!

That is an interesting post there OTD. It covers a lot of information.
I asked Sleeper a series of questions on his opinion on Time Travel.
Here is a link to the page with the Q&A
I can't say that his answers back up the ones in this thread though, like the ones you have presented above.

I was doing a quick trawl through the IR scene and found 2 new videos to post.
The 1st one shows an orb that stays motionless in the sky until the guy filming actually focuses on it. It is like it is playing with him is it grows in intensity. It is then that it starts to move until he loses it behind a cloud a while later.

The 2nd shows a large number of orbs in the sky of California. The number of them present is the most remarkable part of this video.

This type of filming is a growing scene and more and more people are getting results.

Hows this for crazy. I have developed my own wacky experiment that is soo simple to do. Totally insane, but simple. The white coats really will lock me away for this one.
I think that this experiment could be geared for many different areas but for now I focused it on Dream Enlightenment as you have results every morning.
In the two nights that I have done this before going to bed I have had the most intense and vivid dreams ever. 1st night I remembered two different dreams. Granted they were nightmares, but I still remembered them
2nd night I remember two and half more. Way vivid. This time one of them had high altitude UFO's in it. They were dropping me stuff. In another dream I remember driving and having to avoid a weird dude who was obliviosly backing towards the car. I could have touched his back it was that vivid as I went past. Haven't seen my 'friends' yet in this state though. I have never remembered 2 dreams in the one night before.
I will post the details on my magic formula in a few days if I am still getting the same results. If not I will truly be committed for this one and I will erase this
Dreaming takes us to other realities so remembering them I think, helps in a big way in getting us out of this frequency rut we are in.
Well it is off to bed to see if I can make it a three in a row.......

posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by Cyber_Wasp

cyber man crazy dreams, also those videos are very interesting. Do you think the orbs are ships or entities, because they look very small but they could be as large as a football field...still really great find

also i wanted to post this, i got it from the GLP site thread LIVE UFO CONFERENCE LINK FREE PLEASE PIN, someone posted a link to this which i find very interesting

June 2007


It appears that a series of major events will happen soon on planet Earth.
These events may happen in 2007 or 2008.

1. The collapse or removal of the US Bush administration, followed by other governments.

2. Announcement of a new abundant money system for each country.

3. Mass landing of highly evolved friendly beings from the Galactic Federation.

4. The “second coming” or appearance of many spiritual masters.

There is a Cosmic Plan and a schedule for our spiritual transformation/graduation.

The famous Mayan calendar says:–

(5th DAY) Nov. 24th 2006 - Nov 18th 2007
We meet our Galactic neighbors (UFOs)

(5th NIGHT) Nov. 19th 2007 - Nov. 12th 2008
The end of manufactured lack.

(6th DAY) Nov. 13th 2008 - Nov. 7th 2009
Consciousness surpasses technology

(6th NIGHT) Nov. 8th 2009 - Nov. 2nd 2010
Bliss, we need the practice

(7th DAY) Nov. 3rd 2010 - Oct. 28th 2011
We evolve to conscious Co-Creation
of existence and experience

Nick Armstrong

sounds great!!!!doesn't it....

posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 02:57 PM
Woohoo !!!!!!

I made it three in a row. I had another double episode last night.
I am totally spun out. I could not ever imagine these places that the sub conscious mind takes you. This time I had physical interation with several different people in dream#2. The only problem is that you experience these things from the drivers seat of the sub conscious mind. If I can find a way to become conscious in these dreams then...BANG !!!!!!!!

With the orbs I first thought that they may be man made ships, but that 1st video I posted seems to suggest otherwise. They can focus in on your thoughts and can see what you are filming. They can control on how much you see them.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 12:28 AM

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
People were asked if they wanted to volunteer and many did, but only a few stayed on. What is the connection with that few?

And then again, some of us are still here reading quietly from the shadows. Watching and waiting.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 04:04 AM
Hi I would like to say that I belive he is telling the truth about visiting himself. It happend to some one I meet. I dont have a question I just agree that time travel is happening, but as far as time travel goes I can't say much.

