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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 03:06 PM
Hi, tankthinker, andre18, sincere searchers and fellow beings!!

First order of business - tankthinker, I inadvertently skipped you over. You asked a couple of questions (TD's respones in bolded yellow),

first, will anything happen at the 2008 olympics?
nothing major I can think of at this time.

is there anything in store for the year 2012?
the shift will be undeniable

I think the Olympics are the last place your attention should be drawn; especially in 2008. You will have much more engaging things to pay attention to during that time. This is my own take. Hopefully a concert...Ahem...

Also, re: 2012, it's become clear to me that what is unfolding has little to do with calendar dates, and more to do with larger, and older processes. I am pretty sure that although these "times" may have been foretold, exact dates will be hard to come by.

What is happening is in great effect right now. You don't need to wait for 2012. That year is a timeframe. We are in part of that timeframe right now. You just need to know where to look...In time, these changes will be at your front door. As far as 2012 is concerned in that respect, the further along in these changes we are, the more pronounced they're going to become.

For those who can see the signs, they are happening now. The more pronounced and intense these changes and events become, the more those who chose to ignore the signs will suffer.

I've heard of grown men weeping at some of the sights they've seen with regard to the ET reality. For those who choose to ignore what is happening - who haven't prepared in some form, they are only making it harder on themselves. We are being inexorably lead into this future, and it is occurring with our without your consent.

As far as I'm concerned, however, I'm savoring every moment of my awakening. I hope you do too. Like Cyber said, the light is truth. And the truth shall set you free.

Hi, andre18!! You actually only had one question, but I sent your whole post to TD, which include our original question, "If you could ask a time traveler a question...", so he answered that one as well,

If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?
I would ask if I can come along and promise to be cautious

Who the f@ck built the pyramids, and how?
depends on which pyramids but I think it was a combo of ET, earth humans, andriods, robots and timetravellers, alot of anti gravity tools to lift the large pieces, lasers to cut the rock, and power tools and ultimately using a combo of techniques both old and new.

There you go!! I've said this before, but as interesting as our past is, I am overwhelmed with what is occurring now. You are living and breathing during a time of unprecedented and profound change - to your world and your reality.

But here is what TD and I, and everyone else is waiting for - many people are having profound, personal reality changing experiences. At the moment, most of us are having to glean what we can about these changes from those who have had contact, or experiences of some form. Most of us are still getting up every day and going to work; and the only glimpses we get of these "changes" are on the Internet, in strange dreams, or of the unusual phenomena we can witness or capture on our own.

As clear as it is to me that we are undergoing massive changes, as well as a spiritual acceleration and awakening, most of us are still waiting for concrete changes to manifest in our day to day lives. I think this is what the 2012 questions are ultimately about. When are we going to see, touch, taste, breathe, and experience an unquestionable change to our reality?

At the moment, this unfolding - what people have called the "dropping of the veil between worlds" is occurring slowly. David Wilcock seems to have come to the conclusion that this stuff will continue to build and accelerate until we reach top speed and experience, as a race, several apex events that will virtually overwhelm us and thrust us into a different reality.

TD says that there will be physical events before this ultimate, worldwide shift, that will be fantastic enough on their own (see concert and mass landing).

At the moment, there is nothing we can say. We can only watch and experience.

win52 and Cyber, thank you both for your continued insights!! win, your comments on Holmes are awesome!! I'm watching that baby!!

Osiris1953, you're very welcome!! Our evolution as a race, and life on this planet, are undergoing an acceleration. Events, both physical, spiritual, and emotional, are all accelerating and pushing us into a new reality. So it is my belief that these things are not one-hundred years around the corner, but possibly a tenth of that...

Estimates or projections that are based on the past are faulty, because our advances and these changes are not moving at the rate they have been moving up to this point - they are accelerating. Projections that take the past into consideration are not taking this into account. The clock is ticking...

Finally, I want to share that TD and I are doing a show this Friday night, November 9 (tomorrow) at 9:45pm (EST - East Coast U.S.) on Here is a link to Renato's Page.

You can also go to, look up "People", type "renato" in the search field and you'll find his page. You can chat live when the show starts. If you want to call in you can open a list of numbers to call for your area. If you call, they ask you to enter a Show ID# - renato's is 229092 I believe.

ATSGUY, has been kind enough to correspond with Sheldon Nidle from, and he has convinced Sheldon to call in/chat with us tomorrow night. Sheldon did say he was leaving for a family function and may or may not be able to call in, but said he would try. It would be awesome if he did though.

My two weeks of monk-like silence have ended and I'm back with the living again. No idea what that was about. I remembered part of a dream last night about Batman and Robin...Strange dreams, check!

