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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on May, 22 2007 @ 06:20 PM
Hi, AcesInTheHole, squidboy, and win 52!!

First, Aces, you suggested,

I would ask him to go to the beginning of time to see if the big bang was real.

TD remembers that this was actually something he tried to do. I can't remember what he said he found hahaa He will read this and hopefully respond. I'll send him an email just in case.

From what I understand, there may be an infinite number of big bangs...Try to imagine existing for eternity. Imagine your essence as being part of a greater essence that never had a beginning and will never see an end...

I feel the reality of this from time to time. Just the sense that I've glanced at the tip of the iceberg, and it really shatters what I took myself to be...

I'll post as soon as the banned td responds. hehe

Hi, squidboy!!

Your story about the graveyard is fascinating. Seriously. I have read elsewhere, not exactly with Collier, that we will each sort of decide how our individual futures manifest...

In a sense, each of us having a choice which reality to move into goes against the "one timeline" theory. Or maybe it doesn't. I don't make the rules.

What I understand is that those who choose to live in a more Service-To-Others, or positive/compassionate world will see this come to pass.

Those who choose to live in a world of negativity, fear, and paranoia (i.e., those who have signed their lives over for a pittance of wealth and pleasure), will get to move into that reality.

And that could very well be in line with what win 52 says above - and I've heard this in several other places - those energies just will not be able to survive the raised frequency and will be forced to move on.

I'm not really sure I understand how that can, or will happen. TD seems to see his - our - timeline going a certain way; and that is how win 52 describes seeing it.

However, when he talks about our timeline being tweaked and altered to some degree (toward a positive end), then that suggests that we have seen these things before, as well as have seen things differently...

I've read somewhere that as we move into a more positive, higher reality, that it will appear to most that nothing has changed, although much will have changed.

It was also said that there will be people on the planet who will have remembered the old world. Your experience with the graveyard reminded me of this.

It was said that many people will look at things as though they've always been this way, but there will be folks, maybe like yourself, who will remember, and who will describe these things to the rest of us...

It was also said that people who choose to leave, or who choose an alternate reality will be forgotten to us on this planet. It will be like these individuals never existed to us.

Just imagine going through your days and knowing the world you are experiencing could have been much different literally, a week, or a month before...

The idea that we create our reality, and that as we "ascend", or whatever term you want to use, that this "creation" can become accelerated to the point that we are manifesting changes as soon as we think about them, is profound.

If the graveyard experience is real, and is any indication of things to come, then right this second changes are occurring. And we might not be consciously aware of many of them.

Collier's statements about these other timelines crashing into our main timeline, and because of that, manifesting elements of these negative timelines was a fascinating idea. I took the U.S. detainment camps and railroad cars with shackles as possibly one of these elements.

I wouldn't let any of that subliminal Big Brother stuff work on your psyche. At the very worst it's another tactic to confuse, distract, and generate fear.

There aren't enough police and military to take this country to prison camps. And even further, the citizens of every country on this planet would overthrow governments that attempted a police state - at least by force. They're doing quite nicely right now by stealth. lol

And I've already indicated in a recent post that there were plans to detonate a dirty bomb atop a building, and gave three possible locations from information I gathered from another website message board.

The tide has turned on this planet. And it's now in favor of the citizens. The desperation on behalf of those running the show is a good indication that they see the wall ahead.

You asked,

Can our actions pop us into the wrong timeline without time travel?

I sent your question to TD. I just don't know. I would say that our thoughts, intentions, AND actions determine how our reality unfolds to some degree. We also have a group/world reality that is also at play...I'll let you know if he responds...

squidboy, you also said,

I sometimes feel like, during that time, my life took a major hit, night and day actually. Still trying to figure it out.

What did you mean? You seem to have a very interesting period in your life. I'd be interested to hear more about what you think happened...

Thanks a lot for your questions!

Aloha, win 52!!

I wanted to say that I started writing the post above, but had to hop out and tried to "Save Reply As Draft". I also saved it as a Word document - just in case - and whaddya know? hahah No saved file when I came back...

Always save. I do it while I'm writing now; to be safe. That way, even if my computer shuts down it's saved as a Word file. My hard drive would have to be irretrievably corrupt for me to lose a message now.

I don't know what to make of the Christian religion as regards our future, except to say that I believe the calamitous, dire events that many see as some sort of Armageddon are most assuredly misinterpretations. Many others see the things depicted as positive. And what about other religions?

Do we believe the Apocalypse the wording in the bible seems to portend, or do we believe in celestial events predicted by the Mayans, who have a calendar that only needs adjusting about once every 350,000 years?

There is no room for doomsayers and alarmists. If you're sharing a reality with me, TD, win 52, and others right now, rest assured you're in the right one. No apocalypse in this one. lol

If you were looking for the apocalyptic reality, you took a wrong turn.

You said,

This will not effect the individual people who have been duped by them, only the perpetrators and people trying to maintain the hoax. This is a basic simple truth about the future.

Right on! They're making their beds as we speak...

You said,

I am glad to see results of putting it all out there for people to react to, being positive.

It makes me feel good. This message should uplift people. Bottom line.

You said,

There was a lot of talk about a civil war. I can say that when the ball starts rolling, this civil unrest will be a world wide event. There will be a cleansing which will wipe out all of the bad people and who or what they represent.

This makes sense. And it certainly agrees with TD's experiences.


The end result is that there will be no more place for evil in this world. It will be forced to relocate, to a world where there are no humans to influence and control...The world will be cleaned up, so to speak.

Wish them well on their journey.

You said,

If you reach down deep inside your self, you know what is brought out in here, is our future. You will feel that this is right, just a gut feeling, but one you can't deny.

If you have eyes to see, and ears to hear. It's a matter of seeing how these things sit with you...Look for new graveyards haha


There is hope for humanity.

Fortunately, it's not a matter of hope, but a matter of fact as far as I'm concerned. Trust in yourself, and your creator. In time all will be as it should.