My friend is awaiting contact from himself. His first contact was a short one with few words. He said he really didn"t realise that it was really him till moments in time he couldn't explain left no outher explanation outher than thier must be a time machine. And that the person he saw in 1990 something, 20 years later ,was infact him self.

He is looking for some guidence or a strange man with a smile at the door . If you know what I mean

I belive he has a mission Idea that has already come to pass before he did it.

Like he said," we are living in a paradoax".

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 04:13 AM
Hey ShadowEyes !!!!!!!!!

It is good to see you come out from the shadows and post.
Should we be nervous about what you are waiting for?
(Looks around nervously)
I have posted before that I know there are others yet to join the thread here. Some of the System Busters are running late.

But do take the plunge and post about your journey. It is encouraged here. You just never know what might appear on your screen after hitting the Post Reply Button. You will suprise yourself.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 06:41 AM
Did anyone else get a chance to read Karen Bishop's latest energy report? It definitely helped me connect a few dots and makes sense with whats going on in my life right now.

I've been following her energy reports for a few months and I'm amazed by how much sense they actually make to me. 5 years ago I may have written her off as an internet kook, but now that I'm one myself, I can't judge her haha.

Here's some of her latest:

Up until November 11, eerie energy was still ever present as we found ourselves in a space of holding…in the eye of the storm as much swirled around us. But with the advent of the portal opening of the 11th, we were then able to connect to the new. These pillars of energy that the eleven holds, always give us the opportunity to access the new, or a higher dimension. An opening occurs and the new then begins to fall into place as well. And as transitions go, this has been a great one indeed.

During this time of eerie energy and feeling as if we were in a very strange space of discomfort with nowhere yet to go and nothing to hold onto, it may have felt as though we were existing in some foreign place of darkness and emptiness, or perhaps a feeling that we were out of our groove and had no idea when or where that new groove would be. We were being held back, as it was not yet time to anchor fully to a higher reality. And as we were vibrating much higher than our current surrounding reality, it created a very uncomfortable state indeed.

There is a logical explanation for this empty, eerie and displaced experience that we have just encountered. And all, as always, is in divine and perfect order. Here is what was, and will still be, occurring (only now we are more safe and sound in our spaces of “new”): There is not much for the older and denser energies to hold onto anymore, so they are basically grasping, fighting each other, and going around in circles in a desperate attempt to find an anchor.

Here are just a few basic guidelines for a new residency in the higher realms:

We need not step out of our center. This means that we need not “activate” anything, heal any one or any thing, help those who do not ask, save anything, and so forth. It is not our place, nor has it ever been, to save anything or anyone. This type of arrogant meddling has no place now. When we are able to stay in our purpose and passion, in a state of creativity, then everything will arrive for us effortlessly. When we extend or make an effort, we then leave the space of the higher realms. The higher realms is the space of being. When we are moving forward, pushing, or trying to make things happen by using our energy, then the higher realms misses us completely, as we are not available. We cannot be found, even though the door is right there.

Creativity is the mainstay in the higher realms. Life consists of nothing but creating, having compassion and love for those who are still suffering (when we leave a higher realms residency), and embodying a continual state of connection to Source while we are living our lives (not while we are meditating….sorry meditators, but this is how it is in a higher realms reality! J) Creativity is the main focus while being in the higher realms. The compassion experience only exists in the lower vibrating realities, as it is not needed in the higher realms, where there is no suffering. Opening to higher energies through creativity keeps us involved in a world, in a life, and in an on-going reality.

There are more guidelines in the energy alert, so check it out for yourself. I couldn't fit it all in one post and don't have time to do a double or triple post like OTD. I really need to get to bed because I have to wake up in 2 hours!

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 12:32 PM

Originally posted by boejoedon
Hi I would like to say that I belive he is telling the truth about visiting himself. It happend to some one I meet. I dont have a question I just agree that time travel is happening, but as far as time travel goes I can't say much.