I've been listening to a couple different cds lately that I figured I would share. They're Alana Davis' Fortune Cookies, Zero 7's When It Falls, Eric Hutchinson's Sounds Like This and Hem's Rabbit Songs.

And for our resident Clutch fan (TD), I'll include some metal in the form of Mastodon's Leviathan, The Sword's Age of Winters, and Sleep's Dopesmoker (although, I admit I've only listened to the samples...They sound good enough).

I used to have a sort of aversion to newer music, thinking it missed the depth of music gone by...That's changed...

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 03:26 PM
Just a reminder, and so my last post will post to the board, Renato (TD) and I are doing an Internet Radio Show/Chat tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 9, at 9:45pm Eastern Standard Time.

Here is the link to Renato's Page.

You can also go to, look up "People", type "renato" in the search field and you'll find his page.

You can chat live when the show starts. If you want to call in you can open a list of numbers to call for your area. If you call, they ask you to enter a Show ID# - renato's is 229092.

Also, we hope to have Sheldon Nidle from calling in. Here is a blurb on Shel from his website,

Sheldan Nidle was born in New York City on Nov. 11, 1946, and grew up in Buffalo, New York. His first extraterrestrial and UFO experiences began shortly after his birth and were highlighted all through his childhood by various modes of contact phenomena, as well as accompanying manifestations - light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching/learning sessions on board spacecraft. During most of his life, he has enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications and direct 'core knowledge' inserts (etheric and physical implants). Sheldan has visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years.

Around the age of fourteen, Sheldan requested that the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light Allies discontinue communications with him because he was experiencing overwhelming conflict between their scientific knowledge and what he was learning here on Earth. They left, but the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light Allies told him that they would be back when it was time to complete his mission for planet Earth and her people. In high school, he was placed in advanced science programs in subject areas such as physics, chemistry, and calculus.

Sheldan received an M.A. in Political Science from the University at Buffalo in 1968. He also received an M.A. in Southeast Asian Government from Ohio University in 1970 and an M.A. in American Politics and International Public Administration from the University of Southern California, where he also pursued a Ph.D. program (1974-76). In the 1970s, he was Vice-President for Scientific Programming at Syntar Productions, where he co-created a documentary on the life and accomplishments of Nikola Tesla. From the 1970s through the mid-1980s, he was involved in scientific research on alternative sources of electrical energy. In the mid-1980s, his extraterrestrial contacts resumed. Currently, Sheldan is a representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light and, in November 1997, founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO).

Rock on!!!

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 04:14 PM
Wow, now I feel bad about not paying attention to what Sheldon has to say, a bit better. Those weekly reports of his vibrate with the same frequencies my information source has.

We are quite likely the people who are surprizing ET with our awareness.

I have been getting that a lot. They are always surprized by the quick witted ability of humans to adapt to any situation. We are also urged to stand together. Here comes the wierd part.... you know that theather thing... well, we are to develop that amongst ourselves. Try to think of yourself as a big octapus, with long tentacles reaching out to the brotherhood.

I already feel like that, but I am urged to have this group work on reaching out to each other in a telepathic way, to train for the future. At some point we will begin to communicate that way, and that will be fairly soon.

I am reaching here....just going with the information, not questionong the task.



posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 04:30 PM
What the...

Looks like someone didn't see my questions.

Or do i only get one chance to post my questions?

That sounds rather annoying!

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by joao22990
What the...

Looks like someone didn't see my questions.

Or do i only get one chance to post my questions?

That sounds rather annoying!

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hey i dont no what was up but i couldn't find you post, retype the question if you will.

Also i sent a reminder to Sheldan Nidle for tomorrow so hopefully he goes through with it.

Also i just wanted to post that there was a new sighting, and things have just started to pic up...this is the latest sighting

a fantastic picture of the red/orange scout ships if you will that are probably going to be seen in mass as they have already started going over major cites...its all getting really exciting, i guess James Gilliland was right!!!

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posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 05:24 PM
Oh, sorry.

Here it is:
"Hum... interesting...

Thank you!

I still have a lot of questions, but I'll save your time and only ask the most pertinent...

1. If you can go to the future, and come back to your time with new technology, wouldn't that make technology a bit... uninteresting? There would be no fun in making new discoveries!

2. Will there still be those city annoying problems, like, a lot of noise, stress, vandalism?

3. I'm currently desiring to study cinema (realization, production, etc., no acting). I like the idea of hologram technology, but will there still be the Art factor, and good and elaborate stories, characters, and so on?

4. Do the jobs still work like nowadays (salary, for example)?

5. What about alien cultures? Will we be free to visit them, and/or join their societies?

6. Will i become able to have my own space ship, and travel through the universe, searching new planets, or making safaris?