Peace! Seriously !

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posted on May, 23 2007 @ 07:22 AM
Hi, AcesInTheHole and squidboy!!

I sent your questions to TD. He responded with these brief responses.

Aces, you asked,

I would ask him to go to the beginning of time to see if the big bang was real.


I really dont think so, but that is more a guess, I think it was a mission too.

Hi, squidboy! You asked,

Can our actions pop us into the wrong timeline without time travel?


all I can say is wild and unexpected can happen when it comes to time travel, I would feel most confident saying anything is possible.

I think he talks about the big bang in an interview...Glad we got the interviews when we did. ahah

Regarding what can happen with time travel. I think popping into a different timeline is one of a countless number of very bizarre and unimaginable things that we are going to learn about as time goes on...

TD's memories are rife with technology that includes being able to download a person's entire life, and then uploading it to another person's brain (mind?), as well as being able to move a person's consciousness (soul?) from one body (vehicle) to another.

I just wanted to throw in TD's responses.

Thank you all for the questions!

I know on the surface everyone's world appears basically the same as it did a week, a month, or a year ago. But I wonder if anyone else is feeling like things are "different", because I sure do...

I wanted to include a site that TD sent to me. He has a short video on his website of an eastern mystic, who discusses the changes we're going through.

The video on TD's site was very brief, and in it Osho spoke about erasing the illusionary lines we have created between nations, and to consider ourselves one humanity.

There is a quote from the Dalai Lama regarding Osho,

"Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness." -- H.H. Dalai Lama

The site is called "". There is a page on Osho HERE.

Check it out.

I hope the reality that is upon us is causing a shift in consciousness, and that TD, myself, and others are assisting with that.

Every day we're a big step closer...I hope everyone can feel that in their bones...


posted on May, 23 2007 @ 07:48 AM
If time travel is possible and people from the future have been returning to the past, to various points throughout history, then why isnt this ability common knowledge? Why will it only become common knowledge in the next few years and not already be known?

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 06:50 PM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp!! You asked,

If time travel is possible and people from the future have been returning to the past, to various points throughout history, then why isnt this ability common knowledge?

Why will it only become common knowledge in the next few years and not already be known?

I think others have asked this same question before. I don't think I ever asked this of TD myself, because it's an obvious question.

I think it was more or less answered for me through his experiences, as well as my own research...

I emailed your question to TD. He responded.


well the secret government has been aware of time travel for quite some time indeed, they are the secret keeping blockers and controllers that let greed rule them, and when time travel is common knowledge, it will still be a tremendous privilage to be able to time travel (physically).

its all the bad guys fault really that there are so many secrets.

look at bush senior, he was the head of CIA before reagan, he was the head secret keeping blocker, do you think he was "protecting" the US citizens?

I think he is protecting his own interests and the bank dept. , and on a side note, look at the megadeth album cover showing the muse hints.

I wanted to throw in some stuff about George Bush, Sr., and the Megadeth albums, but will do that after I respond.

I don't have a good answer for this myself. I have an answer that I am somewhat satisfied with, and will share that with you.

There are two types of answers to your question, or two aspects to your question; but I think they're two sides of the same coin. First question is, Is it technically possible to return to our present time? And the next question is, If so, why hasn't it been done?

Technologically speaking, it seems from what I've learned, that there would be nothing stopping a person, or group of people from traveling to our past, or our present time, and providing us with this technology, and all other technology that will be available at some point in the future.

So why hasn't this happened? This was addressed earlier in the thread, but I'll cover it again. The question is, Why hasn't someone from our future - if we are supposed to be an advanced, caring race - returned to this time with this technology?

That's the million dollar question, but I think we're going to learn the answer, regardless, very soon.

I think the easiest and most plausible answer is that there are protocols, rules, or guidelines that are preventing this from happening. I don't believe it's technological shortcomings. LOL

These protocols may in fact be dictated by a more expansive view of our existence on this planet, and the necessity of our race reaching a certain point in development before aiding us in this manner.

It may in fact be a wise judgment for which we can see no good reason, but a decision in which more advanced beings with our best interests at heart can see the absolute logic.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Back to the Future, although presenting some possibly realistic ideas, are not an accurate depiction of this technology, or the true ramifications of its use. These representations are obviously superficial.

I think people have the wrong idea. As far as evolution, or spiritual and social development are concerned, tossing time travel technology at us before we're ready is sort of putting the cart before the horse.

I have learned that there is an element of evolution, growth, or development that must be achieved before certain things can come to pass, or are presented to us.

You should research the earliest depictions of ET's and ufos. We were clearly in contact at a time when our race was early in its development, but we are still sitting here using fossil fuel for our transportation, and extremely expensive means of electrical power for our homes.

I would also ask why, now, this subject esoteric, taboo, and thought of as unbelievable when it apparently hasn't been previous to this time frame? Yes, it's been a subject that was experienced with primitive eyes and mindsets, but "visitations" have been experienced for as long as we've been here.

Keeping this reality from us is a matter of control. And it's no longer going to be kept from us. The intimidation, abuse, character assassination, murder, and every other unconscionable act that has been perpetrated on contactees and other well-meaning individuals will end.

We have now reached the appropriate level of development, because we are being given a boost that will move to the next level as a race. I've heard from some sources that we were ready prior to 2007, but as TD said, this technology was kept from the majority of our race. Guess who gets to enjoy it now? Everyone will benefit, as was originally intended.

Like TD says though, physical time travel is a privilege. To me, this clearly speaks of protocols.

From what I've learned from TD, and in my research, not only are there guidelines for use of this technology that are put in place by much more advanced species, I have come to learn that the universe itself, or god, if you want to call it that, has the final say in how this, or any other advanced technology is used.

Even if it's nothing more than self-correcting changes that are made. This isn't a technology you dump on a race and say, Good luck. TD noted with some humor how some events just could not be changed, however hard he tried.

