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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Apr, 27 2008 @ 05:41 PM
The most important lesson I ever got from the bible is that all you need to do, in order to understand where you are going, is to trace back to where you came from.

All of the lessons we need are found all around. The bees are vanishing, billions of baby birds died because of the late snow and cold weather. People are starving for lack of food, or high priced food due to hoarding.

The currency is empty and peoples budgets are on the verge of collapsing. There is a small group of wealthy people, but they are far out numbered by the people who will have nothing to loose and want food.

Whether or not there are no major plate shifts, the earth is in an armageddon like choke hold. But I do think there will be a shift in the axis of the planet.

So, you have a harvest of souls, a transformation of the globe, a new beginning without the influence of evil. A restart using the original blueprints.

I had a visitor the other day, I can only describe her as mother nature. Explaining why the collections were done. I should be dead right now, but yet I live. I am not the only person experiencing this. How many of you feel that way? There is a parasite in your blood stream, clogging the flow. This gives you high blood pressure. High blood pressure equals sales. How pissed are you going to be when you learn that part of your history?

I see many people following their ancestry, learning their history. This will be part of the event. Lots of things will be replayed. I am not sure if it will be "looking glass technology", or they will actually go there in person, both most likely.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 01:45 PM
Cyber_Wasp!! You said,

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp

Hey I want to volunteer to work on your production team for when you become a famous screen writer.

Well, why don't you call my agent. haha KIDDING!! That's a big thing out there. You can't talk to the "talent" directly (i.e., actor, director, or whomever), even if you know them. You have to talk to their agent.

Really, when we're done writing, I'm signing a pseudonym and removing myself from the project. No way I'm gonna be connected to something as crazy as this. Again, kidding!

We have to write the thing first and see if anyone's interested...IF someone takes an interest, then TD and I can try to be involved in the production process...This may or may not be possible. The story IS based on true events; it's going to be, for the most part, a biography - just told as a science fiction story - about TD, so maybe we will have more say in what goes on...

In any event, we'll keep you posted. We're "developing" the story as we speak.

From an outsider's perspective, from someone fairly familiar with TD's experiences, what would you all like to see in the film?

Our thoughts are the concert and mass landing for sure; but I'm having trouble figuring out how the concert would go down (i.e., would we name "name" artists in the film, and have them at the concert? It would probably be easy to have a John F. Kennedy present; or a Marilyn Monroe; but the religious figures may rub the production company/producers the wrong way...). I'm having trouble visualizing that part of it at the moment...

TD's abduction will be in there, but much of what he experienced during the abduction will have to be boiled down/simplified. There's just so much information there...

Anyway, here would be a rough idea of the plot: A young man mysteriously vanishes for six days, and returns with no memory of where he'd been. Five years later his memories resurface, and with them a message for all of mankind...Something like that...Still working it out...

We're thinking about calling it "Boogie Nights 2". hahah Kidding (I know TD likes that one..hehe)

Anyway, we're serious, and we're working on it.

win 52!!

You've been very active lately, despite your busy schedule. I appreciate that. I've also been seeing the same sort of schedule of late.

You said (in your most recent post),

Originally posted by win 52

I see many people following their ancestry, learning their history. This will be part of the event. Lots of things will be replayed. I am not sure if it will be "looking glass technology", or they will actually go there in person, both most likely.

Looking Glass technology exists now; but few have access to it. The technology that is going to exist after these changes occur will eclipse the Looking Glass.

I think you're right on about people either traveling physically to the past, or using a sort of hologram technology. The Looking Glass technology, as I understand from what Dan Burisch explained, is sort of more of a "glimpsing" tool; not something you either physically travel with, or immerse yourself in the experience of the time/place you are viewing.

I have heard from at least one other contactee (possibly from Sheldon Nidle) that there will be technology, sort of like the Star Trek "Holodeck," that you can use to re-experience past events as they existed. You can experience past events in the Round, and interact with people as if you were really there. This means you can speak to them in your own language, and can understand them as well. As I understand it, our existence on this planet is being recorded in the Round: thoughts, feelings, actions, the environment, social and geophysical events - everything. And it will be something we can reexperience.