Sorry if annoying, but I'm a bit of a curious person! "

It's post nº8 on page 79.

posted on Nov, 8 2007 @ 05:32 PM
I find it interesting that if you take 2012 and rotate the first 2 90 degrees clockwise, then read it standing on your head, it could say ZION.

Thats what that 2012 Olympic logo says imo, but thats for another time.

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 03:40 AM
Hey Rebel Light Workers !!!!!!!!!!!

OTD, are you able to post 5 songs from the artists you have listed (or any other artist) that sing to your soul. What I mean is songs that relate to the process you are going through now that have an effect on your awakening.
Highlight the 3 or 4 lines in each song that go bang.... through you.
I will do the same if you want me to.

I am trying my best to enlighten the people around me Win52. The people at work think I am nuts, but will keep trying though. I use a lot of humour in the way I do this so the message gets through at a different level and in that way I can create more energy. I will focus on the tether to aid me.
I don't know what it is, but mention the word 'Alien' and you are perceived as a nutter if you mention it in a conversation
As for the BrotherHood....They are coming through big time. You can see them about when you look at people. Look for them in peoples faces. I could only see it in the eyes before but now it is the whole face. You will know you when you have seen the BrotherHood as it has the same effect on you as if you are looking at an ET. Ageless with divinity and wisdom.
The moments can be only fleeting as the BrotherHood is dormant in the person you see it in. The people I have seen it in do not realise it is there.......yet.

10 Days until the next shift begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 07:51 AM
Hi, joao22990, Full Circle, Cyber_Wasp, and the other person reading this thread!!!

Welcome to the beginning of Serpent Time!! Be sure to set your clocks back haha

I'm just jumping on to share TD's answers for joao22990.

joao22990, you had some questions (TD's responses are...Well, the piercingly bright text just below your questions haha),

Questions posted by joao22990

posted on 8-11-2007 @ 05:24 PM

1. If you can go to the future, and come back to your time with new technology, wouldn't that make technology a bit... uninteresting? There would be no fun in making new discoveries!
I think going to the future and coming back can make you extra-interested in the technology and in one way or another jealous or over-excited, just because you know your probable future does not mean you do not have to actually live it, it simply makes you anxious to live that future if it looks good.

for example, you go to the future to find you have 4 gorgeous wives and a fruitful life filled with the joys of technology such as space travel with your own craft and even had the opportunity to experience them you would mostly look forward to living out that future, I think it will capture your interest to the fullest.

2. Will there still be those city annoying problems, like, a lot of noise, stress, vandalism?
nope, all that for the most part will be a thing of the past

3. I'm currently desiring to study cinema (realization, production, etc., no acting). I like the idea of hologram technology, but will there still be the Art factor, and good and elaborate stories, characters, and so on?
of course, that will go on for a long time, entertainment/art/expression is very important no matter where you are in evolution

4. Do the jobs still work like nowadays (salary, for example)?
sort of, it evolves into community based structure where everything is provided to you and the "non-essential" stuff is traded rather than bought cause money will eventually fade away quickly and robots and androids will of course be doing a lot their part as well concerning "jobs"

5. What about alien cultures? Will we be free to visit them, and/or join their societies?
of course, that what this is all about to a certain extent

6. Will i become able to have my own space ship, and travel through the universe, searching new planets, or making safaris?

There you go!! TD is on the case..haha You're not annoying at all. They were great questions!!

Hey, Full Circle!! Your observation was interesting. I think you could get "ZION" from "2012". ahah Veddy intedesting...

If you don't mind my asking, What does "Full Circle" mean, or imply? Just curious...I have my own thoughts on it, but wondered if there was any particular motivation behind you choosing that name...

I'll tell you that I sat and labored a short time over my screen name. Not that I was going to spend the whole day on it...I just sort of chose Onthedeck, because it implied the emergence of someone onto the scene (usu. an officer "on the deck"; although I never spent any time in the military...).

It also denoted, if you'll allow me, being on the deck of a spaceship. I liked that connotation...You never know...haah Maybe it was a premonition...You never know...I would be cool to be making a post from that very location...(Ahem to TD...ahahha).

Hi, Cyber!! I'd be happy to take a closer look at some of the songs. They (the songs/lyrics) really are more just poetic, but ordinary observations on life and love. The music is just pleasant...There aren't any overt (or hidden) meanings. I just enjoy listening to it...But I'll take a look and see.

I forgot another awesome album and that was Ray LaMontagne's Trouble. This guy is a force to be reckoned with.

Also, about the Brotherhood. I make an effort to look people in the eye. I notice a lot of people looking back; almost as if they're communicating...I won't read into that, but it's interesting. I feel it's probably just that people are waking up. Could be just me, but I think people notice things are changing. A psychologist (or a lama) would say that you project what's inside out into the world around you; onto people. That's fine with me, because it means I'm in a good place. I see awakened people around me.