Imagine a child playing with time travel technology. Would a responsible person allow a child - a being very early in its development - to toy with time travel? It's like handing the wheel of a car over to a five year old. It's a rough analogy, but I think it applies.

It's not something that you ride like a city bus. I think television and movies have oversimplified our lives; and that extends to esoteric ideas, and very advanced matters of space and time. Clearly.

If these advanced beings, or advanced versions of ourselves have not traveled to our time to unveil these technologies, is it because they can't?

No. Our universe is infinite. And our creator is infinite. There is nothing that this universe, or our creator, can't do.

Do you think that god, or the universe, or our creator - whatever you want to call it - has hit a brick wall with time travel, and can't invent it, or isn't able to provide this technology to our race at this time? No!

The word impossible does not exist in my vocabulary. It should not exist in yours. To use this word is to impose a restriction on yourself that you will only see ripped from you again and again. I say, toss out the word impossible, and replace it with the word possible. For our creator, nothing is impossible(!). This universe will show you things that absolutely defy explanation, and we are able to have a front row seat to all of it. Buckle up.

OK, I could go on, but I'll leave it at that. My take is that there is a natural process that must occur, and that includes our development. You will be able to hear it from the horse's mouth pretty soon, however.

With regard to TD's mention of George Bush, Sr. and Megadeth, I offer the following.


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posted on May, 23 2007 @ 06:50 PM

First, I wanted to mention the December 2006 video that has been posted all over the Internet of George Herbert Walker Bush's display of emotion at his son, Jeb Bush's, final leadership forum as Governor of Florida. Here is a LINK to a video of this speech.

If you consider the steely nerves of this former head of the CIA, of his son, George W., and the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, you have to wonder what could bring a man to the point of breaking down to this degree.

One site asks the obvious question,

"Why did he cry so?"


There is an obvious question here, and that is, truly, why George Bush, Sr. broke down to such a degree. If you watch the video, your gut will tell you that he's not crying about the proceedings, but seems to be deeply upset beyond what these circumstances would dictate.

Another site asks the same question, and offers a possibility,

The other day George H. W. Bush dissolved into tears (see a video if it here) while delivering a speech in Tallahassee. He was talking about his son, Gov. Jeb Bush, and his defeat in the 1994 Florida gubernatorial race, when he suddenly broke down. This was portrayed in the media everywhere as an example of a sweet old guy's getting sentimental in his old age.

First of all, Bush Sr. is not just some sweet old geezer. This is a very strong man, genuinely tough despite the Mr. Rogers' folksiness, and when you see him break down like that, you should ask yourself why.

I'm no psychologist, but there's a word for this phenomenon: Displacement. In layman's terms, and these are the only terms I'm qualified to speak in, Displacement occurs when you really are upset about one thing -- but that one thing is so terrible, or so awful to contemplate, or so impossible to admit consciously, that you convince yourself that you're upset about something else.


I think the above article touches on a truth here, but may have misplaced the possible source of G. W. H. Bush's pain.

I don't have links, but I have read that this display may be a realization of a terrific financial loss, either involved with 9-11, or the Leo Wanta story, or possibly a realization that their reign - their regime - is about to come to an end. I leave that up to everyone else to speculate.

Concerning the Megadeth album covers, I could only find three that might apply.

The signs are all around you.

I'm posting more soon...Need to take a break...

Tick tock...

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 10:23 PM
I spoke in an earlier post about visions of Armageddon, apocalypse, calamities and related prophecies indicated in the bible. I haven't researched these specific prophecies too extensively, but I understand that interpretation plays a big role.

It's been a fundamental question about these aspect of the bible, but what compassionate and omniscient god would punish those who didn't follow him?

I've come to the conclusion that this interpretation of the bible is due to editing and alterations made by those in power who wished to use the bible as a means of control (i.e., through fear), or it is simply a misunderstanding of what these passages really mean.

What I have chosen to do instead is to read the words ascribed to Jesus, most likely accurately, and used the picture that he created to get an idea of his philosophy.

For example, Jesus was known to have said,

“The kingdom of God does not come visibly, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.”


This, to me, is another way of saying we embody the father, literally. I read it as saying that we are a part of the father, or the creator.


"Blessed are you poor, for yours is the kingdom of God"


Jesus talked about the miracles he performed, and said,

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.


This, too, seems fairly clear in indicating that each of us has access to the source, or creator, that Jesus does. One could extrapolate, also, that we have access to these same abilities.

In fact, if you read the words ascribed to Jesus, it becomes abundantly clear that he means we are all a part of the source, and he appears as a messenger to bring awareness of this to us.

He says,

14:17. The spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, nor knoweth him. But you shall know him; because he shall abide with you and shall be in you.


I've read this elsewhere as, "The Kingdom of Heaven is all around, but men do not see it." I think it's one and the same.

The statement is kind of sad. Here is a guy, saying, "You cannot receive the spirit of truth," that is, "know the truth" (i.e., about the world, and our creator), because we "seeith him not". He is telling us that we cannot see him; that he is all around us. Not only that, "he shall abide with you and shall be in you." A very fortunate thing.

The sad part is being a part of the "Kingdom", but not being able to see it. I believe this will change for us soon.

There is much written on ufos in the bible (as there are in the Vedas, etc.) that I believe has merit. I'll include at least one passage below that, to me, leaves little doubt. Here are a couple of links showing ufos in antiquity - Site 1, Site 2, and Site 3.

One such indicator is the story of Ezekiel's Wheel from Ezekiel 1:16. One website has an article with excerpts from a study of this story that was done by a NASA engineer.

The article states,

The following is a passage by passage analysis of Ezekiel chapter one that is based on the work of NASA engineer Josef Blumrich.


Ezekiel 1:16 (NIV)
This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like chrysolite, and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel.

So I thought about this. What is the craft shown above? It still seems rather mystical looking, and even if it is a spacecraft, it really doesn't make the story told in the book of Ezekiel any clearer. The rest of his narrative still seems pretty confusing to me.