This is different, obviously, than actually physically going back. One could suggest that TD may have experienced this; or that his experiences were on an alternate timeline - but the fact that he has been visited by himself his entire life, with witnesses, seems to undermine that supposition.

To me, the assertion that physical time travel is not possible is extremely difficult - if not impossible - for us to argue against; although many people argue that it is not possible.

But as you said in one of your other posts, win, there are much more profound and absolutely mind-boggling realities yet to be discovered that accepting something like time travel should be virtually a given.

I not only believe that it's possible to travel time, physically, but that TD has indeed done so. That's my own personal understanding. I don't have a lot to go on; I admit I'm lead by simple open-mindedness and a practical skepticism; but I believe it nonetheless.

It's a lonely place to be ahaha At least I know that TD was there first...He doesn't have any reservations about stating as much; and I'm fine saying I believe him.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 02:20 PM
Hey, BlackMagicianofEloheem!! TD sent me responses to your questions.

Here you go (his responses are in yellow bolded text),

Originally cast as a "Fear" spell on an undead creature and immediately suffering the consequences of that decision by BlackMagicianofEloheem

1 Where were you born? So many posts and hours to "look into, sorry hence so plesae repeat
Brooklyn, NY - 1973

2. What do you mean by a mass landing "forum" vote, please explain as it doesnt make sense in my thinking haha
there will be a forum/message board dedicated to the mass landing and that will be the stage as to where A new (positive) world order will be voted into existence by all world citizens (not leaders) and a world community will form

3. What is the current disaster as of 2008, i mean major, if not 2009? Why worry about to spare a dove when the dove doesn't wanna fly away?
they are trying to create a false financial collapse as well as create a new war for what they call "end times", this will be blocked from happening. the dove does not want to fly because it was programmed, we need to re-program them.

4. Do you believe the government wants to stop the mass landing? If you already know please explain. If not..............."as I see you mentioned the landing already"
they cannot stop the mass landing, as much as they do not want it to happen [stopping it], they have no choice, they have been told or warned or how ever you want to put it, control freaks just want to keep control and power and they do not want to lose it but it is too bad for them and good for the rest of us.

5. There are different race of greys, however are you aware the communication between government and the greys already and not just hidden alien bases?
yes, free will plays a big part in that scenario, which both parties seem to have

6. What do you think about the egyptian pyramids?
I think the secrets they hold will come to light soon. for some of us the future is in the past (on our own time lines)

7. What kind of future computer technology is the future? If so do you know of any future product names? or other kinds of Info.?
they become interactive where they tap right into your brain, like no need for a mouse and the internet is called the Electro-net or just the "net" and the internet connects many planets and not just earth.

8. What do you think about Jesus Christ, Krishna & Buddha? You say God is your inner Being. So what about these inspirations? Does the very same future believe in God as an inner Being?
yes, the scam called religion is brought to light and many "holy" people are awakened in both good and bad ways

(Sorry about the responses that aren't yellow. The HTML tags sort of stick where they want to...I took the tags off and replaced them, but it doesn't want to color that text...)

I wanted to say that aside from the problems with the HTML text, my screen went black as I was posting this. To all who post on similar topics, I would suggest frequent saving. You never know when a post will just go blank on you...ahaha

There you go!! A big thanks to TD for taking the time to respond!! Rock on!!

There are people in these ("control") groups that are desperate and see their end rushing toward them. Everything, as I understand it, is falling apart - and it was all foreordained to occur.

If you look around you, if you watch what is happening to the people (and on the Internet), to our environment (geophysically; the sun; planets; skies, etc.), you will see what is really happening.

If you are watching the news, you are seeing what "they" want you to see. And you can be sure that what you are being programmed with in the mainstream media has nothing to do with the wonders that are unfolding in our reality at this time.