I will obviously share any "unusual" experiences I have. But for now, people are people.

I'm looking forward to talking with TD and everyone tonight. Hope Sheldon calls in.

There is a lot happening now. You don't have to "sense" it increasing, because it's visible everywhere. You just have to look.

OK, freedom fighters!! Until next time...

Peace on!!!

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posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by OnTheDeck

When do the machines start doing all the labor? When will we humans be liberated for creative/pleasurable pursuits?

posted on Nov, 9 2007 @ 02:15 PM
Hello, Raoul Duke, win52, Cyber, ATSGUY, TD, spacerocker, our newest volunteer DazedDave (kidding), and all the spaceships at (galactic) sea!!

First, Raoul Duke, I emailed your questions to TD and already got a response. You asked (TD's responses below your questions),

Questions posted by Raoul Duke
posted on 9-11-2007 @ 08:00 AM

When do the machines start doing all the labor?
No matter what I say its a guess, but I i will tell you this, the person who masters creating intelligent interactive robots is an Asian and right now he is young and perhaps still in school like college

When will we humans be liberated for creative/pleasurable pursuits?
this should be realized by 2012

Thank you, Raoul!! I don't know if we need to worry about 2012 (AKA Zion haah) anymore. We're soaking in it, as they say. We'll get there sooner rather than later.

On a side note, I wanted to share something that menguard shared on page 20 of his ATS thread entitled, "We are Gathering." menguard's last post talks about the year 2005, which happens to be, as far as I know, the last year the future version of TD made contact with TD.

menguard says,

Originally posted by menguard
posted on 9-11-2007 @ 01:32 PM

I do recall that the Earth was in 'Suspended Animation' for three months. This had happened I believe in 2005, where I had lost three months. I am curious if any others have had this happened or remember this large gap fly bye, like you were present but the date didn't just add up. You were present, but everything went on like normal, but you experienced some type of 'Time Distortion' or 'Time Condensement'.

It's as if I was allowed to remember, this event, while many others were sleeping through it.

And I asked myself, "how could Three months go bye without me noticing or others."

Ask yourselves, and see if you remember anything within that year that was really different. TRY TO REMEMBER.


Does this ring a bell for anyone? TD?

Also from ATS, and hot off the presses, a poster calling herself Palasheea, someone I'd met and known about since I started posting here, has posted video and photos of what she believes are ETs using her video camera. Palasheea says that she just found these videos on her computer hard drive, and suspects these beings filmed with her webcam and saved these videos on her computer without her knowledge.

Her thread is closed now, but take a look at what she has to offer. Here is a link to the videos (LINK 1 -- LINK 2 -- LINK 3), and here is a link to a still image from the video (LINK). I've saved all of these in case they disappear for some reason.

Here is a LINK to Palasheea's thread entitled, "Movie of an Alien found in my C Directory on My Computer!"

I sincerely believe that Palasheea is telling the truth, and we may be looking at phenomenal evidence. I leave that to the viewer. I have reason to believe that Palasheea was targeted as a result of sharing this information, so take a good look at it.

Also, from a separate forum, I wanted to share others intuitions and experiences with Comet Holmes. Because of my own strange, albeit brief experience, I think these warrant consideration.

In a thread opened to follow Comet Holmes, entitled (the name keeps changing) "UPDATE XII: 17P/HOLMES still maintains same brightness m ~ 2.4!" a poster calling him/herself TP M writes (Page 177,

User ID: 76346
11/9/2007 11:15 AM

I remote viewed the Comet last night.. I have never been so scared in all my life, i was in extacy being washed by waves of colour and energy then i was zapped by a massive electrical discharge in the centre of my forehead, my chakras are still vibrating now, this comet or whatever it is now is changing the dimensions of our solar system, Earth is going to ascend, the wave coming off this thing is going to cleanse the planet by lifting the vibration, this will discard the evil and leave us as higher dimensional creatures in a higher dimensional world.

Love , Learning and spiritualism are the future.
This is my opinion from what i have discerned, i can still feel the power in me, i am changing now. 3d feels slow to me now and i am finding it difficult to stay here, when my mind wanders i transcend...
This is it guys!! The big change all cultures and peoples have been feeling.. It is already available to tap into, i suggest you try , the ones who are meant to , can. We have done this before on other Worlds, now it is the turn of Earth.
Love and light to all.


Another poster remaining anonymous (not sure if this is the same person) writes (Page 178),

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 295215
11/9/2007 11:55 AM

The energy waves are already here now, they can be felt in extreme state of meditation. Things have changed since the explosion, the waves have been getting more powerful. I am in a constant state of meditation at the moment, it is that strong i cannot stop it.. it was beautiful colours, lots of purples and similar colours. It has the power to open your third eye, i have been getting electrical discharges on my forehead..