It is very interesting to note the events of Jesus' ascension,

Jesus did not tell His disciples they should expect to go to heaven. He spoke instead of a kingdom originating from God in heaven that is to be established on the earth at His second coming. Notice Jesus' explanation that He would come to join His followers on earth at His return rather than have them ascend to heaven to be with Him where He currently resides.

And even more interesting is how Jesus departs, and the statements made by two men in white, during his departure,

Let us notice the instruction His disciples received after He rose into the sky.

"Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, who also said, 'Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven'" (Acts 1:9-11).

I don't know how you read that, but I believe Jesus may have departed in a sort of ufo, and he will return in "like manner".

When Jesus returns, it is said he will return with his father, and both shall remain with man on earth.

Possibly relevant to TD's story are statements referring to God in the Old Testament as "Lord of Hosts". This article translates this phrase the following way,

Almost 300 times, the God of the Old Testament is referred to as the Lord of Hosts. The word host is taken from, tsaba', pronounced tsaw-baw'; a mass of persons (or figuratively, things), especially organized for war (an army). The proper rendering of the phrase is "Lord of Hosts" is Yhovah of the Army.

The article further describes this lord's return,

This is an army, or fleet, of many thousands of chariots and millions of beings called the Malak, or angels. The Army of the Lord is actually so large it can't be numbered. The chariots of God are also called chariots of fire and are described as flying. It is also clearly stated that the clouds are his chariots.

Since Jesus is Yhovah of the Old Testament, and because he will return coming in the clouds it is doubtless that those clouds are the flying chariots of fire of 2 Kings.

Thousands of them certainly constitute a fleet. Bible text states that this fleet was involved in the creation of our current biosphere and will be the force that wrests control from the rebel angels that have power over the Earth and imprison these rebels for a 1000-year period.


The above mention of a fleet really caught me off guard. It's very interesting about the 1,000 years, because win 52 suggests (and I'll join him in this) that when the planet is purged that we will see 1,000 years of peace; interpreted as an eternity of peace.

When we receive the 1000 year Millennium Kingdom, we get Jesus literally coming down from heaven to rule our earth from the city of Jerusalem.

When we get the New Heaven and the New Earth - we will now get God the Father Himself literally coming down from heaven to our New Earth and New Heaven to live and dwell with all of us forever and ever! In other words, we will have both God and Jesus living with all of us forever and ever in this New Heaven and New Earth!


I think it was win 52 who said that we would be recognized as champions for having lived during this time period; that we will be recognized for this. TD says something along the same lines. Everyone will be a rock star.

Here's to that!

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 10:39 PM
I wanted to include another confirmation for what TD and win 52 have been saying, as well as what many others have been saying.

I found a new post on the Open Mind Forums website (lucianarchy(dot) in the "Disclosure, ET, Spiritualism & Religion" thread.

A poster named "stellarflare" made a post yesterday that stated almost verbatim what TD has been saying. Here is an excerpt from that post,

To all the wonderful people that may read this message, I wish you all my warmest regards and strongly attached feelings that I have for all of you. Events that have come to pass throughout our own lives as Contactee's and Abductee's, I reveal to you my alliance in fighting along side you and to deliver this message.

To the malevolent alien lower dimensional and physical entities that feed off of our love of Source. To the cabal who will fail for crimes against Life throughout history on this World.


How do I know this?

Because we bare witness to Source that Ascension is at hand. The reason why they are lashing out at us even more now is because they are desperate to stop the Earth Changes you see and feel and know are upon us now. They will fail at this because of intervention from our guardian's. The real axis of evil that has spread across the planet, dumbing down the world population is in full reverse.

The time has come for the forced off world removal of the malevolent entities that have denied our right to control our lives as sentient beings. The cabal in its entirety are at their end of days. There will be no place to hide. We gather our strength in numbers to deliver this message, to reassure others that the cloud of evil deception that has played out against our Earth is at its end times.

SOURCE - Lucianarchy(dot) - Disclosure, ET, Spiritualism & Religion, Page 26

This post blew me away.

An admin entered the thread to show support for stellarflare, and said there is an audio interview at the site to offer background on his story,

Thanks for stepping back in Stellarflare.

For those newer members, Stellar joined us live for our first OM Skypecast on Jan 21, 07. You can listen to him explain his experiences in even greater depth by accessing the OM Cast archives.

SOURCE - Lucianarchy(dot) - Disclosure, ET, Spiritualism & Religion, Page 26

I say check it out...

Will keep you posted...

posted on May, 23 2007 @ 10:55 PM
i ain't about to read this whole huge thread to give my snappy answer to dumb questions.

someone probably already said this, and meant it as a joke, but seriously, the question is:
"what time is it"?

more accurately stated as, "what is time"?

posted on May, 24 2007 @ 07:06 AM
Hey OnTheDeck

Everyone has been talking about the book or the video called "The Secret". It sort of presents what your were saying in your last 2 posts in an another way. Have you seen the Video? I think you would be interested.

posted on May, 24 2007 @ 09:42 AM
I know there are a lot of people who believe that Jesus was a Man who had some inspiring ideas. They insist that the Bible was just a book.

The main problem with modern Religion is that the original message has been corrupted by people with hidden agendas. It is to the point that I am sick of hidden agendas, and I would like to spit all of that out like sour milk.

I did a stint in a Church, but they wanted me to think the way their literature was slanted. I could not, so they turned their backs on me, so to speak. This is absolutely "NOT" the message Jesus brought for us. Try not to lump Jesuse's message into any specific group, and you are on the right track.

We need to be understanding, not controlling.

posted on May, 24 2007 @ 01:39 PM
Hi, billybob, Cyber_Wasp, and win 52!!

billybob, I will answer your deceptively simple question in a bit. haha At the moment the answer is 2:30pm in Virginia, U.S.
Hi, Cyber_Wasp!