My friend is awaiting contact from himself. His first contact was a short one with few words. He said he really didn"t realise that it was really him till moments in time he couldn't explain left no outher explanation outher than thier must be a time machine. And that the person he saw in 1990 something, 20 years later ,was infact him self.

He is looking for some guidence or a strange man with a smile at the door . If you know what I mean

I belive he has a mission Idea that has already come to pass before he did it.

Like he said," we are living in a paradoax".

hey do you have anymore information on this friend of yours maybe you cant get him to come and post on the thread...amazing man simply amazing

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 05:38 PM
I found something interesting yesterday, last night and the night before there was a coast to coast interview with some very interesting people... one was gonna talk about channeled material and her perception of the future and allot of other stuff including spiritual stuff, the person being interviewed was a lady named Victoria Liljenquist. THe other coat to coast session was going to talk about the role time travelers have played in shaping the history of Ancient Egypt, yea know its what td has said way back when this thread started. The guy being interviews was Dr. Bruce Goldberg, unfortunately on both nights of those interviews i had a pen and paper handy, but i ended up going to sleep lol...i didn't even realize it until i woke up and realized that i fell asleep right before the interview started, i was like %&@& , and honestly i have been falling straight to sleep these past weeks, just the moment i get i the sack i fall straight into a deep slumber and i think i am in delta frequency all the time because almost nothing can wake me up except my own biological clock.

Anyway, i sent The Duderink...the guy that posts the C2c vids on youtube a message so he can post the 2 C2C shows...hopefully he does because it is very interesting what both the people being interviewed have to say...

Remember way back in this thread, and maybe in some of the older radio shows Td said that at the concert people that were thought to be dead come back, even people from 9/11 attacks, i clearly remember Td saying that just before the planes hit he said they were teleported out of there using the hyperspeed tech thing and teleportation...well check this out what Victoria Liljenquist had to say about that!!!!

She gave insight of her visions regarding the attacks on September 11th on the date of September 9th and said she discovered in her 9/11 investigation saucers hovering over the planes before they hit the towers which she believes may have been in the process of teleporting those on board the planes to their ships.

interview summary here:

________,Yea i know thats what i said, this lady has been reading up and copying what TD said, its the only explanation...loool jp

And also it is interesting that When td was asked way back who built the pyramids and stuff, Td responding saying it was both Ets and Time travelers...well check out what Goldberg said:

Ancient Egypt & Time Travelers
Author and hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed the role time travelers have played in shaping the history of Ancient Egypt. According to Goldberg, three different species — Grays, Hybrids, and Pure Humans (see image) — have visited the planet and stimulated humanity's creative and scientific achievements. He said these time travelers wear one-piece uniforms adorned with a triangular insignia that identifies they are from the future.

full interview summary:

Wtf, have these people been reading up on Ats and copying what TD is saying, because that seems to be the big thing now

I will try to find those interviews so i can post them here and we can listen...peace yahhh''lll

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posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 06:55 PM
Hello again. It seems that all this stuff might have some vallidity to it.
CNN, mexico,govener of Arizona.

reporting back apon reguest. In reguad to my friend the awaiting time traveler.

My friend said that his mission would be to go back in time to deliver an art show to the world that would greatly affect the way people think about computer art. And that maybe some of his ideas would later be used in schools to teach methods that speed up the processes to produce this time consuming work. His art has alredy reached the world but yet the reason as to why he left it mysteriously in an abandon apartment are still unknown to people outher than us and the time travelers. You may have attended his show! It seems that the person's apartment they found it in was given the credit for it .To through people off the trail as to who the real artist really was .So that he himself would not know until after he finished it some 20 years later, who was responsable for it. After all if he knew the truth about it he would of said somthing to some one and prevented a majority of it from taking place.Thus becoming detramental to the entire mission that he unknowingly was particapating in.I mean lets face it who wouldn't want to be known as a famous artist.