It's all good though. At some point, the governments and all of the institutions over which they hold domain will really become obsolete. They essentially already have; they're just having trouble coming to grips with the fact that they are on their way out. It's funny watching these governing systems try to distract from, and undermine processes that are literally occurring within, and everywhere without us.

No nuclear blasts will carry us into this future. The show will be stolen, and the governments, military, scientific institutions and media won't be involved, and they won't be able to do a thing about it.

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 03:32 PM
Electro-Net? I dont think so. Not my kind of taste for the internet. Im sure not everyone in the future would agree to tap your brain just for an online connection. Sounds like a microchip or something..

Anyway thanks for the science fiction, still liked JT's story better. But hey you didnt do all that bad..

I expect to see a clone of this guy to time travel with me? Lol

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 07:46 PM
I see you didn't coment on the other stuff, otd.

I was thinking about that very thing, and other events in my life. Mother nature, genetics, collecting, strong constitution, selective breading, and other topics many of which seem to be tied together, in my thoughts and experiences.

Having said that, (just ducked a net), and knowing others are having similar experiences, I can't shake the feeling I made love to Mother Nature..... I know it sounds crazy, but I have no other way to tell about the experience.

At least that is who she said she was, and I have no readon to doubt that.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 10:57 PM
What's up, BlackMagicianofEloheem!!

You said,

Originally posted by BlackMagicianofEloheem

Electro-Net? I dont think so. Not my kind of taste for the internet. Im sure not everyone in the future would agree to tap your brain just for an online connection. Sounds like a microchip or something..

I know it sounds like a microchip, but it's not. haah It's actually a large, uncomfortable piece of metal about the size of a football that is inserted much like a suppository. It's only uncomfortable for about the first month; then you lose sensation, and most of the pain goes away.

Actually, I've read (as has everyone else) the stuff on the microchips. No one, including TD, is going to step up and get something like that shot into them. Nothing invasive.

I'm not up to speed on the specifics of the Internet that TD has talked about, but what is to come is not the same as (and is not involved with) the technology those "groups" possess that they wish to use for purposes of controlling or manipulation (i.e., negative, selfish purposes). This will be made clear when these contacts come to pass.

If I read that without more background I'd run in the opposite direction too. In fact, the whole mass landing/mass arrival scenario has also been confused with talk of Project Blue Beam. There as well, we have something that will be an authentic form of contact that certain groups here on the ground, wishing to maintain control, would like to either preempt, or implant the seeds of apprehension of in people; or to effect this program at the same time "real" mass contact is occurring.

To me this talk (and these programs, if they exist) are nothing more than attempts to confuse and cause fear. Truly, when several groups of very advanced races attempt contact, these sorts of classroom attempts at subversion, terrorizing and obfuscation will be dealt with swiftly. It would be akin to trying to put out a wildfire with a squirt gun.

There is nothing to be concerned about from here on out. If you are ever deceived, when it really counts all things will be made clear to you. The rest you can handle.

BlackMagicianofEloheem, appreciate your comments,

Originally posted by BlackMagicianofEloheem

Anyway thanks for the science fiction, still liked JT's story better. But hey you didnt do all that bad..

JT has more street cred. We're willing to stick it out though. ahaah Good luck in your travels.

Mr. win 52!! haah It's funny you picked that item to discuss further. You know, I believe you're sincere, but you certainly pick some topics (the parasites, mother nature, etc.).

I typically have gone over your posts and commented on all of the post. I didn't this time, because most of it discussed what was in fact occurring now; the bees, the birds (hey, and later, the birds and the bees ahha), the financial situation. By the way, regarding the financial situation, for folks just above poverty level, and this includes those elderly people on a fixed income, forget those in power. Forget you! (I used the word public television stations like to dub in over the "F" word in movies ahah It works unless you want to say "F" off...Forget off?)

The folks who are sitting back laughing in their ivory towers, when the tables turn it will be bad. The idea is to make things bad enough that people will make noise and suffer, but not bad enough that people will rebel. It's gotten bad enough, however, that our truckers are suffering terribly. These people have families - Forget you!