I have heard of the secret. I think it's important to disseminate this information for free. The producers of that movie, by asking for payment, have themselves deliberately limited their own potential audience by doing so.

This information needs to get to every sector, quickly, unadulterated, and for free. This is the spirit and the truth that should be guiding this release.

The information, I feel, that we are all imparting and sharing is critical beyond measure. The immense gravity of getting this information out to as many as people as possible as soon as possible should dictate your own disclosures - not profit. You should not be limiting exposure to this information.

Besides, the information in The Secret can be found in several other places, and in an interactive form; i.e., on message boards. What is important right now is our present; and our immediate future. This moment is important.

Pieces of dramatic art, or documentaries are a commodity. Sincere individuals should not be treating this information as such. It is the right of every individual to receive this information now, free and clear.

I appreciate you sharing that though. Don't take the above personally. The people that need this information the most can't afford to pay for it. Realize that and get it out now. None of this is privileged information. It is our birthright.

I am posting at the moment to bring attention to another piece of information that has suspiciously been pushed to the bottom of the pile, risking this new information being lost.

I think the information contained at this sight corroborates with TD's and win 52's statements.

Poster, bridas, has shared information from a geocities website that I believe he has created (not sure).

bridas talks about an individual who gives his name as Emit Rekkert, which ends up being Time Trekker spelled backwards. This individual says he is from our future, and shares much about the time we are in now.

Here is a LINK to the info page there on Emit.

Emit says that he is here as an observer, but gives insight into things he says are about to occur,

2011 A great travail will become a dark cloud over the Earth until "The great Harvest" occurs. I look forward to that event as the rest of my journal will come from observing it. This event is connected to what you have called "planet X". The only thing I can tell you now is that it is not a planet and it will be the source of your survival as a species and not the beginning of the end as they controllers would have you believe. I will soon leave this juncture and go to 2011 to await the event I call "The Harvest".

2012 I will soon leave this juncture and go to 2011 to await the event I call "The Harvest". I am limited as to the details of this coming event but can assure you that it's occurrence in 2012 is written in stone. It is the climax of this millennia. The awakening will culminate in 2012 during the Harvest event I mentioned earlier. Jesus mentions this event in what you call the New Testament.


Here is also a link to the website bridas speaks of -- LINK

You can learn more about Emit there. Also at this website is an "ascension" article that talks specifically about these changes (I believe bridas' posts paraphrase from this information) -- LINK

These events include an "invasion" that Emit mentions as being a harbinger for larger events and, eventually, the Harvest,

The ‘invasion’ (The invasion I refer to is not what I call it but what many are calling it. The war will start over the perceived threat of America's loss of sovereignty by open borders allowing millions to come in.

It isn't a perceived racial threat but rather a "numbers" threat. The fact that your paper dollars will soon be recognized as worthless will add to the chaos that exacerbates the situation. ) presently occurring along the Southern Borders of the USA will precipitate the conflagration within the next 10 months.

Your currency, called the dollar, will very soon become a thing of the past but only after much global turmoil and unrest over the collapse of your various societies and what you call "nation states". Many will die as a result of wars, suicide, hunger and pestilence. A great travail will become a dark cloud over the Earth until "The great Harvest" occurs.


There is a lot of information at that site. I am grateful that bridas has shared this with us.

Bridas also says that another individual named, Sharon, has been helping him with getting information from Emit. I'm not sure where Sharon comes into play, because I haven't seen anything about her yet on his website.

I understand, maybe incorrectly, that Sharon and her son were posting at Godlike Production Forum message boards, but have since stopped,

With the help of Sharon, Emit posed his initial question on the Godlike Productions Forum on 5/15/2006 at 10:42 AM. The post was titled, "A question for all of you". His last post was on 5/16/2006 at 9:16 PM.

I must admit to being sceptical and I wondered why the user ID had been used on the same forum before Emit`s post. I was later to find out after some prodding on my part that Sharon`s son had been posting there and Emit had posed a few initial questions to see what kind of answers he could get from Forum members.

That was until I got the following private message from her on the 26th of July 2006, "I will not go into it right now but (son`s name) and myself will no longer be posting at GLP (Godlike Productions Forum, where I first met Sharon on 5/15/2006). I will visit the site to read your threads. Let us just say that I was given warnings on what I divulge on the net.


Bardis also talks about music in our future. I wanted to post this, because someone had asked about the future of music in this thread.

Bardis says (I believe it was him) that he was given some music samples, and also mentions that the Wingmakers site also has some good samples of what could be representative of music in the future.

I've listened to some of the Wingmaker's music and it kind of sounds like New Age/Astral sort of music. I'll let you all decide for yourselves.

Of the music he was given, bardis says,

What would music from the future sound like? What would be its purpose? These questions and more were asked of Emit and Sharon. They kindly shared five pieces with forum members. Sharon told me she had been given many more.

"The Wingmakers left some of their art and music around the planet, like time capsules from the future, for various purposes of which I am not permitted to detail.

I can say this; music will evolve into a drug! There is music I have heard that would put you into a mental state of pure ecstasy! You would never want it to stop. There will be music that will alter your consciousness in deeper and safer ways than certain herbs and roots and mushrooms do in this era. "


Bardis says that these pieces of music are currently being hosted by The Book of Thoth website.

To me, this is just another revelation and confirmation for what TD, win 52 and others are sharing.

This stuff will soon be hard to ignore...


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posted on May, 24 2007 @ 09:44 PM
I may have found more confirmation for TD's story, the changes going on right now, and the direction we are headed.

I've been reading the message boards at the Book of Thoth website, and have found some fascinating posts by a man calling himself Ragnarok.

Ragnarok's first post is on April 18, 2007. He says that he has learned how to channel after practicing daily meditation for twenty years. He says, about this ability,

I have a deep interest in understanding the nature of reality especially that which lies beyond the veil of what is empirically observable. To this end I have developed (after 20 years of daily meditations) some proficiency in conscious chanelling as a vehicle to understanding.