Things are changing rapidly, people will be able to tap in to it the longer it goes on, it will cleanse the entire Planet and Solar system.
Not sure what it will do to the Sun though.

TPTB are gonna try and spin this #, try and lay the blame and find an enemy, their time is too short, notice all the BS getting rushed through. They are desperate and need the negative energy, do not give them the pleasure!!
Discard all the negative emotions, focus on love in abundance and raise the Consciousness of our World!!


Another poster on the same page writes,

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 322448
11/9/2007 1:21 PM

I was completelly full of energy as you are, and then I began to feel deppressed because i am finding too difficult myself too staying here. It always was but now is really different.


TP M writes again (Page 179),

User ID: 295215
11/9/2007 1:34 PM

I do not think people realize how immediate this is..
I have always been sensitive and have know i was an old Soul here to do something important, i have even been able to OOBE for quite sometime.
I never knew it was a learning curve for now until recently.

This is more than energy, as i type my throat chakras are vibrating like mad. My Crown has like a ring of electrical charge around it, i am super aware.. This is happening right now!!

It is Ascension time. The adept can already feel it now, and soon all will feel it too. Get rid of all that is bad in your life, discard the emotions, ignore the false World and the news. We will not be needing them anymore.
Welcome to the new timeline.


A poster there calling herself boy posts on the same page as above,

User ID: 323904
11/9/2007 1:47 PM

i got bad snarling depressed myself past few days, cause its been so intense, it's like childbirth over and over, and i have a tendancy to snarl at the Old Man who got me this way.LOL.but i'm better now....

cooking and getting ready for sabbath at sundown. on guard to hover over my kin in case this weekend is what i think, then again it could be false labor, had plenty of them, sure ya know what i mean. when this is over, lets go shopping in damascus.

boy also writes on the same page,

User ID: 323904
11/9/2007 1:53 PM

seems like you are picking up the vibe. i stay amazed at how people are picking up on the cosmic vibe, of deep knowledge and dont really realize thats what they are doing. it's a free for all now, it said it would be, that people would become all mystical and stuff. it's comforting to see.

And finally, on this same page, a poster remaining anonymous writes,

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 295215
11/9/2007 1:51 PM

this is normal, everyone needs to get it all out of their system, that is why things will get worse quickly, it is part of the cleansing. rejoice as the negativity gets drawn out like a magnet.
Once its out and gone, its gone for good this time.


I just wanted to share this in case it strikes a chord with anyone else...

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posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 05:31 AM
Hello fellow renegades born into a world knowing nothing, realizing you know something, finding what it is you know, you know, then awakening to totally help in busting the system to smithereens people!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey OTD, they were interesting posts from the other forum you listed. I hope that they are correct. I wish I could see a map of where the comet is going in relation to planets in the solar system.
I had a crack at doing what you did in projecting yourself, but I got side tracked.
I was told to 'try and feel your soul.' An interesting concept granted, but I got no where near achieving this. You have to try to feel your soul by isolating the feel of your body so that all you can feel is the soul. Apparently you will have some kind of powerful experience if you can, as you will be in your natural state. This kind of work is not my strongest area but maybe someone else can try this and tell us about what happens.
Still remembered my dream though. My 'friends' did not make an appearance this time.

As for any memories of missing months in 2005, I can not help you there. I can hardly remember what I did 2 days ago let alone 2 years
If someone said that they had sped up the last 30 years I would believe them as I don't know how it has gone so quick.

Also with the BrotherHood thing. I am told that you will be ready to, or have a higher chance of meeting an ET 'when you no longer see people'
That is something to ponder. I think I know what it means.

Lastly, great radio show as always.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 02:10 PM
Ok I decided to come play with the white coats too...


I've been following this thread for what seems like forever and I really feel like you and I are on similar paths. Most of the information you present here is stuff that I've come across as well. I don't know about you but it feels like I'm on a treasure hunt for the truth. Sometimes I get pieces of the puzzle that fit together and other times I'm left questioning my sanity lol.

There are so many synchronicities for me regarding this thread that its ridiculous. Last week Win52 made the comment about being tired and I found it interesting that my coworkers and I were all extremely exhausted that same day even though we all got enough sleep and didn't do anything different. What is causing us to be so tired? Is this natural for us to be feeling this way now? I think Karen Bishop mentioned something to that effect last month.

Alright, now to respond to some of the things on page 80...

*Ray Lamontagne= awesome. Check out his cd Til The Sun Turns Black. The last track entitled Within You is wonderful. The only lyrics of the song are "War is not the answer. The answer is within you." And the chorus is "love. love. love. love"

*In regards to the comet and other people's experiences, I haven't done my research yet on that bad boy, but I have had similar experiences. My third eye chakra started going nuts a couple months ago. For no reason, I would get pulses of energy flowing through it. And my crown chakra would get a surge of energy from time to time as well.