I just learned that a truck driver spent $6k on gas for a cross country trip, and by the time he came home had just about broke even. He left his family for several days to make some money, and because of the the fuel prices, came home with nothing. How will people in that situation make up for that lost income?

It's all fake though. Not the suffering, but the manipulation that is making it appear that there is a crisis, and the picture being presented in our media that people with subprime loans and other factors are to blame. The whole thing is a set up.

I'm hoping this all means that these folks are even closer to being on their way out, because we're all sick of it.

Back to your post, win. You said,

Originally posted by win 52

Whether or not there are no major plate shifts, the earth is in an armageddon like choke hold. But I do think there will be a shift in the axis of the planet.

So you think there will be an axis shift...How do you see this manifesting up here on the surface?

By the way, with regard to the first part of your comment there, it seems that the baddies have been defeated; that the good guys are cleaning house, and that we're at a sort of weigh station right now as the transition is made...For what it's worth...

OK, let's get to your "other" comments,

Originally posted by win 52

I had a visitor the other day, I can only describe her as mother nature. Explaining why the collections were done. I should be dead right now, but yet I live. I am not the only person experiencing this.

I was thinking about that very thing, and other events in my life. Mother nature, genetics, collecting, strong constitution, selective breading, and other topics many of which seem to be tied together, in my thoughts and experiences.

Having said that, (just ducked a net), and knowing others are having similar experiences, I can't shake the feeling I made love to Mother Nature..... I know it sounds crazy, but I have no other way to tell about the experience.

At least that is who she said she was, and I have no readon to doubt that.

I was going to let these comments sit, but you added to your description of this experience; so it must be significant.

I have to say, first, that your posts have always surprised me; and you've come out with some far out stuff (I mean, considering ahaha).

OK, back to your post. Some questions:

1) Can you share more on the conversation you had with this being?
2) What time of day or night?
3) Was she physical?
4) What did she look like?
5) What did she sound like?
6) Were you dreaming?
7) What was discussed?
8) Was the conversation long?
9) Was it telepathic, or oral? (hehe)
10) Did you discuss anything more about what is happening on the planet, and what will happen?
11) Did she indicate why you had the "encounter" that you had?

win, you have some strange experiences, my man. I still remember the guy who popped into your living room with the smile on his face...

Well, if you have time, please answer what you can. It seems like you are interacting with a bunch of different physical and non-physical beings. Totally cannot get a handle on what's happening with you...

I know people are thinking you've broken your tether, but I'm hanging in there. ahaah

Looking forward to hearing more.

Peace all you...People...

posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 07:18 PM
Well I cant help with experiences regarding extra- or interrestial. What I can though is help you with some ideas or inspiring stories to get going. I have read quite a lot sf and can point to some stories paralleling yours.

One story to read that gives a nice glimpse of the paradoxes to build up is

By his bootstraps written by Anson Macdonald (Robert A. Heinlein.)

This story shows a way to tell a tale of multiple persons into a single person point of view, playing full circle. It can help to instigate how to tell the story of TD. (there is a nice parallel with the portals TD mentioned too.)

Even though TD’s experiences are quite fragmented I understand, it is a nice approach to try to circle the movie from one end to the same. Maybe by beginning the movie with flashes or stills like photographs from a photo album and let those stills come back as the story unfolds. Just shooting wildly now though. You obviously are already on the way but when you need to get ideas or support. I have jabbert enough on ATS to be allowed to U2U a bit.

One tip I like to mention: Keep it down to earth. Built on the human issues that everyone comes across and can relate to. The drug and drinking period is an interesting one, for example.
The best SF is build around normal life telling multiple stories in which the sf element is one of the lines but quite often not the main one. It just happens to be in the setting.


posted on Apr, 29 2008 @ 07:43 PM
Does your time-machine have cupholders?

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 12:31 AM
Hey guys just stopping in to share some info...first off i hope everyone is doing well, its been kind of tuff for me lately, school is really aggravating(tuition is high, and grades are slipping hahah) and having money problems always seems to make it worse. Lets not forget the basic life problems from relationship troubles to just plain old troubles...but hey life couldnt be any better

scratch that, life could be a #&#& load better!!! I honestly didnt know what i was thinking!