He goes on to say,

I have over the past few years been growing an ability to connect with my spirit guide and other spirit beings. As a result of this contact I have received a whole of info and understandings.


Through his meditations/channellings Ragnarok has made contact with an entity that I have a hard time describing (he calls this entity basically the consciousness of a race).

Here is some of what Ragnarok says he first learned from his contacts,

So: on to the channeling. I discover I have an incarnational history in the Pleiadian system. That is, my previous lives were not here on planet earth but rather on planets in the Pleiades. So, recently I was pondering the question of UFO's etc. I reached out to "someone from the Pleiades that has an interest in Human-Earth-Now affairs". One of their number told me:

There is more out there than you can imagine. The simplicity of the illusion of “us and them” that you have managed to confine yourselves to is about to come to an end. As you enter the next dimension you release from yourselves the illusion of separateness. You will be forced to confront the complexity of the environment that you find yourself in.

He was refering to the coming 2012 "shift in human consciousness" hypothesis, which I had previously established as something I am familiar with.


Part of the shift to which he refers (and which we're now all familiar lol) is the great influx of what he calls Starseeds. These include beings from other planets, races, and dimensions, of which the Indigo Children are a part.

He says that aside from beings incarnating from other dimensions and planets, there are also old earth souls who have chosen to be here for this change.

More on Starseeds,

Starseeds are people that have their spiritual story on planets other than earth. By this I mean they have reincarnated on other planets before being born here. There are more Starseeds here now than at any point in our history. This is for two reasons:

1. This is a very important point in the planets development. A number of the more positive space civilisations wished to assist in this progression by having some of their people incarnate here to help elevate the energies here and assist with the transition. Many come here from the 5th dimension to act as pathworkers to show the rest of us the way.

2. What occurs here now is nothing short of amazing and miraculous and fascinating. Many would simply wish to be here to see and experience first hand this in-situ evolution of spirit that is the “Shift in Human Consciousness”.


Ragnarok has offered to answer questions of other posters by "talking" with his guide(s). He has answered some questions on the site already.

Some of the information Ragnarok shared includes the origin of the grays; the origin of the black-eyed humans; the early tampering of our race from eons ago, and much more.

Here is something he shared about the origin of the grays. It actually made me look at them in a completely different light. A poster asked him about the seeming immorality of the grays,

Way back in their history... they had something very bad happen... something like a huge global war which almost wiped them out...based upon something like ethnic differences. As an analogy if we on earth had a war between all the whites, the blacks, the asians, etc. Their response was to decide to create a race that was identical...They also worked to eliminate emotions... this they thought was the root of evil. So... they tinkered with their genome until they produced a hybrid of all of them... a little grey baby. Miraculous! They celebrated and cloned and cloned and cloned untill these greys eventually were the only population and all the others had died out. And now all these millenia later, they do indeed have a "network mind" and no emotions and they are identical twins of each other.

They also have become infertile...They are a race in pain. And they lack the emotional tools to mourne... to grieve... they are so lost and so confused. They keep turning to science for a solution. and so they come to earth. They see our "robust" genome and they think they will tinker with us until our bodies are an appropriate host for their incarnations. And so they begin to do this. There is no "wrong" in this for them... they HAVE NO EMOTIONS. They are simply doing what they must.


This is a sad story.

On the black-eyed humans he had this to say,

A being that appears totally human but with eyes that are completely black. These eyes have no whites, no iris and no discernible pupil. They are entirely black. These being may approach you in an acceptable manner and may request permission for something - to enter a personal space etc. Should this permission be denied they may become abusive and aggressive and may alter their morphology somewhat, displaying fanged teeth or some such.

There seems to have been a society on planet earth from a time before our civilization...that engaged in some kind of magical practices involving their own emotional body. The result seems to be that they disconnected themselves from this body. The problem here is that beings derive an energetic input via the emotional body. The concepts of the kundalini and the chakras are related here.

...these beings became trapped in planet earth's spiritual environment as a result of their actions. Their time came and went, they ceased to incarnate here and they were unable to ascend to higher levels of spiritual actualization. So they are trapped...some of them are able to materialize a body and use this as a vehicle that can enter our conscious awareness.


The main theme in Ragnarok's posts is love and compassion. He seems to be receiving information about the larger picture, and his impression is that it is all "play". No work. That even we have chosen to take our parts here, but everything is a cosmic play.

His concept of a universal game of which we are all a part, and of love and connection with all races is echoed all over. He says that many races have not only come here, but have "tampered" with our race eons ago.

The larger picture, he suggests, is one of "design". He says that the negative "controlling" forces will be forced to depart; that they would continue their lessons elsewhere, and the heart focused beings would ascend. And when earth makes the shift, our varied races will bring our camaraderie out into the universe; to change the universe, and all of the races that inhabit it.

You can read all of Ragnarok's posts from his profile

Pass it on...

posted on May, 24 2007 @ 10:03 PM
I want to share a revelation of Ragnarok's that hit home with me. Ragnarok explained that he would dream of ufos arriving, and everyone being scared but him,

As a kid I used to have dreams about ufo's arriving and everyone would be scared but I wasn't... I somehow knew "my people" were in them. I once even had a dream that HUGE discs parked over each city in the world.

Then they "beamed me up" and asked me to be a interlocutor for them because I could really understand both earth people and my own people, the aliens.


I don't know about anyone else, but I've had numerous dreams of this exact same scenario (minus the translator part...that I can recall) since I was young.

I also wanted to add that it's interesting he had a dream of being beamed up into a ship during the "arrival" and was asked to be a translator...Will this happen during the mass landing...?

Just stuff to think about...And look forward to. hahah

Another thing he said about the changes going on, and the various races and beings now on the planet,

There is also an understanding that one way or another all of the great civilisations of our galaxy have some genetic representation on earth. It is hoped that with the 2012 shift in consciousness this will place earth humans in the unique position of being able to provide a point of unity between all the factions. Peace and understanding may blossom from here.