I don't think they were related to the comet, but more so to the new energy that is present. David Wilcock explains in his Science of Peace series (btw, the cd is definitely worth the money because at the end of the third cd is a great meditation) that this new energy is here now. We are surrounded by it and it is here to help the ascension process. It will work in the same way that the frog embryo changed into a salamander embryo just by a laser beam being shone on it. In the meditation on the cd, you are told to become aware of the energy in the room with you and allow it into your body. What an amazing experience that is!

*One last thing, regarding the accompanying depression. I too have been feeling down the past couple weeks, which is out of character for me. I've also been manifesting bad things (muscle tear in my ribs, cracked tooth, was sick for a whole month), but I think this is all part of the ascension process. One we get past the few bumps in the road, things will be wonderful. I truly believe that.

This past week I took some pics at a family event and found that there were many orbs in a majority of the pics. And just yesterday someone took a couple pictures of me and there were about 10-15 orbs around me. So I think our help has arrived.

Damn that was a lot to catch up on. Gotta run from the white coats now.


posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 04:41 PM
Hey people, i just wanted to say that it was a great radio show last night, I was just listening to it again on the stuff that i missed. it is funny that TD played that song in the beginning of the radio show, loool because i actually was trying to find the name of it for a couple of weeks after i heard it on the radio, its been so long since i listened to Nirvana...loooool

link to the interview:

I sent Shelden a email with the interview so he can listen to it and get a fell of the kind of people we are and TDs story...i hope he is just not offended by some of the stuff we talk about loooooooooool

I am sure you all remember the video Td posted on page 68 Dealing with the explanation of the Mayan calender. Well the man that did the lecture had another video i think it was just put on Google and it goes into a great deal more about the Mayan calender

i jsut looked back on that vid Td posted on page 68, at posted on 12-9-2007 @ 11:11 AM hahahah

Ian Xel Lungold- Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled


posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 05:12 PM

Thanks for the answers, again!
I'm happy to see that it seems a lot of present problems are resolved.
But i sill have more questions!

1. When you say "basic needs" i presume you mean food, water and energy. But what about television, transportation, communication (ex. cellphones, Internet ), computers, education, non necessary food (like, chips, or chocolates) will these be considered basic needs?

2. When you say society will be based on a "trading basis", does that mean people won't be so free of choosing their careers, as they will work more on a "community needs" basis? Or is it the opposite?

3. Relating to the previous question, will communities size averagely be large (Los Angeles), or small?

4. I've read articles were it said that free energy uses quite portable device, like, size of a vulgar car engine, or even smaller. Is it true?

5. Is there any change in philosophy place in everyone's life?

6. Will robots have the ability to reason (thinking on a Logos basis)?

7. When will this (Sith looking) Pope work end? Will the world still be separated by religion?

8. Is there anything in the future that you'd like to change? If yes, what?

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 07:06 PM
Hey OTD, AYSGUY, midniteracerx & the next couple of people to post after this

I am glad you made your debut post to this thread midniteracerx !!!!
I have been meaning to post that our family is not yet complete and that there are a few stragglers we are waiting for to join us. They will know who they are when they find this thread and read back through the pages and find a connection.
Don't worry about the white coats. I know them on a first name basis now, and they often let me out on day release.

Hey OTD, I think I can see the winds of change. I have been wanting to do a new avatar as well, but I can't decide on one. They keep ending up in the trash.

ATSGUY like living on the edge. He shouldn't be afraid of the Syrinx High Priest at the concert. I think it will be my wife he should be afraid of.

It is so sad that Ian passed on when he did. I would love to know where his research would be now if he was still around. To me he only like had a few % more to go to have everything fall into place completely.
Thanks for the links.

Did anyone see this show?
You have to laugh at the sceptic on part 3&4. He has to be being paid by someone surely. How do you sit there and tell a guy who touched and walked around a UFO that was on the ground for 45 minutes and saw it take off that he is wrong.
I would love to be next to that guy during the mass landing.
"You are all imagining this. It is not real. You are not touching them. It is all in your imagination. They are reflections of planet Jupiter." Just then a UFO lands on top of him and he is gone.

When I look up at the night sky now I don't see stars. Multiply what you see by about 10 and you will know how many Planets are out there. Multiply that by a similar number and that is how many Moons are out there. Know that there are Earth type Planets much bigger than Jupiter out Imagine what some of the bigger Suns have orbiting them.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 08:42 PM
Hey Racer, glad you could make it.

The white coats, ah yes, they keep us alert. He He He

My quartz crystal is smoothing my ride out. I was also drawn to those Tibetan Sodium Crystals. There are many things found here that could help a great deal with easing the stress of changes.

I still don't have a good lock on Holmes. I will try hard to make the connection tonight.