I just listened to the Micheal interview, hour 39 and after it was done i took a moment to gather up my thoughts and just say to myself, and realize that ..."wow we are almost there, the quarantine, its almost gone, we are so close"...and some other stuff, a really good feeling went through my body, kind of like the feeling you get when you realize something is good like seeing an old friend or a loved one. It went through and up my spine, and my hairs on my body stood up but it was a really good feeling of excitement and just plain happiness.

Just listen to the interview, and realize that its so close, i mean everything is about to change its probably only a few years away or less before people find out the truth! and we get this amazing interaction!

some interesting things i noticed, was that about 16:54 min in Micheal explains that when he was leaving the mother ship the human looking aliens, the Dorians i am presuming, they showed him a star system from their vantage point of the spaceship. They said that they are from that star system. Micheal looked at it and said that it was the consolation of Orion.

Now this in itself brings up allot of questions concerning the history of ets, well the history that we can find online hahah. Dan Burish says that they were the bad ets, and there is allot of stuff that Phil Shnider said about them, he said they were also bad. It could be disinformation, but at this point i honestly don't care, i feel that Micheal and Riley(who i think is often times going on his own hunches about information...especially time travel!), i feel that they are genuine, and from the information that Micheal has shared, i am going with my heart here and just not buying into all this negative talk about the orion's. Yet maybe they were bad in the past, maybe it was a small group, but i just feel that everyone on that mothership is loving and nice! Even the Reptilian guys...hahahah

Also Micheal went more in depth about the flyover!

at 37:10 he talks about how the Ets are planning on getting everyone on the planet. He said they will take everyone, and hope that they do not lose a single soul...They will not take their body's, but they will take their souls. HE explains that the gigantic V ships on the mother ship will come down and take the people of the planet through the holes it has on the underside, now i know this sounds scary but the people that are taken will be given new bodies i guess.

He goes on to explain that this taking of souls, this harvest has been done on many worlds! But not on earth because of the quarantine that he have been under!

Know i know it might sound scary because of the way i wrote it but dont worry its not. There will be people that will not have their souls taken and will be taken with their body's. These people will be able to procreate and continue the human least we know Renato is doing his part in the

Also i wanted to ask Renato this before but i forgot, how big was the population of earth in the future? does he remember any of that?Also were there people that couldn't have babies but could still have sex?

take care for know! Oh and as an idea for the movie, i think the begging should start off just like it has in the book, with Renato waking up to the alarm for work!

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 01:29 AM
i'd say to the time traveller

"why didn't you go back in time and write a step by step book that exacts the precise detailed plan on how to enslave a technologically advanced culture."

oh wait.. hello bible!

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 09:50 PM
I jsut wanna make a quick post on the new video from project camelot.

Google Video Link

about 10min in Lear talks about how he was banned form ATS. He explains that the insults that were posted about him were deleted, and that something on the lines of if u get close to the truth you get banned that the cia is in control of this site and all the other stuff.

Well in that case, Renato was banned like 7 times so he must be on the ball more than anyone!! LOOOL

one thing i would like to add with john lear though, i mean he doesn't think anything is gonna happen! He says there isnt gonna be anything in 2012, but that there probably is gonna be a nuclear war. The guy has his goldmine, he is set on the information that has been feed to him through the years, i think allot of it is truth, but also some dis info. He thinks nothing is gonna happen, i have to beg to differ, i mean the great mother ship near Saturn and the fly over and the mass landing...i honestly think he has no knowledge of that coming that he is only gathering information from sources within the governments payroll.
also here is a good link to a thread called the Terra papers'

Back in 1947, a group of Native Americans witnessed a UFO crash and went to the site. They arrived before the military arrived. There was an injured extraterrestrial, and the tribe rescued the alien and helped bring him back to health. The alien eventually began to trust the Native Americans and imparted a special story to these folks. The story is the Hidden History of Planet Earth.

great read

hope everyone has a good summer!