He also says about 2012,

Let me start by saying that on (or about) this date the earth as a whole will move from being in the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. This is as a result of a reordering, an evolution if you wish of the whole spiritual environment of this plane.


He says that this shift to the 5th dimension means,

You are currently choosing the 3rd dimension illusion that you are a body travelling through time. This is incorrect. An acceptable illusion, but incorrect. A higher version of the truth is that you...are a cloud of potentiality.

In the third dimension you can only "see" one possible outcome to each decision and only in one direction (the direction that time appears to flow). From the 5th dimension you can "see" or rather, BE, all the possible outcomes of all your possible decisions in any direction of flow of time. You become ALL OF YOU.


Finally, about our experience of the shift itself he says,

So, you ask "how are we gonna experience this shift". I can't tell you this. We are told not to try to prognosticate about this. You see you need to take responsibility for your reality. You need to make choices about how you want it to be. Realities diverge. You choose.

Those that will stubbornly and steadfastly keep choosing a fear-anger-hate existence will probably experience all the fiery Armageddon horror that they wish for themselves and then (I am told) they will simply dis-incarnate at the shift. They will continue their journey elsewhere. I can't know. Those that choose love-truth-joy will probably experience a world that increasingly moves to peace and then... SHIFT!... a wondrous new reality utterly different from this one. Be assured the shift will not be a little whimper.


Rock on, fellow travelers!

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posted on May, 25 2007 @ 10:32 AM
When I asked about this, if/how it relates to the Bible, and all of what has been brought out in here over the last few posts, there seemed to be a response of amusement. Amusement at the fact that I was still holding back complete trust in what is going on.

It was like they were trying to deal with a child. After all I have been through, I still hold back complete trust. They said I was one of the more open minded humans on this planet, but they were amused at my lack of trust in what I am shown.

That brings us to the reality of what is going on. If it is that hard for me to trust what is going on, how hard is it for other people who have not had any encounters.

It would be almost like draging a wet, angry Badger through a tight hole. In other words, almost not possible.

The fact we treat each other with such little respect these days, is a result of us being cheated, lied to, and abused by other "aparent" humans. We have a few thousand years of opression to overcome. We trust few things, and if you add the fact that these things come from outer space, we are swift to reject it.

What a plan the enemy has developed.

The internet we use today, is being used to inform the people about the impending conflict and our roll as humans within the scenario. It is a good thing, that will bring us to a point in time where the evil influence will be removed. The basic conflict is between good and evil. Which side do you stand on?

I was not able to get a definite yes about what is brought up by Emit. There was just an amused reaction and a response of "Are you still having trouble trusting us?". That is a direct result of the 6,000 or so, years of a cold war that has been going on between good and evil.

A "Yes" response would have resulted in me digging my heels in, till I saw it first hand.....I am such a Thomas, at times. So they are not going to force me to do anything. They are going to go about doing what they have intended to do, since we got lost..Lost?.. We have been lost since evil came into the picture.

Lost?..... We lost the knowledge of where we came from, who we really are, and the purpose of our existence. We have lost our direction and heritage. We have been cheated for thousands of years. It is time to take it back.

We trust few, so they will have to drag us, like that Badger, into our future, without the influence of evil. I was told the majority of the people will reject this message of hope, so the only way is for that mass event, all roads lead up to.

posted on May, 25 2007 @ 12:17 PM

It is almost not possible for us to accept an intervention. It is necessary for us to be informed on a one to one basis. We all still try hard to reject the facts.

We are very intrenched in our ways and thinking.

It is a big Universe out there and we are a very small part. We do deserve to know our history. This information has been kept from us, by an evil infection in the universe.

We are a part of a war being fought on our behalf, by our root ancestry. It is one that evil cannot win. They are heavily out numbered and will be removed permanently. It is, in part, a discovery. The whole universe is watching the end result. It is already clear to all the races watching our awakening, evil will not be allowed any more influence.

We are still in the dark, only because we trust no one. That basic trust in other beings is what evil has been working to destroy.

Did you catch the internet sting, where guys were set up to meet with a young woman (13 yrs old)? They were then confronted by camera crews and police. These guys were very freaked at being caught. Why did they think it was ok, if no one caught them? They seemed like regular guys with their hands caught in the cookie jar. Is that why people are so eager to reject any attempt at uprooting evil? Do they want evil to thrive?

What is your choice? That is the start of understanding where you are going to end up.

posted on May, 25 2007 @ 02:41 PM
Hi, win 52!!

Excellent posts!! I was going to ask you if you had received anything from your contacts/guides/friends recently and there you go!

I completely understand and relate to what you said about believing. It's funny that you're experiencing these things, but still have doubts. And you're right, it just shows how far others may have to go before they can have the luxury of believing these things.

What I see in TD's story is very real, and yet it is so far out that the possible reality of it just boggles the mind. It seems a very difficult prospect to accept.

And yet, I can't believe how I have come to truly believe in his story. Seeing your posts, and others' posts, as well as hearing from the people that TD is in contact with has even more confirmed the reality of these things for me.

I have come to accept these things as real. I feel this to my core. I have been experiencing things my whole life, and the things that are happening now, and the information and experiences you, TD, and others are sharing are partly a reality I had already been living in to some extent.

That's why this stuff really rings true with me. Without the benefit of experiences that make us question our reality, I can kind of understand why people struggle with it.

These things resonate with me, and it is in large part because of my own experiences. You said it before, people need to test the truth of this by their "feelings" about it; their intuition. For me, these things just connect with a core part of myself.

I lose nothing, however, by having one or more of these things play out differently than is being presented (of course, everything but the kitchen sink is being presented, so odds are something will hit LOL). I only adjust to the circumstances.

All TD and you and everyone else is saying is "be prepared"; but also trust in yourself, your intelligence, your independence, and your creator. You cannot go wrong with this message.