Wasp, I will try to hook up, stay tuned folks.

posted on Nov, 10 2007 @ 11:24 PM
Wow!! excellent!! Nice to see everyone!!

joao22990, hang tight!

I mostly just wanted to jump on and say hi and welcome aboard to midniteracerx!! You said (and I think summed it up) that,

Originally posted by midniteracerx
There are so many synchronicities for me regarding this thread that its ridiculous.

I'm really glad to hear that! Aside from the information I've been sharing from other websites, I've also been sharing the trivialities of my day to day life to see if people with an outside/objective viewpoint can recognize signs, or anything unusual.

I am perfectly comfortable with the possibility that I am imagining some of this stuff; but I sincerely don't believe that's the case.

Let's start with the clock thing. I don't remember seeing 1:11, 11:11, 5:55, 3:33, etc., so much in my life. I have consciously been aware of how often I look at a clock now. I almost thought of getting a pad with paper to see how many times I glanced at a clock, and how many times one of these numbers came up. I'll leave that alone. It's enough that I'm aware of something.

Back to the sleep thing. Up until two or three weeks ago I was staying up late, watching TV, etc., having very clear dreams, every one of which I could recall in great detail. Then about two weeks ago or so that all stopped. I have been too tired to think about TV. I just turn off the light, pass out, and sleep all the way through to when my alarm wakes me up. And I'm not remembering my dreams, at all.

Now, the last couple of nights I remembered part of a dream (the Batman and Robin thing), but that was it...I'm still sleeping early, and not remembering dreams.

One interesting thing to note, about two weeks ago (around October 21) I had a Reiki energy healing/massage done. That was the first time I'd experienced that. The timing may or may not be interesting, or coincidental...It wasn't preplanned, but the opportunity just presented itself.

The girl who did it said that my chakras, including my third eye, were open and very active (my crown chakra and third eye were very open and active). She went through each one and balanced it.

When I was done with that I laid there for a couple of minutes, because I was feeling dizzy. I continued to be dizzy for about fifteen minutes or so after that. It wasn't a nauseated kind of dizzy...I was different. Just wanted to mention that.

On a different note, a couple of days ago or so, I took Cyber_Wasp's advise and sort of meditated on Comet Holmes. I had this very calming, gentle "something" (energy?) affect my entire body. It was like a mild euphoria. I wrote about this in a previous post.

Well today this sensation was back. I've been walking around all day extremely calm, and feeling this same full body, constant mild euphoria. Half of the reason I'm writing tonight is because of this sensation. I've felt this monk-like equanimity all day. Very, very strange. It's a very palpable sensation. It's like a relaxed, calm, totally centered feeling of well-being. It's kind of how you might feel after a heavy meditation session; just stretch that out all day.

I will admit also, for midniteracerx, that I was experiencing a sort of depression for two weeks or so, until a few days ago. The feeling was of just being "oppressed". I felt this sort of detachment; almost like being in a silent cone...Hard to explain...It passed a few days ago, and that's when I tried the comet meditation. Who knows what meaning this all has.

midniteracerx, as far as the sleep thing is concerned, I think it has to do with our bodies adjusting to a LOT of stuff going on right now. Cosmically, politically/socially, geophysically, spiritually, emotionally, physically - everything.

David Wilcock said these energies would be accelerating and changing everything, but remember that this energy takes many forms; information and physical events are a manifestation of that energy, and this is something we're dealing with just as much as the intangible stuff. I mean that the comet is tied into this - everything is tied together.

ST in BG, I feel, is sharing a lot of truthful, accurate information with regard to what is happening now. He talks about the sleep, and about our bodies needing rest because of these changes as well. It's not that I couldn't have come to that conclusion myself, but when you have enough people sharing fairly specific information (i.e., the controllers and the justice heading their way, etc.) you have to take it into consideration. I haven't seen too much from ST that has caused me to toss out his information.

My friends are also experiencing lightheadedness, unusual tiredness, and mild dehydration. Isn't it funny how this world became so big on bottled water over the last several years?

I also have friends who were very set in their ways, suddenly opening up to things - and nothing that I've had a hand in; they're doing it on their own. I wonder how many others are reading this thread and wondering about the unusual stuff they're experiencing; or that their friends are experiencing.

There are signs everywhere. Many are seeing them. For those taking some time to recognize these changes, they are seeing turmoil in the political and social environment around them; massive and unprecedented turmoil.

Some people need to see the novelty of a Ron Paul battling the Federal Reserve, and defending the Constitution on the national news; or Larry King talking about ufos; or a woman running for president; or a Katrina, a Mexico, or earthquakes and volcanos. Some have been alerted by their religions; others by the unprecedented and devastating changes and downturns in the economy. Some by the new and pervasive jet streams that criss cross our skies and now block out the sun.