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posted on May, 6 2008 @ 04:32 PM
Just dropping in to make a quick note that someone has started a thread claiming that they are a time traveler from John Titor's time.

The thread, entitled, "A Time Travelor. Greetings", I believe was originally started in the "Skunk Works" section, but has been moved to the's "General Chit Chat" discussion forum. Odd place for a thread like that, but who am I to judge ahaah

The original poster is calling himself "Lyn Ingramham" and claims to be from around the year 2039. He also claims to be from the same base as John Titor.

I have already blitzkrieged him with questions that will take a week for him to answer (despite the fact that he says he's only here for three or four days).

I have a suspicion that the bloke is a GLP stray who's decided to have some fun at ATS, but what the hell...

Also wanted to note that TD and I plan on doing a show this Thursday night, probably around 10:00pm EST (U.S.). I think he wants to use Blogtv...I will post again when this is confirmed.

TD just called me out of the blue and said he wants to talk about his memories of Area 51 and other underground bases. He says that he has clear memories of the structures/buildings and wants to talk about that. He also wants to discuss John Lear's recent interview with Project Camelot, and the bizarre goings on at his own (TD) website when he tried to post the John Lear videos...

I've asked TD if he can make drawings of what he remembers of these bases, as well as to try to remember details like colors, sounds, smells, people, dress, etc...

Anyway, I'll post when we've nailed down a time, day and website.

It's been eerily quiet lately. What this may mean is that forces wishing to keep us on track are not upsetting what may be a sensitive time right now.

I read the "What's New" post at Project Camelot, where Kerry and Bill post an excerpt from an email from Benjamin Fulford.

4 May

• Benjamin Fulford: epilogue to our recent interview

We asked Benjamin Fulford for a status report on the current state of affairs regarding whether there had been any change as a direct result of the public stand he took speaking out on behalf of the Asian Secret Society about the world situation. In answer, he wrote the following in an email dated today:

For the reaction, you will notice that Asian countries have stopped buying US government bonds. The US secret government has retaliated by artificially raising food and oil prices.

We are in the middle of World War 3. The US and Israel have been taken over by Nazis and the rest of the world is trying to take them down.

The reason the society has not started assassinations yet is that the Nazis in the Bush/Clinton administration want any excuse to start all out world war. However, if starvation begins in earnest, there will be assassinations.

Benjamin Fulford

It seems, at least according to Fulford, that the oil and food crisis has indeed been manufactured (this has been my thought as well). He also states that the powers that be are waiting for any excuse to start all out war; so folks may be stepping lightly, and taking care not to let this happen.

Of course, even if Fulford's "assassination" did not come to pass, if the powers that be wanted an excuse to start all out war they'd shoot their own guy and blame it on Iran (or some Muslim country, etc.).

In any event, it is my hope that there is a window closing for these sorts of activities, and that we will soon be enmeshed in a reality where these destructive intentions will not be able to take root, or be allowed to manifest...

Trying to keep it real ahah


TD and I will be doing an Internet Video Chat at where TD's "handle" is "UFO & Time Travel". The broadcast will be this Thursday, May 8, 2008, at 10:00pm EST (U.S.).

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posted on May, 6 2008 @ 05:07 PM
OK, more on onewhofoundgod616 and his "A Time Travelor. Greetings" thread.

There are some interesting correlations between what onewhofoundgod616 is sharing and what TD has shared.

First, in onewhofoundgod616's first post he talks about people traveling to his time, being quarantined and sent back,

Originally posted by onewhofoundgod616

I will openly post slight predictions and not a full prediction, or will I post time travel disclosure as you can use it to invade our home world as some of you already have who have been qurantined and sent back.

TD stated long ago that he remembers individuals that were part of some of these black ops, or secret military/government organizations using time travel technology to travel to the future to try to get information or items to use to their advantage/to further their agendas. These folks, according to TD, were either trapped/quarantined and put somewhere where they couldn't do any harm, or they were trapped and sent back.