Aperently He signed his name on the bottum of the pictures to make sure some one knew he was responsable and left a trail of names on the works to hint to people that in fact it is his and that the art work it's self is proof of time travel. It was said at the show that the dates of all the works where dated for the futer and that no one could explain how he could have changed them or why he would change them.They also said that the time frame he did them in was impossible for the time. I cant tell you the name of the show or direct you to any of the pictures because all internet traces havebeen removed from the net to prevent him from running accross his own works, but i can give you some names of his pices.

Journey to the dophin cave, Glass in the pool, A climb for the time,Cherry splash,Orca legend 420,King og the sea,and an enteresting 3 part dragon pice called Head of dragon, Body of dragon and tail of dragon.

He apperently implamented topagrahpy into his ocean sceans an the show traveled the world for most of the 90ds. providinding jobs and new lives for time travelers who wanted to leave the futer for reasons to him and me still unknown.For we are still awaiting a man at the door with the are you ready for this smile! And we our selves are still looking for answers as to how works he has just compleated in recent times have ended up some 20 years back in time.OR? do we already know the answer, a time machine. What we dont know is when they will contact us and why or who regulates such events of the horizion. haha ah haa lol.

I was readind some of the posts on this page and found some of the travelers points to be very simular. And the times seem to be close to what me and my friend belive to be the point of contact or arivall. although I must confess we wher hoping it would happen sooner. He said he is to bothered by the situation at hand to continue his work and needs a job. It seems insperation has fled him and the stress of keeping his secret has tired him. But he has kept silent to make sure he doesn't make a mistake that he can't control in a situation most people have never contimplaited in a world wher such truths are denied and hidden.

So if any one can give us some confirmation or any information about this we would like to talk or do what ever it takes to get this show on the road!

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 07:22 PM
Wow, you look away for a moment and you get left behind.

Well, I am at the front again. You see, the portal was opened up on the 11th. I did not pay much atention to reading what other writers put down. It is nice to see things you picked up verrified by other people.

Now, since the 11th, I can see nothing other than Feb 1, 2008. I have even been writing that date down when I go to write a date down. I will go out on a limb again, which I almost never do, but the certainty of this date is too strong for me to keep silent. I am given this information to share.

It is easy to see that we are on some kind of path here. "A collection of rag tag" hey, wasn't that from a movie, or something, or was that a reality?

All of a sudden, there isn't much time, hooollee crrrraappeth!,

Is there?

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 10:34 PM
Hi Cyber Wasp

Hey ShadowEyes !!!!!!!!!

It is good to see you come out from the shadows and post.
Should we be nervous about what you are waiting for?
(Looks around nervously)
I have posted before that I know there are others yet to join the thread here. Some of the System Busters are running late.
But do take the plunge and post about your journey. It is encouraged here. You just never know what might appear on your screen after hitting the Post Reply Button. You will suprise yourself.

Oh, I joined the thread a long time ago. I don't post much, but every now and then I like to touch base just to let it be known that I'm still around.

What am I waiting For??? Well, for the show to get on the road...I'm ready for things to straighten up...I'm ready for the controllers to be unemployed, permanently. They've done more than enough damage...time to fix it.

Ive noticed that many have experienced strange sleep patterns lately. Same here. I wake up even more exhausted than when I went to bed. And for some reason which I cannot explain, I've been waking up with bruises on me that were not there when I went to bed. I'm not sure what's happening as I don't seem to remember my dreans like I used to.

I don't remember who posted it, but I too believe Earth was once a Pleiadian colony. I also believe there are certain people walking this world who have descended from them...some who know they have, and some who do not know...yet. People who are in place, just waiting.

My journey is a bit of an enigma which OTD has been told about, and has, for the time being, kept under his hat at my request.

A word to the ready, time may be shorter than you think.

Edited for spelling.

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posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 10:59 PM
If you're so sure about the future and it's good and you know what is going to happen then PLEASE!! get me out of this hell!!

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