Taken on their own, these things don't separately represent great change. It's just the fact that everything seems to be operating at once, and at a level 11 right now. Questions about our government (see 9-11; ufos; Fed. Reserve) being asked in coffee shops, and on national television; the increase of government whistleblowers, and criminal charges levied against everyone from the top down. Chemtrails, comets, NASA coverups, and 9-11 LIES, and a presidential candidate/sitting Congressman, introducing Articles of Impeachment against the sitting Vice President.

You can't pass on this information, however, if you just keep it to yourself. It is our responsibility to share all of this with our fellow beings. Cyber passed on the notion that light is truth. And when you give someone a taste of the truth, it lights a fire. That individual becomes ignited and that soul can do their work. Shine the light.

Everyone who is able to see these signs now, it's important to share them - in a way that is not intrusive, or invasive to your fellow beings.

It's become clear to me that there are myriad races and beings who are assisting and guiding us toward our introduction into the community of other advanced races. There are, however, those who wish this information blocked, and folks sharing this coming reality silenced. It has also become clear that we are heading inevitably toward this bright future; those folks who struggle to the end to sustain our ignorance are fighting to no avail.

ST in BG, as does TD (and I think win52) says that those attempting to create confusion, and to keep us in the dark will do so until the very last second. Their own livelihoods - their lives are at stake. It does not serve them to allow disclosure, and so they won't. It would destroy everything they have and are.

Because of this intense need to keep us in the dark, when the last few pushes occur to our race, many who were not prepared will indeed be stricken with great fear. ST in BG says that it could border on madness. TD has said that grown men will fall apart and cry. So the advise to "be prepared" really is common sense at this point. And that is the primary message here.

ST in BG is also in agreement with TD in saying that "justice" will be brought to bear against those who have committed these terrific crimes against our race. Yes, all beings are part of the creator, us, and the source. However, there are consequences for actions in this universe; a price to pay. And there will be accountability.

At the moment, for many who see these changes, and who ARE involved in them, there is a propensity, or tendency to question ourselves and our reality. These folks are on the front lines, and sharing their experiences, and being the front runners is a burden they (you) should carry courageously; trust in the process.

There is so much going on right now that it's easy to be distracted. Because things ARE in such "seeming" turmoil (but are underneath working according to a natural plan) it is important to turn it all off and connect with the natural world, and with silence. The social/political world that has taken center stage has drawn our attention away from ourselves, and our natural environment.

I have taken some pleasure in standing outside under the stars and seeking out Comet Holmes. It's a very simple pleasure; and it reconnects me to the "real" universe around me; not the one portrayed by the media.

That's where everyone's focus will be soon enough. Maybe our "friends" will have to turn the TV off for us for a while...haha

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posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 12:05 AM
i just realized something after watching those videos, we are in the 5th day of the cycle...and its 2007 so there is a major change.

I wonder what it is

- all the ufo talk and new vids
- the comet
- ron paul

maybe it still didn't happen yet, but it is strange that this year is incredible with so much awakening happening...i just WOWWWW but something big must happen i guess it could be the comet considering the last time this happened was 1992 i think when the internet came or what ever...just another big change in conscousness...this is really $#*# exciting people
its in part 2 at around 9-11min

just look at this thread, it started in 2007 and without it my shift in this new understanding with all the knowledge we have gained and laid out would not have happened. in fact it was just this year that young people that want a better future and people of all walks of life all over the world ( yes even people from other parts of the world are paying attention to our presidential campaigns)...I mean there is a big shift here!!!2007

just for the record...because of that vid and my obsession with the Mayan calender, i will get it tattooed on my back ( the whole calender) at the will be sick!!!!

our time is from now---to---and before---oct. 28 2011 at least the wait time is shortened a

There was something he predicted that might happen

5th day Nov. 24th,2006--Nov.18,2007 (We meet our Galactic neighbors)

i just thought that was is in part 2 near the end credits

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posted on Nov, 11 2007 @ 01:11 AM
Funny you should mention the clock and those funny numbers that nearly drove me insane. I had started seeing 11:11, 1:11, etc multiple times each day and I nearly cracked. I began to think I was in a twisted movie where god was messin with me. But then I got sick and stopped meditating for all of october and I was depressed for a couple weeks and the numbers disappeared.

Now I'm feeling better and more like my old self again and the numbers on the clock are showing up again. And this time, instead of feeling crazy, I smile and feel grateful for the sign that I'm on the right path again.

On a totally different note, I was drawn to watch The Matrix last night and I had a much different view of the movie after all the spiritual growth I've experienced since I first saw it. All Neo had to do was really believe and know that he could do anything. It really makes you wonder how powerful the mind really is. My recent experiences lead me to believe its VERY powerful.

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