It's entirely possible that onewhofoundgod616's has read TD's experiences/website and is having some fun. If that isn't the case, then it might be of benefit to see what onewhofoundgod616's has to share.

I asked onewhofoundgod616's what he knew about TD and this thread, if anything. He responded (on page 1 of his thread),

Originally posted by onewhofoundgod616

Your technology is to advanced on my worldline and for some of the methods you posted were correct.


It's interesting. He also said that the trip was exhausting because of all of the "flashes". I haven't asked about that.

onewhofoundgod616's seems to be from the UK judging from his writing, but it could be a put on.

Another poster asked him what branch of the military issues permits for time travel; to which he responds,

Originally posted by onewhofoundgod616

You have to ask the military online and meet them for a mission once you complete a truthful survey then a required psychological test is done.

This will you a give you a mission once you ask it. Any time travel technology we use has a tracking device in case of unknown activity to return back.

Emphasis mine.

This is something that seems similar to the process TD says you undergo when volunteering to take on missions. In TD's version however, you are scanned with some advanced tech to determine your intentions/sincerity.

To me, it seems like this individual has taken information from various sources and is having some fun. I know most people reading are thinking "duh". You never know though; so, I post about it.

onewhofoundgod616 doesn't seem very happy about what he says "we've" done to this planet. He also makes a prediction that some great natural disaster will occur on July 3, 2008. About the future, he says that they have five presidents, that there is an underground/inner Earth place called "The Hive," and various and sundry other statements.

He also makes statements that reflect someone without a great grasp of the language...Maybe someone lacking maturity...Can't really tell. He doesn't bother with spell-checking, and makes statements like the following,

Originally posted by onewhofoundgod616

You may know of a man named John Titor who on this forum stated he was a time travelor. He was abosolutely correcto. Im stationed at the same base he was, except in the year 2039 hes more older than me.


Gamma-rays are helping us solve cancer, while aids has been cured.


although Hilary becomes president on my history review on my home. She does something that will give you a big suprise, remember the Bill Clinton scandal? This is much later though, as she gets her victim playing roll in the office, she bans abortion rights, and brings more christian views in the world to shame.


And I do believe in extraterrestrial intelligence. They are said to exist on a planet close to us, with more size that we cant see.

I know people are reading the above, thinking I'm a complete moron for referencing, and getting involved in that thread...What can I say? No harm in playing, and you never know what you might find.

It'll probably turn out to be some teenager "having a go," but you never know.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 05:49 PM
How to build a Time Machine.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 11:09 PM
They are pushing the limits.... Look around.

Break in's and that kind of thing will become commonplace. When you are poor and have no hope, you don't really give a # anymore. When your dignity and basic rights no longer mean anything, just the size of your bank account.

People are going to start to feel uncomfortable about what they can't afford, even a tank of gas. We will see a determined group of poor people. That could give the controllers the reason to attempt martial law, food rationing, and all of that other nasty crowd control measures.

I believe this will come to pass as a necessary step towards the mass landing. After all, it will be a necessary and not too soon, in the nick of time, intervention. Add, that is how things will be.

In December, 2007, I was walking in a secluded, ancient forest, clearing. I had the tremendous urge to lay down and make love to a woman in that spot. Who was prompting me and what the %^&*( was going on?

As luck would have it, I read (GLP) about being able to be a lover to mother nature, how she was lonely, and the time would be good to make that kind of connection. Needless to say, I was somewhat skeptical, however, in light of the other events that seem to crop up in my life, from time to time, I volunteered for the job.

I had to hug trees to make the connection (again GLP), find trees and hug them. I found some old, sound trees and spent hours hugging them. Shortly after that I made love to a very beautiful woman, in my dream, one night. I woke up with scratches and feeling like I made love all night long. My sheets were neat and dry, in the morning.???

I have had conversations in my communication state (PSI ability) since then, with mother nature.

Earth will always be here. Things will shift around a bit. Things will change. Remember, if you die now, it is freedom. You can move on without restrictions. You have walked through the fire, so to speak. You can become what you were made to be.