I also feel that these people need to connect. The powers that be (at the moment lol) are making great efforts to divide, confuse, and silence individuals such as yourself. They are threatening, overtly, people that are coming forward, and for sharing what they have to share.

As you can see, we are all still here and sharing. Although the baddies, controllers, cabal, or whatever you want to call them, are using underhanded tactics in an effort to upset, or to slow the inevitable, through stealth, deception, disinformation, and fear, etc., at this point it is more frustrated meddling than it is a potent force against what is happening.

To many trying to get this stuff out, and for those who want an accurate picture of what's going on, predictions are a terrific Achilles' Heel as far as getting your message out.

All the baddies have to do is to present an individual who seems sincere, and to have that individual provide some possibly truthful information (and some confusing, inaccurate info; "disinfo") with a prediction that will not come to pass, and you have dissuaded people from listening to any of these messages - people end up throwing the baby away with the bathwater, so to speak, and dismiss everything.

And if you send several of these disinfo agents out, then you've increased your ability to negate the real, positive messages that our friends are trying to get through.

It doesn't matter in the end, however, because the good messages, for the most part, is falling on deaf ears. We have been so mislead, lied to, programmed, and kept in the dark that none but a few open-minded souls will take these messages in.

It takes some effort, and some honest examination of our beliefs about life and existence, but everyone can benefit from these messages if they are able to honestly do that.

It also doesn't matter, because these messages are simply a sign (and a comfort) to us of things to come. They don't need to be heard, or heeded, because what is going to happen is inevitable.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, they have the luxury of knowing where we are headed, and they can begin to feel these changes inside NOW.

For everyone else, it's all right. They will get there. And they will be able to live the life that we are telling them they will have.

It's great that there are websites dedicated to this material, but I'm at the point that I am now keeping up with several message boards.

There are several individuals who I believe have the potential to be real participants/contactees given the messages they are imparting.

Here is a list of people to keep your eye on:

At the Book of Thoth message boards:


At the "Open Mind Forums" - lucianarchy(dot)


win, thank you very much for your posts!!

I strongly feel that these separate individuals need to know that all of us are out here saying the same thing. It's encouraging to me, I know it's encouraging to TD, and to you, win.

I am going to see if I can connect these folks. Among the many things I've read about beings on this and other planets, I've taken particular pleasure in hearing about how when positive beings come together for a common cause, that the glow from this concert of intentions is something to behold.

I hope that all of these people can meet with those here and elsewhere who are sharing this message; to start a network. I see this as an excellent opportunity, and as a great time to create a community of these particular individuals. To create an immense group of people to carry forward this work.

Thanks again, win!! Keep it going! And have faith!


posted on May, 25 2007 @ 03:43 PM
What took you so long?

OK, only kidding

How did you get here?

No, realy, how the hell did you get here?

posted on May, 25 2007 @ 05:04 PM
Hi, BeyondPlanetEarth!!

Aloha and Buenos Dias.

This is funny,

What took you so long?

Bad directions. ahaha

You also asked,

How did you get here?

No, realy, how the hell did you get here?

My friend, Renato, who is the person of which we speak haah was born in New York in 1973 at the age of zero.

He is 33 now, and lives in Pennsylvania with his lovely wife four children (if I'm off on the number I know he'll let me know...He just had a boy, but I think it's four).

He was born in '73 and has a lived a (virtually) normal life. His time traveling experiences stem from a six day missing time/abduction experience in 1992 when he was 18 years old.

All of his experiences are detailed either in this thread, or at his website,

There is a timeline of past events in the thread somewhere. He has also made statements about his memories of traveling to our past and future.

During his travels, although they occurred during his six day abduction, actually lasted on the order of twenty-five or more years. He traveled to our near and distant future and past, lived on a planet that he calls Xion, and then was age-regressed, had his memory wiped, and was returned to earth on this same timeline six days later.

He says that we are going to see a concert/contact event in the next one to three years that will take place in Pennsylvania. Following this concert by a year or so will be what he and others have described as a mass landing, the arrival, a swarm of bees, or the invasion, which will actually be a positive, and profound contact event that will change our lives on this planet forever.

It will be the beginning of our freedom en masse, and will usher us into an eternity of abundance, love, joy, and community, both on earth, and out in the universe.

It's basically where we will get to really live like we have never been allowed to live before.

TD (Renato) and I have described these things over the forty-something pages of this thread, and in other threads, and in interviews and in his book at his website.

The short version is that we are about to experience the most profound changes in the history of the human race. And it's going to happen in the next one to five years. So enjoy your life. It's about to get much better.


posted on May, 25 2007 @ 08:06 PM
Hey how can different places in the universe be in different dimensions at the same time?
Like if we are in the 3rd dimension on Earth atm doesnt that mean that if you were taken on a ride else where in the universe you would die as you could not cope with being in another dimension?
How did TD cope with travelling between the 3rd and 5th dimension on his travels to the future?

posted on May, 25 2007 @ 10:30 PM
Hi OntheDeck and TimeTraveller!

I haven't talked with you guys in a long time.

Peace my friends!

There was something that was bugging me...and I heard a certain question, that struck a chord with me that was layed out in a T.V. episode from Star Trek Enterprise:


(Trip and Malcolm were discussing Time Travel)

Trip: "Malcom... if you were to find out 'who' would be your soul-mate; the love of your life and it was written down ahead of time for you to know EXACTLY what was to come about in your lifetime...and the result was 'happlily ever after', how would you feel?"

Malcom: "What do you mean?...It's 'happilly ever after'...RIGHT?"

Trip: "But Malcom...are you marrying for 'happilly ever after' -your own happiness or are you marrying just for the fact that you knew it was written down ahead of time?"

I thought I'd bring this question to you guys.

The way I see it...if we were to know exactly what was to come before our eyes...there would be NO need for the word HOPE.

What are your thoughts?

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