Funny as that sounds, yet we strive to cling on to life. Check out "frequensea".

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by win 52

You know i have thought that too, that since we have gotten this close to the omega zome if you will. Omega meaning end, since you have alpha meaning nvm

Since we are reaching this omega zone in 2012, i think that the souls that have made it this far have in a sense graduated and can move on to a different plane of existence!

As for Win your experience with nature, i think is amazing, to have that kind of connection really shows what we are striving for. I remember one time a couple of months, or maybe a year ago i was walking along a beach, i took a rock and threw it on the water to make those little frog hops. I made a little promise to the planet that this beach is the most beautiful thing i have ever scene and would gladly fight to protect it, or something like that. I mean i think the beach near the ocean is one of the greatest aspects of mother nature...i would gladly work t words creating a future for that kind of beauty to exist...

also i wanted to post a quote from a member by the name of Tayesin, on the tibetan monks thread

he says he as been in contact with ets since a child...and well just read this

Just a couple of things to mention here.

I have seen in waking visions, which I get without wanting or asking for, that during massive upheavals around 2011/2012 what I called Light ships came into the atmosphere and removed large numbers of the earth's population. After further research, remote viewing/shamanic journeys, I found that these people may be taken to a desert world to be assisted in regaining important memories of who and what they are and why they are incarnate on this world to begin with, basically, a refresher course in their missions/tasks. So this may fit in a little with what you posted.

I cannot see any alien race preventing this phase of earth changes from occurring because it is natural for the earth to do these things, as the Hopi have told us already. And I am reasonably sure after lifelong contact with a few different races that they have no intention of fiddling with the natural course of events, they only intend to wake us up to see it clearly for what it is, although i have found one exception to this so far, and wait to see if they show themselves earlier to take advantage of the mayhem.

Lastly, I don't understand why people still talk about the end of the world. It is a ridiculous concept, well, for the next 5 billion years or so anyway until the sun swallows us up as it expands.

The world is constantly changing and sometimes it goes through periods of quick and massive change, roughly every 30 million years or so, which is the exact part of the cycle we are moving through.

Perhaps people should say, the end of how we live on the world.

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 01:40 AM
Did you ............

Burn the tree of life?


Why not?

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posted on May, 13 2008 @ 10:25 AM
Ihavenoidea, is that the best you can come up with??

I have a question, why was this thread moved from the Alien and UFO section?
correct me if I am wrong but, the UFO and Alien is speculative too? you might as well join the sections because there is no proof on either side.

I think the rules here need to be re-done, this forum is about revealing conspiracies, is it not? why are there such controlling rules here??

with that said, my question is this, what becomes of this forum in the future? is this place run by the bad guys?

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by atsdude

It is because it is primarily not about just alien and ufo’s but there is also a mix of possible personal stuff involved as well as time travel, dreamy stuff, predictions based on outrageous statements and religious believes plus much much more. That is one incredible mix that just is not classifiable as just merely alien and ufo.

Quite frankly I don’t think it does matter were a thread is staged. Why is that important to you? It’s just a label that is useful for the reader to select threads that are in his or hers interest. This thread just is out of the alien/ufo section because it doesn’t fit.

I for one was googeling wildly for SF movies when I stumbled upon this thread. It was the first time I came on ATS. This tells you that it does not matter where a thread is staged. If one uses the search engine on ATS to look for time travel one will get to this thread. The proof for this is that there are still new arrivals answering the basic question dropped in the original post as did Ihavenoidea.

What becomes of it in the future I don’t know. I think it will continue to grow till you get fed up with it and then it will lay around in the depths of ATS.

Personally I think you ought to not label anything that’s not going your way as being controlled by evilish elements or bad guys. Me I like to see the world a bit brighter and look at it the positive way. You must have the largest thread in the skunkworks, even on ATS maybe. Carry on, I like it and I think there are more who stop by and read the newest posts.

Lighten up atdude!

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 11:45 AM
"How are you ? " maybe

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